WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Rivalries Are Set Alight With Straight Fire and Fearlessness (February, 28th 2017)




Welcome Wrestling Fans to this weeks Smackdown report, one that brought the heat as the build to WrestleMania 33 for the blue brand heats up (literally). Whether it was Nikki Bella standing up to her recent vicious pursuer Maryse, or Alexa Bliss having multiple targets on her back, or the ending of Smackdown in general, Smackdown is (as they say) LIT.

Beginning right at the start of the show of course….as Miz takes no time in introducing his MizTV Segment featuring his recent rival, John Cena. Miz, with his wife Maryse, lays into his disdain for Cena, his possible pursuit of Hollywood over his wrestling career and so forth, and after Cena leaves Miz with little response with his own comeback, Maryse steps in. She makes it clear their guest does not leave until given the say to do so, before stating that the former United States Champion wishes he could be half the man her husband is. She accuses Cena of having an ego and having a “small package” and after the inside insult, proceeds to smack him. Cena just smiles at Maryse’s attempted assault then points over to the stage as Nikki storms down, chasing after Maryse, who bails with Miz. As the Enemies hide among the crowd, Nikki threatens to break Maryse if she even tries to touch her man again.

The Couple, amid embrace, are later interviewed by Renee on Maryse slapping Cena. Before they can react over this, another couple trying to make waves on Smackdown Live drop in with their own words, Ellsworth and Carmella. Nikki asks if the former rival has anything to say to her, but Carmella doesn’t respond but rather insists Ellsworth stands up for her over the way Nikki is talking to her. Ellsworth does as ordered, before labeling Nikki as a phony. This encounter gives Nikki and Cena a great idea, suggesting Carmella and Ellsworth face them in the ring next week.

Proceeding forward, we have our in ring singles encounters as well as Becky Lynch and Mickie James bring their rivalry to a new level with a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. Becky is out first for the said match, then Mickie, and obviously once both are in the ring the match can begin (unless a behind ambush started the match). Becky and Mickie lock up once the bell rings with Mickie trying to find her way out of Becky’s reversal waistlock. Mickie eventually reverses into her own, before Becky matches her with another reversal, this time into a side headlock. Mickie rolls Becky over while the headlock is still intact, leading to a pin attempt that closes at one, and Mickie continuing to escape Becky’s grip. Arm wringer counters follow by both, with Mickie getting the upper hand as she nails a shoulder block to the Lasskicker. Another reversal follows, leading eventually to a near altercation between the ropes and the apron, though Mickie leaps out of the way in time. As Soon as Mickie is done with her gloating, shes met with a baseball slide dropkick from Becky that sends her properly to the floor. Becky has the momentum as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, the tides have turned as not only are both women back in the ring, but Mickie has Becky grounded against the mat. After releasing Becky, Mickie quickly targets Becky’s back with a kick, then utilizing the second rope before her next pin attempt that Becky breaks out of. Mickie reverts to a rear chokehold after her pin attempt, which Becky tries to escape from with counter offense before being swung back to the mat. Mickie snapmares Becky, going for a basement dropkick after a few seconds of gloating, but thats enough for Becky to see the onslaught coming in order to roll out of the way. Becky starts a comeback with clotheslines and a leg lariat, connecting with a flying firearm before Mickie attempts to escape the follow up exploder suplex with forearms. Mickie DDTs Becky into a nearby corner turnbuckle, then connecting with the signature Mickie DDT into the center of the ring. Pinfall One of the 2 Out of 3 Falls Match goes to Mickie James on Becky.

Following a second commercial break, Mickie is continuing her momentum following up from gaining her first pin attempt on Becks. Following a stomp, Mickie tries to pin Becky not once but twice, both times ending in a near fall. Becky begins to fight back against Mickie with a back kick and uppercut but its not for long as Mickie sends her face first to the mat with a flapjack. Mickie begins to ascend up the turnbuckles but as she preps for the seated senton, Becky regroups and rolls out of the way of the maneuver. Becky rolls Mickie over quickly following the landing and makes even, pinning Mickie to get her first pin of the match. The Next Pin decides the victor of the match.

The Sudden oneupmanship from Becky causes Mickie to snap, delivering a vicious kick out of nowhere followed by a series of forearms. She chokes Becky against the bottom rope but before she can follow that offense, Becky nails an exploder, taking down the veteran. As Both try to get to their feet a chorus of boos sound out over the arrival of the Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. Becky counters a mick kick and tries to cover Mickie there, only for Bliss to head to the apron and get the referees attention. Becky soon notices this, charging over to the ref and Alexa. Mickie gets back on her feet, attempting to blindside Becky but hitting Alexa instead. Mickie tries to regain focus, reversing a roll up from Becky for a near fall, but the end is very near as Becky hooks in the disarmer. Becky gets the second pin and wins the 2 out of 3 falls match.

Alexa is interviewed sometime later over the miscue between her and James earlier, but this offends the title holder, who suggests she should be asked her feelings on being Smackdowns first ever two time women’s champion. Once asked that very question, Alexa makes her own mock up of an Oscars Acceptance speech, appropriately days after the 2017 Oscars too, in which she gives thanks to herself mostly, and Naomi for “having terrible knees and coordination”. Natalya, an unexpected choice of a possible contender, drops in to sarcastically applaud Bliss. Nattie expresses how both have had pretty big victories in the past week, but Alexa only recognizes hers as historic. Nattie continues to give her praises to herself and Bliss, but Bliss is taken aback by the comment of them both being championship caliber. Natalya assures her shes kidding and in reality, its all about Alexa…..until she takes her title.

(The Miz, Maryse, John Cena and Nikki Bella MizTV Segment)

(John Cena, Nikki Bella, James Ellsworth and Carmella Backstage Segment)

(Mickie James vs Becky Lynch; 2 out of 3 Falls Match feat Alexa Bliss)

(Natalya and Alexa Bliss Backstage Segment)

(Becky Lynch on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Cena/Nikki/Miz/Maryse: The best way to open Smackdown Live and to open the mixed tag feud in my opinion. The Segment was long but worth it, as everyone got some sort of involvement, the layers of the story were laid out courtesy of Miz expressing his disdain and we are sure to hear Maryse express her anger towards Nikki Bella in the coming weeks. Also, in light of Miz’s accusations of Cena being arrogant, it was sort of backed up with Cena being able to book his own match later, the mixed tag next week which, while it has a clear ending victor wise, should end with no result per the intervention of the heels. Carmellsworth haven’t been getting much reactions since the unit came to light, and while next week gives them something to do, and as much as they might want to try and get Ellsworth further booed, the duo losing next week does them no favors. It would have worked better if Carmella had said something to offend Nikki backstage, leading to Cena and Nikki demanding a match with her and Ellsworth via approaching an Authority figure next week. Heres to hope of a Miz and Maryse interference or savage beat-down.

Becky/Mickie: I Was excited for the match at first but wasn’t entirely sold on how the match went at all. While a Triple Threat may be now planted per the miscue between Alexa and Mickie, the last few minutes of the match felt rushed, but its acceptable i guess considering there’s so many women surely trying to be on the Mania Card and they weren’t going to leave it until then. Hopefully Naomi recovers in time to assure a four way or Natalya becomes her replacement or is added to make a five way/mock up of the Vickie Invitational with just five women or the entire roster.

– Catherine


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