WWE FAST LANE RESULTS (Live): “The Bo$$” Isnt Broken and the Streak Is Over (March, 6th 2017)


Tonight, WWE hosted its Final Pay Per View before WrestleMania 33, featuring the RAW Roster, and Milwaukee would set the stage for not one but two women’s matches, each with a rather shocking result in turn as Bayley defended the RAW Women’s Title for the first time against “The Queen of Pay Per View” Charlotte, and Sasha Banks got a second shot at her recent rival Nia Jax.

First women’s wise on the card was Sasha’s Royal Rumble Rematch with Nia. Despite being dominated thoroughly, Sasha managed to overcome the Woman who proclaimed to have “Broken” her, rolling up Nia after an unsuccessful attempt to have her submit to the Bank Statement. With Sasha’s win comes further inside rage from Nia, who is rumored to join Sasha in a speculated fatal four way championship bout at WrestleMania.

The Biggest Shocker coming out of the Womens Division was not only the unclean finish from Bayley per the assistance of her bestie Sasha Banks again, but the sudden ending of the Streak of Charlotte Flair, who has not lost in singles matches on Pay Per View since challenging Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship. Sasha had ran down, taken an onslaught from Charlotte at ringside but have recovered in time to notice Charlottes sneaky roll up on Bayley to assure the referee cancels the attempt, right before a Belly to Belly assured Bayley the big victory over the fellow NXT Alumni.

Congratulations to Sasha and Bayley on their victories tonight. Stay Tuned to the Site for Full Reaction from tonight’s Fast Lane Pay Per View and Stay Tuned to RAW Tomorrow Night as the RAW Rosters next moves are dictated on the Road to WrestleMania 33.

– Catherine


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