Your Monday Post #151: Paige vs Naomi on WWE Main Event (March, 25th 2016)

Welcome to the first post of the new week (and certainly not the last as i have Fast Lane, RAW and everything else soon to recap) and while i may have jumped ahead a bit with a spoiler, that being the surprise promo to hype the return of the original Evil Emma character last night, its only fair that with the return of this character that never should have been attempted to be removed, that we look back on Emma’s surprise return to the main roster last year.

Emma, who had returned to NXT to reinvent herself with a heel character after the babyface character created in her first NXT stint didn’t translate well on her first main roster promotion, had some standout matches upon reverting to a villainous persona, against the likes of Asuka and Bayley to name a few. In that time she also forged an alignment with Dana Brooke that made up much of her time in NXT, even making its way to the main roster before an unfortunate injury meant Dana’s run on the main roster was left without her fellow acquisition, and in turn she would be placed alongside Charlotte Flair, even to this day. However, prior to the alignment of Emma and Dana on the main roster, Emma had different targets, recruited by Lana to work alongside her prior to WrestleMania last year to take out the Total Divas. Emma returned on the March 25th episode of Main Event, invading ringside alongside Summer Rae and attacking Alicia Fox and Natalya midway through a match between then Heel Naomi and Total Diva Paige. The Outside altercation aided Lana’s fellow recruit Naomi to victory, and with the Total Divas thrown out of the way for now, Lana had much to smile about, standing alongside her fellow heels of Team BAD (Naomi and Tamina), Former Rival Summer Rae and the newly returned and very vicious Emma. The cruel attack to the Total Divas then lead to Eva Marie throwing herself into the mix in order to help the Total Divas obtain possible victory at WrestleMania over the newly dubbed and temporary alignment “Team BAD & Blonde”.

– Catherine


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