TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Can Deonna Achieve Stardom Against Maria’s Fellow Lady? (February, 18th 2017)

Welcome to the first TNA Xplosion report of the year, this being because Xplosion Matches take a while to find and are even harder when the TV Deal over here in Britain was nixed (roll on April 21st!!). Regardless Xplosion has been airing elsewhere, and has dished out a few Knockouts Matches, a few that yet need to surface, and this post looks at the clash between Laurel Van Ness and regular on Knockouts Knockdown, Deonna. (Theres no better quality match upload at this time)

Entering first is Deonna, an unsigned talent who has made various appearances for WWE and Ring of Honor when not working IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts Knockdown Events or even IMPACT Wrestling’s episodes. Deonna retains the persona of a babyface used in her first IMPACT appearance ever, in comparison to her most recent appearance vs Brooke where she worked heel. Following up is the entrance of Laurel Van Ness, walking confidently without the need of Sienna and (Now Alumni) Maria.

The Bell rings and a cocky Laurel flaunts her body at Deonna, who is far from impressed. Deonna shoves at her and receives a knee into her midsection as punishment. Deonna rolls her way out of the follow up arm wringer applied by Laurel, eventually returning to a vertical base and ducking the next offense of Laurel, applying a side headlock coming out of a waistlock. Deonna follows with a takedown before Laurel reverses into a headscissor, one that Deonna eventually springs out of, rolling forwards and reapplying the side headlock to a downed Laurel. Laurel tries to use the corner post to break herself off from Deonna, then attacking her in that corner. Laurel whips Deonna, who elevates herself onto that corners turnbuckles before heading to the mat, ducking under Laurels attempted offense, running the ropes and taking Laurel down with a huge shoulder block. Laurel tries crawling to the ropes but Deonna soon yanks her away from them, pulling her toward the center by her boot, and once Laurel is back on both feet, she returns to mocking Deonna. She tries a sneak attack that Deonna blocks, with Deonna sending Laurel to the mat.

Laurel rolls to the outside to regroup, even retreating back out after heading back to the apron in an attempt to head back to the ring. Laurel takes her time to return to the ring, to the chagrin of Deonna, who storms over to her in an attempt to lead her back to the ring herself. Laurel with another sneak attack, this time one of succession, before returning to the ring to lodge her knee into Deonna’s back. Laurel has very much overturned the momentum of the Knockouts Match as we go to the one commercial break of this Xplosion Match Up.

When we’re back, Laurel is still handling Deonna in the ring, sweeping her backward to the mat by her hair. She continues the momentum as she chokes Deonna against the middle turnbuckle, then snapmaring her by her hair around various sides of the ring. Laurel smacks the face of a struggling Deonna against the turnbuckles in another corner, reverting to a quick stretch hold that ends with Deonna meeting the turnbuckle face first again. Laurel goes for the first pin attempt of the match and gets a near fall on Deonna. Laurel isn’t too happy over this result, pounding Deonna with forearms as she lays against the mat. Laurel attempts a cocky pin next, ending in a one count as Deonna forces herself up. Deonna tries a comeback with forearms to the midsection and higher, taking her to a corner as she does so. Deonna has her whip into the opposite corner reversed by Laurel, but ends up meeting the turnbuckles as she attempts a corner splash. Deonna goes for forearms as well as a back kick and a high knee soon floors Laurel. The Move is only enough for Deonna to get a near fall.

Deonna charges towards Laurel but is met with an elbow from Laurel as she regroups by the turnbuckles. A Boot follows from Laurel, who floors her with the next move to get a near fall. Laurel gives Deonna some smack talk before attempting to take her to the near center, only to take the Russian leg sweep counter by Deonna. Deonna misses a back drop, allowing Laurel to hit her signature curb stomp. Laurel pins Deonna and wins the match.

(Deonna Purrazzo vs Laurel Van Ness)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Good Match between these two, not only exploiting Laurels in ring talents but giving Deonna a chance to show her own evolution since her first IMPACT appearance, having made a name for herself through her other various appearances elsewhere as well. The Xplosion Matches are helping Laurel gain wins as well, and the curbstomp finisher is a perfect choice for Laurel in my opinion, hoping of course that her opponents take it correctly on each go.

– Catherine


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