WWE NXT RESULTS: Will the Undefeated Be Eclipsed When Takeover Returns Home? (March, 8th 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks NXT Report, and after weeks of viciousness and determination and fighting hard in ring battles, there’s a break for Peyton Royce as her partner in crime Billie Kay looks to take out the Hinted Challenger to the NXT Women’s Title Ember Moon, as Moon interfered in the twos beat-down on Asuka last week in the culmination of Asuka’s recent championship defense. While the Duo would clearly be unhappy at not having the NXT Women’s Title in their hands, per Peyton’s loss last week, they still have their NXT Year End Award, which they were finding a home for, even at the expense of interrupting Ember’s Gym Session, which is added build up to Billie’s Match with Ember, a rematch from last years Takeover Brooklyn Event.

Sporting smiles, out come Peyton and Billie for Billie’s Takeover Brooklyn Rematch with Ember Moon, who had debuted at the said event by defeating the competitor who was then just starting to be established. Speaking of Ember, the yet to be defeated “War Goddess” makes her entrance, a week clear of angering the heels by saving Asuka from their vicious assault. Another Win for Ember is clearly needed over the newest obstacle in order to attain her championship contendership status. The Undefeated Competitor removes the newest adornments of her gear but her opponent is turned away, having a joyous jokey moments with Peyton who hangs at ringside and once Billie turns, she walks straight into a dropkick from Ember. Billie reverses a whip from the fired up opposition, only to become the target of Embers diving crossbody off the second rope. The Aerial Maneuver is only enough for Ember to get an opening near fall on One Half of the Self Professed “Iconic” duo.

Ember seizes Billie, who is near the ropes and instead in the dire need of her bestie Peyton, who is pulled to the ring along with her. Ember demands Peyton to exit the ring, and once the Aussie does, Billie takes advantage of Ember having eyes on the fleeing partner to attack from behind. Billie catapults Ember upward into the second rope to also get a near fall. Billie takes Ember away from the ropes, hammering at her with grounded forearms. She tries to cover moments later, getting a second near fall. Ember responds with a roll up that also gets her her second near fall. Billie turns over the momentum again with a whip reversal into Eat Defeat, but the finisher of a Certain Gail Kim only gets Billie a near fall on Ember. Billie headbutts Ember back over to the ropes, with Peyton looking on with Glee, and after forearms to the face and back, Billie plots further offense only for Ember to bring her own to make her comeback. However as Ember runs the ropes, she dashes right into a twisted forearm from Billie, but the impactful maneuver again only gets a two count on Ember for Billie.

Billie’s fury is on show as she shouts in the face of Ember, who soon shuts her up with kicks and an added inziguiri. A Running dropkick takes Billie fully down to the mat, and as Billie tries to use the corner to regroup shes met with a running high knee from Ember. Ember heads to the top rope, threatening Peyton with a fist as she tries to intervene, thus Peyton backs out. The Eclipse by Ember to Billie connects and Ember gets the 1, 2, 3 to emerge victorious. Ember wins the match.

When Ember leaves the ring, commentary highlight how the Devastating Eclipse may be able to finish off anyone, including the NXT Women’s Champion, noting how Billie has not yet moved since taking the finisher. We go back to the ring to see Medics and Peyton checking up on a still laid Billie. Billie eventually finds it in her to get up and is aided to the back by the medics as well as Peyton, an injury seemingly valid.

While Billie’s condition has yet to be verified, William Regal has indeed overseen the match and Embers performance, in the back with the victorious member of the women’s roster. In comes Kayla Braxton to interview, stating that Regal has requested this time with Ember, to which he has. He Declares that after speaking also with NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, Ember will get her awaited shot against the also undefeated “Empress of Tomorrow” at NXT Takeover Orlando. Ember smiles over the development, declaring with confidence that the NXT Women’s Division is about to enter a new phase.

(Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce vs Ember Moon)

(William Regal and Ember Moon Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Was Really Excited for This Match when i first read about it because their first meeting at NXT Takeover Brooklyn was much enjoyable. Theres something good about Ember having matches with Billie that i cant pinpoint, but the crowd also was into the match which helped. When i first heard also of Billie’s injury i was worried, and its not like WWE to keep unintended in ring accidents on Television but rather cut away from it (though Candice Michelle’s injury may not count). Luckily it appears Billie may be Okay and whether its a work or not, i do believe they are using the timing wisely, as because Ember is now the contender, they are wanting to build the Eclipse as the ultimate finisher, the one that may end the streak of Asuka. I Also believe it may be used as a work to build Billie as Embers first challenger, becoming more vicious and giving the duo motives for revenge and a bit more time in the title picture. Regardless there needs to be more identification on Ember as a character which would help in her road to the championship, and while its a likely fantasy, imagine her going heel sometime into her possible reign, with Sara Dobson and Kairi Hojo as her “Servants of War”. The Idea of that May be a long stretch but regardless my thoughts go out to Billie on a quick recovery.

– Catherine


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