WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Minimal Bliss In Multiple Challengers at The Big Stage (March, 7th 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks Smackdown Report as we edge closer to the Road to WrestleMania. Now whether you read the news or not regarding the Smackdown Women’s Championship being defended at WrestleMania itself, its definite that its got a firm place on the card. But who has the right to challenge the record breaking competitor that is Alexa Bliss for that very title? We’ll soon get to that…

But first, we have to address the already booked mixed tag made between Nikki Bella, John Cena, the former Champion Bella’s former rival Carmella and James Ellsworth. It in fact is the first match to feature the women on the show this week, also being the first time that the rivaling forces have competed alongside each other. Ellsworth is already in the ring, ready to introduce his assumed “boo” Carmella, but something of olden day must be addressed first, regarding the many number of times he had beaten AJ Styles. Believing this gives him a certain position in the WWE, the “Mack Daddy” of Smackdown (Not even Kidding) is also confident he can clear through a just as big star in John Cena, Having made his point clear, he brings out Carmella, who enters for the mixed tag. Following this are the solo entrances of John Cena and Nikki Bella, but they’ll need extra eyes because its not just their opponents they need to keep an eye out for, but their other current day rivals, Maryse and the Miz, who head to ringside. However the entry of the “A Listers” gives Carmella an opening advantage, as she super-kicks Nikki while the fellow heels head to their assigned post to inspect the match.

When we return from the one commercial break of the match, Carmella has affirmed control following her superkick to Nikki Bella. The Snappy Princess of Staten Island has Nikki struggling in an applied rear chokehold, and as Nikki looks to break off entirely, Carmella musters the strength to try force her away from Cena, yanking her towards her and hitting her with her knee in the midsection. Nikki manages to one up Carmella, throwing her through the ropes to the ringside floor, and taking advantage of Carmella falling to the outside, Nikki manages to make the leap to John, tagging him in and leaving the men to work part of the match. Ellsworth, however, wants no part in standing face to face with Cena, only making a move when Carmella shoves him into John. Ellsworth takes a slam and Carmella is far from happy at seeing Ellsworth manhandled, smack talking John and taking a forearm from Nikki for it. With the adversaries laid out, some simple scheming is concocted between Nikki and John, and the huge power couple hit a double five knuckle shuffle to the two heels, followed with finishers in unison. Nikki and John force Carmella and Ellsworth to submit, leading to the pair winning the match.

In the Celebrations, Miz and Maryse pull apart the couple, bringing them to ringside. As Cenas shoulder meets the steel steps, Maryse pushes Nikki into the ring post, and that leaves the heels to verbally dissect their suggested WrestleMania Opponents on the mic.

We move forward to the women’s title picture, as Alexa and Mickie await in the ring as Alexa is announced to be finding out her WrestleMania opponent. Bliss is aware of this herself, and while she can think of who is a possible challenge, she first goes through a list of women shes sure wont be facing her at WrestleMania. Alexa begins with Naomi, considering the injury inflicted to her that forced her to give up the championship, then Nikki Bella who she believes is hurt due to Maryse’s earlier attack. Shes assured also Carmella wont be facing her at Mania, believing her primary focus is caring for “Chinless Troll” Ellsworth. Theres one woman Alexa is fully assured she wont have as a challenger either, a Certain Becky Lynch. She says Lynch is like a “Chucky Doll” coming back despite the brutal challenges before. She suggests Becky gives up, but this just leads to Becky coming out to assure Alexa she isn’t done. The Lasskicker has a “Becklaration” even if people don’t want to call it that (thats nothing bad to Becky anyway) and thats that she is the woman who is going to beat Bliss and take back her women’s championship at WrestleMania. Before Alexa can respond, out comes another woman who hinted last week at chasing the women’s title, Natalya.

Natalya wants Becky pushed aside, bringing up the focus on her and Alexa and their conversation from last week. Natalya has the belief that she and Bliss share championship caliber status in comparison to Becky, so with this in mind, she has to address WrestleMania but Alexa stops her. In the Most hilarious GIF’able non wrestling moment in the SD Women’s Division this year, Alexa asks Nattie if shes got into some catnip, because there was no agreement/understanding between the two, nor does she want Natalya to go for the championship. To Expand, she wants to explain in a “nice” way and that can only be sarcasm on the side of Bliss, as she describes Nattie as “The Worst there is, the worst there ever was and the worst there ever will be” a mockery of Bret’s Famous representative Catchphrase of course. As Bickering unfolds, Mickie steps in on it, slamming Nattie and Becky for ruining Alexa’s moment, on who shes going to be facing at WrestleMania, and she announces that the opponent allocated for Bliss is herself. Alexa’s reaction says differently, because it seems they had no type of understanding either. As Mickie asks Alexa if shes the handpicked opponent for her like they appear to have agreed on, Becky is all against it, at Mickie getting handed a title shot. Before Alexa can explain, she finds herself interrupted again by Natalya, who mocks Mickie over feeling embarrassed at Alexa not giving her a shot like proposed. Tensions are rising, and to bring it to a head is the arrival of Daniel Bryan, with a legitimate proposition.

Bryan has overheard Alexa stating how she believes she is the Greatest Women’s Superstar on their brands roster, and looks to put that to the test. He does this in a way that Vickie Guerrero had with AJ Lee some years back, by announcing to Alexa that her next championship defense, at Mania of course, will be against every available woman on the Smackdown Roster, including Natalya, Mickie and Becky. Alexa is furious over the announcement, shouting over at Bryan that he cant do such a thing, though its literally his job as he so answers. Also being the GM, he can handle the tension in the ring right now in a way soon to be Hall of Famer Teddy Long usually does, booking a tag match that sees former RAW rivals Natalya and Becky forcefully team up against Mickie and Alexa. That Match is Now.

When we return, the made tag team match has begun with Natalya and Alexa locking up, representing their respective sides. Natalya tries to get the upper hand within moments as she takes Alexa down to the mat, only for the Women’s Champion to reverse into a headscissor. Natalya kips up to escape, taunting Alexa and receiving a palm to the face from the unimpressed title holder. Alexa gets slapped, leading to her responding with an angry shove, before Natalya retaliates with her own, sending Alexa to the mat. Alexa goes for a clothesline and takes a kick from Nattie, who goes for a slam, only for Alexa to slip free and reverse by taking Nattie by her hair, sending her backwards to the mat. Alexa goes for insult to injury, only to miss the target, landing on both knees, taking a basement dropkick from Nattie. Following the believed reverse in momentum, Natalya goes for the pin attempt on Alexa and gets a near fall.

Natalya, not so kindly, tags in Becky while Alexa makes a dash to tag in Mickie, free from Natalya’s clutches. The Two women lock up, with Becky eventually reversing into a waistlock. Mickie locks her own, also as a reversal, before being tripped to the mat by Becky, who attempts to prize Mickie in a front facelock only for Mickie to scramble out. Mickie targets the left arm of Becky with an arm wringer applied, also utilizing her shoulder to inflict damage. Becky tries to reverse momentum with arm drags and dropkicks, only to soon take a kick to the midsection from Mickie, who seizes the Lasskicker and takes her to the heels corner, allowing also for Alexa to tag in. Alexa has a kick of her own to launch at Becky, and does so, targeting the back area after with elbows and her mat choke. Becky responds with fists once brought to a vertical base but is sent near as quick back to the mat by the champion. Alexa goes for the cover on Becky, getting a near fall.

Becky nails a dragon screw leg whip into a single leg drop, hitting one more after a piledrive elbow and getting another near fall as a result of her pin attempt. Alexa rolls out, yelling to the WWE Universe at her unneeded treatment before taking an assault off the apron from Becky. Becky rolls her back into the ring, following behind and also dealing with a possibly intervening Mickie via a forearm. She also delivers a forearm to Alexa, looking to run the ropes but being tripped by Mickie, who yanks both feet from the outside. This allows for Alexa to capitalize, getting a near fall on the former champ. Alexa looks far from happy at the resilience of Lynch as we go to a commercial break.

We Return from that commercial break to see Mickie take the place of her fellow heel, working over Lynch in the center. Becky retaliates with forearms then whipping Mickie to a corner, missing the attempt to splash Mickie in that corner as she takes an elbow instead. Mickie connects with a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle, tagging in Alexa after soaking in her moment of momentum. Bliss delivers a kick once inside the ring to Lynch, grinning as she makes her way near to the opposite corner, delivering more damage to Becky as she chokes her against the bottom rope. She continues to utilize the ropes, but rather the second this time for another choke, before connecting with the vicious running double knees to the back of Becky’s neck. Alexa pulls back the second rope to launch Becky back to the mat and darts into her next pin attempt, leading again to a near fall. Alexa reverts back to choking Becky, this time in her corner and tagging Mickie along the way. Mickie delivers an echoing slap to Becky, only for Becky to fire up and fire a series of forearms at the heel. Mickie stalls Becky’s moment of retaliation with a strike to the midsection and some elbows to the back. Mickie seizes Becky in a chokehold, delivering further offense upon Becky’s attempt to break loose. Tagged in again is Alexa, hitting a number of kicks to a defenseless Becky in her corner, though Becky fires up again, dealing with both Bliss and Mickie before backsliding Alexa for another two count.

Becky floors Alexa with an inziguiri, also taking herself down along the way. Mickie gets tagged in by Alexa while Becky still struggles, caught in the hands of the entering heel. Mickie is clever to duck another inziguiri from Becky, though Becky whirls Mickie over in the midst of a possible ankle lock. After some clotheslines and a leg lariat, Becky elbows Mickie against a corner, following with the usual springboard sidekick. As Becky finds herself dominating, Natalya brings herself into the match, and rather than aiding her partner, she appears sick of her, as she German Suplexes her out of the corner. Natalya makes it clear there’s no partnerships for her as she leaves Becky behind, shades of Money in the Bank last year, and as Mickie looks to cover the fallen nemesis, instead Alexa force tags herself in to take the glory, pinning Becky. Mickie and Alexa win the match, though the tension appears to have formed through Alexa hogging Mickie’s limelight for that moment, enough for Mickie to snap and Mick Kick the very woman she forged an alliance with. With Bliss down on the mat, Mickie seizes the Women’s Championship, posing with it and hinting a possible end to this years WrestleMania women’s match.

(Carmella and James Ellsworth vs Nikki Bella and John Cena feat The Miz and Maryse)

(Mickie James, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Natalya and Daniel Bryan Segment)

(Mickie James and Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch and Natalya)

Thoughts On:
Mixed Tag: While the Mixed Tag feud is coming along nicely, and while it makes sense to get a sneak peak of what to expect from Nikki and Cena at WrestleMania while giving the crowd something nice by seeing the two compete alongside each other at the same time, it had to come at the expense of Carmella, whose had enough losses against Nikki and is going to need some serious comeback booking in order to look like a threat at WrestleMania, which WWE failed to do with some of the entrants of the Divas Championship Invitational at Mania 30. I Dont expect WWE to bring up Carmella and Alexa’s NXT history, but to look dominant or like a threat, she either needs wins here or needs to lay out her fellow heel champion, something that should be intriguing, plus with Ellsworth as assistance, he could help her as many times as he can (before definite ejection) if present on the night. Meanwhile Miz and Maryse are doing fantastically, while i wish we could see more from Maryse offense wise. With Miz working so hard over the past year to look like the biggest star on Smackdown, even in Cena’s hiatus, i truly wish he could win at Mania, but that appears to be happening at a small percentage.

Mickie/Alexa vs Becky/Natalya: First with the obviousness. Natalya is a heel and there’s no way that match was ending with her raising Becky’s hand as a fellow victor and celebrating, not just because shes a heel but because the upcoming match sees every woman after one title, no allegiances applied, as Mickie revealed by turning on Alexa. Sure Mickie and Alexa may have split too early in somes opinion, but there’s also a feeling that Mickie can work well on her own because of who she is just like Alexa can, neither need a manager or assist at their side (though Murphy could easily come up as her assist/manager with Blake possibly as well because i absolutely love the trios dynamic and loved their whole NXT run). The Smackdown Women’s Title match booking is interesting, because we are in a different era to the time where Mania 30 was upon us and the women couldn’t even get entrances or equal limelight like Smackdown is almost giving. By Almost, i mean everyone is getting a chance to shine on the roster minus Carmella, whose going to need some serious booking as a threat over the next few weeks to come back from her mixed tag team match loss. Bryan’s Use of the Word “Available” is very interesting, because it not only hints that a spot is open for Naomi if recovered in time, but for returns (Tamina whose working Smackdown Live Events, Victoria who hinted a WWE Return and Eva who hinted training for a return on Instagram) and debuts (Asuka who is also working SD Live Events). I’m Currently invested in this match more than the RAW Women’s Title Match and cant wait to see what unfolds for the brand regarding the title picture over the next few weeks. But if Naomi does win, as she so deserves since she has had the Nattie/Alicia putting over others treatment for a long time to finally come on top only to lose a title that will be hard to win back if others are spotlighted over her, then i do hope WWE continue to book Alexa well while the interest of a Heel Becky vs Naomi feud opens up as a possibility.

– Catherine


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