IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: TNA is Dead, But Not the Rivalry of Laurel and Allie (March, 9th 2017)

Well its official. This past week saw the retirement of the TNA name in the place of the more simple Impact Wrestling Trademark. Under new ownership and under (another) new era, IMPACT continued their ongoing angles regardless, from the boiling blood between the former Wolves Partners (with the inclusion of Angelina Love) and the aftermath of the sour ending wedding between Braxton Sutter and Crushed Bride Laurel Van Ness. Plus with Maria out for reasons to be explained, its time for Sienna to also make her own name.

The First Knockouts sighting sees Allie accompany Braxton Sutter to a multi man X Division Match, as the two are finally together on television after overcoming the cruel ways of Maria Kanellis-Bennett. Allie even got involved in the match by taking out Marshe Rockett and while she also had Braxtons win to celebrate, one thing not to celebrate was the interruption of Laurel Van Ness. Caked in melted make up and still in her wedding dress, Laurel points directly at the happy couple, none too pleased at their partnership at her expense.

While her fellow Lady Squad Member is drowning in sorrow, Sienna is all business. The Former Knockouts Champion has a match tonight, but something to address beforehand backstage to backstage correspondent McKenzie Mitchell. She reveals Maria has had a nervous breakdown after all that Allie has presumably done, and furthermore, after joking around with McKenzie by calling her “McKenna” she turns back to serious mode by addressing Allie over the microphone, warning her that she hasn’t rode off into the sunset as of yet, because she hasn’t got rid of her. She Promises to make her pay on behalf of Maria before heading off to the ring.

Now to the Knockouts Match and entering is Sienna (with a Great Intro from Now Ring Announcer Rockstar Spud) before the entrance of NXTs regular, Rachael Ellering. Sienna and Rachael lock up, and Sienna shows off upon easily throwing off Rachael. Round Two ends similarly, with Sienna’s power being a factor in easily loosening the grip of Rachael, and showboating again follows this. However this showboating ends rather soon as she takes a kick from Rachael, who rolls her up afterward, getting a near fall on the newly dubbed “Enforcer of the Knockouts Division”. Rachael follows with a secondary roll up, ending this time in a one count. Sienna slaps Rachael amid an arm wringer, and Rachael squares up with a forearm. More forearms follow between the two, with Rachael eventually getting the upper hand, hitting another that sends Sienna downwards to the mat. More offense follows from Rachael, who tries to capitalize with a pin attempt, only to get another near fall.

Taking away from the commentary debacle between Mathews and Borash, its back to the in ring action to see Rachael still dominating Sienna. However, again she cant pin Sienna, who kicks out of the next pin attempt at two. Rachael struggles to lift Sienna onto both shoulders, and Sienna, after breaking loose from Rachael, nails a kick to the opposer as she charges toward the corner. Rachael overturns momentum quick with an inziguiri, only this time she cant pin Sienna as the former champion rolls to the outside. Rachael isnt waiting and starts to take herself to the turnbuckles, only for Sienna to leap up and push Rachael, leading to her meeting the near corner turnbuckle face first. Sienna hits a big clothesline out of nowhere but it doesnt entirely flatten Rachael, who kicks out of Sienna’s follow up pin attempt at two. After a couple of forearms, she tries to again, with a mirrored result.

Sienna boots Rachael in the shoulder, following with a forearm. She tries to soften up Rachael for a suplex only for Rachael to counter into her own. Rachael unleashes a chop, forearm and uppercut combo on Sienna then heading to the turnbuckles after a standing STO. Rachael connects with a spinning springboard leg drop but its still not enough, as Sienna kicks out of another pin attempt from the hopeful hope-to-be Knockout at two. Rachael then misses a running forearm, leading to Sienna capitalizing with the silencer. Slightly taking Rachael from the ropes, Sienna covers Rachael and pins her. Sienna wins the match.

Moving to my favorite feud currently, and McKenzie is back to interviewing duty, only this time with someone nicer despite being disgruntled at his old tag partner as of late, its Eddie Edwards. Eddie addresses the difficult time hes had with Davey Richards and Angelina Love, and what they’ve done also to Alisha. Angelina appears to overhear how hes accused the two of stooping low and has something to say, approaching Edwards and threatening him over talking nasty about her husband, the man who she feels should have been the man talked about in his hiatus due to injury rather than the man who stepped out from his shadow to obtain world championship gold, that being Eddie. She again accuses Eddie of forgetting Davey, who she labels a real man compared to Eddie, and she leaves one last message in the form of a vicious slap. Eddie responds back, only verbally, questioning if Davey is really a real man if his wife hits harder than he does.

And the last appearance Knockouts wise goes to the still Knockouts Champion Rosemary, who has been gifted the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship alongside her happy cohorts of Decay as the Broken Hardys have teleported to a place unknown. To Clarify, they are keeping ownership of the titles, just not as actual announced champions as the title holders will be decided within a few weeks time….and you’ll know how soon enough.

(DJ Z vs Caleb Konley vs Marshe Rockett vs Braxton Sutter w/ Allie feat Laurel Van Ness)

(Sienna Backstage Segment)

(Rachael Ellering vs Sienna)

(Angelina Love and Eddie Edwards Backstage Segment)

(The Broken Hardys and the Decay Segment)

Thoughts On:
Laurel/Allie: I’m honestly so excited for the feud between Laurel and Allie as their matches showed much potential and because Laurel is owning her given character right now. The Angle also keeps Braxton around, also capitalizing on the real life chemistry of himself and Allie and will allow for other IMPACT superstars to be added to the mix. More on that in the near future…

Rachael/Sienna: A Good Match and Rachael looked dominant in parts. Its great also to see Sienna being allowed to show her personality more now, some of which we’ve got on IMPACT and some of which we got on One Night Only Events, and its allowing Sienna to flourish as a solo competitor rather than be off TV for us to question her whereabouts. With Maria gone, the worry of the alignment and characters of Laurel and Sienna and what they would do was there, but im truly excited for their character development.

– Catherine


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