WWE RAW RESULTS: The Killa Barbie Shows the Record Breaker That Playtime Is Over (March, 13th 2017)

Last week the stage was set as Charlotte and Sasha Banks affirmed their positions in the RAW brands women’s title match at WrestleMania, soon to challenge the reigning champion Bayley. Meanwhile someone vocal about having that same spot, Nia Jax, targets the Huggable One this week and dissension several months in the making finally comes to light between one former women’s champion and her clearly disgruntled protege. #BetterDevelopmentForDanaBrooke

The Protege of former RAW Women’s Title Holder Charlotte, aka Dana Brooke is set to face Sasha Banks in singles action. While Brooke doesn’t even get an entrance while Sasha gets half, its worth noting that Charlotte had made a demand backstage to Dana in a video exclusive to try and remove Sasha from WrestleMania entirely. Dana is wholly ready for that mission, channeling some anger as she goes right after Banks in a corner when the bell rings. Sasha fights back with a forearm, then missing a clothesline, thus Dana manages to take her to the bottom turnbuckle. Dana heads outside to continue her assault, hitting Sasha with elbows while stretching her out before dashing back into the ring. Dana goes for her first pin attempt with Sasha escaping easily at one. Sasha strikes with forearms, then rolling over Dana for a pin attempt with a similar result. Jumping double knees also from Sasha get her a near fall on Dana.

Dana hits with a knee to the midsection, then scooping Sasha onto both shoulders for the Fireman’s Carry Slam. However Sasha overturns this, performing a reversal to roll Dana over and this time the trick works, as even with tights hooked, Sasha gets the three count. Sasha wins the match, heading outside to quickly celebrate the victory with Bayley by her side while Dana is left sulking in the ring, and her former champion mentor is far from pleased at whats transpired. Making her way to the ring, Charlotte labels Dana a disgrace, announcing furthermore that shes getting rid of her once and for all. However Dana has her own animosity for Charlotte as many fans will know, and unleashes a big assault on Charlotte, finally snapping on the former RAW Women’s Champion. Charlotte eventually frees herself from the angry fellow NXT Alumni, who tries to call her in to continue their fight. Charlotte’s mouth only gapes at Dana’s actions while even the crowd rally behind the Killa Barbie.

While we may be served another criminally short encounter, its one to watch as Nia Jax finally gets a chance to try and make a name for herself again in time for WrestleMania, facing Bayley in a showdown suggested by Stephanie McMahon after having a quick backstage encounter with Nia. After entrances, Nia does work of cornering Bayley in a corner, and Bayley, ducking a clothesline from Nia, goes for her first round of offense with a side headlock. Nia breaks free from Bayleys grip, sending her back to the same corner. Bayley goes back on the attack again only to be forced to another corner, then into the ropes as she tries again to retaliate. Nia tosses Bayley with ease around the ring, far enough to send her out of the ring. Nia takes a moment to showboat over her strength before seizing her opposition on the outside to take her back to the ring. Bayley, however, tries to temporarily knock away Nia with kicks, but this only peps up Nia, as she shoves the steel steps to a corner at ringside before coming face to face with the regrouping Bayley again.

Back in the ring, Nia continues to show her toughness ahead of a possible wrestlemania showdown as she works on Bayley in the ring per a stretch hold. Its revealed that the reverse of momentum was caused during the commercial break when Nia managed to send down Bayley with a chokeslam, and furthermore still has Bayley struggling in her hold. Like earlier, Bayley utilizes the lower body, this time her knees, to try and separate from Nia, only for Nia to shove her off herself. A Standing Jawbreaker counter moments later from Bayley doesn’t send Nia off her feet but rather infuriates her more, and Nia soon sends a few kicks right at Bayley. However a follow up running knee misses the target, and the RAW Women’s Champ bends Nia’s knee against the ropes, fixing her in a trapped position for a short time and allowing her to get some offense on the bigger opponent, with a running dropkick soon sending Nia to the floor.

Nia climbs to the apron in her attempt to head back to the ring, only to take a stunner from the champ. Nia seizes Bayley once in the ring, lobbing her to a corner. Bayley knocks off Nia with kicks, going for a diving elbow off the second rope just to get caught in Nia’s arms. Nia attempts to counter into the signature samoan drop but like with Sasha countering Dana’s big move, Bayley does near the same with Nia, rather breaking off instead with some elbows. Bayley tries to seize Nia in a guillotine only to be flung to another side of the ring, and though Nia misses a chance to crush Bayley in the earlier corner Bayley flew out of, she makes up for it by catching Bayley as she runs the ropes, flapjacking her into the rope. Nia goes on to assault Bayley in an opposite corner, to the point where Nia loses out on a victory, being disqualified after failing to break off after the five count. She continues her relentless on the outside, ramming Bayley back first into the barricade and leaving her laying.

We Get a second Emma related vignette also, hyping the return of the originally Evil Emma that flourished in Emma’s second NXT Run. Emma warns that nice girls finish last as we look through some of her dominant moments in her cut short main roster return, as we await the Aussie’s return to Monday Night RAW.

And Lastly, Stephanie had given Mick Foley the chance to unwillingly wreck a RAW Superstars Career in order to view who was underperforming on the roster and in need of removal. After much decision, Mick decides hes picked his choice, Steph, though it appears he doesn’t have the power as supposed. Seeing enough of the situation and the Anti Steph charade from Foley, out comes a longtime rival of the Legend, the Game Triple H. The Appearance of the COO soon leads to Seth Rollins returning and going face to face with his suspected wrestlemania opponent, only to be one upped in the conclusion with revenge much needed.

(Sasha Banks w/ Bayley vs Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte; Dana Turns Face)

(Nia Jax vs Bayley)

(Emma Promo #2)

(Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley, Triple H and Seth Rollins Segment)

(Dana Brooke RAW Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Dana: Though criminally short and rushed, the match served its purpose. Sasha won illegally by hooking the tights, a move Bayley may not recognize until future notice, while the animosity between Dana and Charlotte was finally re-acknowledged to the point where Dana finally turned on Charlotte for Real. Dana’s turn is interesting, with the hope the fans chant her continually rather than on the one night, and because Dana has never been a babyface on WWE Television. Dana’s turn could actually give her needed acknowledgement rather than make her continue to look weak at the side of Charlotte, constantly one upped by the same names. Hopefully they pull the trigger on making Dana as relevant as their fellow women rather than just the newest babyface enhancement due to Sasha eventually turning heel.

Nia/Bayley: Again another short match but serving its purpose. Nia actually looked like a threat against the RAW Women’s Champion, dominating through nearly all the match and losing via Disqualification doesn’t hurt her credibility. The pain inflicted from Nia to Bayley should lead up to Bayley wanting to courageously stand against her by being willing to face her also at WrestleMania, adding Nia to the match as hinted but don’t be surprised if shes just a transitional challenger and the triple threat goes on. However, if Clash of Champions said anything, that match doesn’t need recycling and fresh women need adding for interest and to show there are women outside the horsewomen who can excel in the division. I Can see Nia added and Dana but 5 way matches are rare and peculiar so Dana could just be playing the #BeatUpCharlotte Gimmick every week with extra intensity on each go, and doing something that will have her one up Charlotte once and for all, humiliating her on the Grand Stage she once stood tall on.

– Catherine


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