Cattie’s Catch Up: Maria Kanellis-Bennett Confronts Jade; Sienna Debuts in IMPACT Wrestling (May, 3rd 2016)

Welcome to a Brand New Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, One that Reflects on Two Characters that are sadly no longer a part of IMPACT Wrestling, Maria and Jade, and one that is sure to flourish upon their departure, Sienna. The Whole charade of Jade facing the Newest Sure to Be Leader of the Female Locker Room Came About Weeks Before Last Years Slammiversary Pay Per View, also some weeks into Jades first and only IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship Title Reign.

Jade, despite having Maria’s assistance in order to gain the Knockouts Championship, hadn’t taken kindly to the position Maria had offered her upon her taking out her former Dollhouse Members. Soon Rising Up Towards being the Top Babyface of the Knockouts Division, Jade faced up to Maria courageously to derail the WWE Alumni’s hinted quest towards taking her title and paid the price. Maria brought in the newly signed Sienna, formerly known as SHINE Wrestlings Allysin Kay as her tough enforcer, to go against anyone who went against her rule, including the Knockouts Champion. Sienna eventually overwhelmed her storied rival to Maria’s Happiness and the Dubbed “Lady Squad” would assert more power over the division eventually when Sienna dethroned Jade in a Triple Threat Match at Slammiversary.

– Catherine


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