IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: The New First Lady Has No Fairytale Ending for “Romeo and Juliet” Nor Do LAX for Decay (March, 16th 2017)

Welcome all to a new IMPACT Wrestling report as the Campaign to #MakeIMPACTGreat Continues. (But Dont they already have Great Stars to have made that a possibility before the overhaul?) Anyway we get sparse Knockouts action this week but plenty appearances, whether it would be from the lovable Allie, the Vicious and Cunning Sienna, the Woman Extra Hostile to her Groom to have Never Been Braxton aka Laurel Van Ness or the “Demon Assassin” aka Your Knockouts Champion Rosemary.

Oh and did i mention Brandi Rhodes? Making an appearance tonight is the valet of the recently turned heel Cody, only this time continuing her role as an ascending Knockout. Brandi is set to battle a visiting Brandi Lauren, dubbed as Kayci Quinn when Cody hits the ring, ensuring Brandi does not get her first ever singles bout. An equally unimpressed Kayci turns away Cody’s offer of $45 to make up for not getting her match, but has to just stand and watch Cody turn the subject over to his aggravation for Moose. He eventually makes Brandi leave the ring with him, leaving Kayci to be fed to an attack from a surprise assailant, Rosemary. Clearly she wants no newbie invading her yard…

The Next scenario sees Laurel, still donning her wedding dress, showing up during Braxton Sutters Four Way X Division Match, to the chagrin of Allie. Laurel has a mini scuffle with Allie from behind the barricade, eventually costing Braxton the match in favor of the victor and the current champion, Trevor Lee. If Laurel couldn’t be singing enough praises about that, out comes her Lady Squad Supporter Sienna on the stage. Sienna instantly addresses Braxton and Allie, hoping they are enjoying their quality time while it lasts because while they may have thought Maria was bad, they shouldn’t forget who has the AK47. While Sienna can enjoy a love story once in a while, she takes enjoyment in envisioning the first time they sleep together in a hospital. She warns the pair of the ending of Romeo and Juliet, that they met their tragic demise.

And lastly Rosemary returned to our screens for a second showing, this time as the Decay tried to declare themselves as the newest IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions. This lead to interventions from newest tag team signees Reno Scum and Laredo Kid and Garza Jr, and after the former champions cleared the newest additions off, they were met with the presence of one of the hugest tag teams known to the company, LAX, with new recruits in Diamante (Angel Rose) Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik. LAX did away with Decay, leaving their intricate symbol of laid flags against the future opponents before posing on the stage to close off the show.

(Kayci Quinn vs Brandi Rhodes feat Cody Rhodes)

(Rosemary and Kayci Quinn Segment)

(Braxton Sutter w/ Allie vs Suicide vs Trevor Lee vs Andrew Everett feat Laurel Van Ness and Sienna)

(LAX Returns to IMPACT; Diamante Debuts)

Thoughts On:
Brandi/Kayci: I Guess its unexpected that IMPACT keep Brandi out of singles matches because shes still got some time to evolve in the ring, and as much as we could have done with an actual match this week, Cody was highly entertaining and Brandi is selling her role well. Im assuming since Kayci isn’t signed that she was attacked because Rosemary doesn’t want newbies in her division or some similar motive, but either way she might just be seeking a challenge, which will be expanded on soon.

Allie/Laurel/Sienna: What Can I Say? Well while i highly miss Maria and Mike, Sienna and Laurel are really being given time to flourish and the personality and mic skills of Sienna are beginning to be shown to an extent. Shes looking less like a silent threat and more of a badass who speaks on their actions then carries them out, and based on boths expertise, Sienna vs Allie in the future is sure to be a good match. Oh and Laurel is owning her character again of course.

LAX Returns: Overall its unexpected to see a tag team storyline closing the show just as its unexpected to see Decay in the main event (as good as they are) but i thought the crowd reacted pretty well to this. Im Unfamiliar with Diamante (Angel Rose) other than knowing that she worked the recent NXT Tapings but she already appears to be a good worker, if that German Suplex wasn’t evidence enough. I’m excited to see how Diamante interacts with Rosemary and with other various Knockouts in the future but she appears already a talented addition.

– Catherine


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