WWE NXT RESULTS: Can The Once Marine Handle The Sanity of Nikki Cross? (March, 15th 2017)

NXT Takeover Orlando is nearing and as of last week our women’s title match is set as Fantasy Warfare becomes reality. Ember Moon is now the official contender to Asuka’s NXT Women’s Championship, taking her own undefeated streak into the match with her in addition. Meanwhile someone is currently left off the Takeover Card, Nikki Cross, and she looks to take that out on another woman wanting to soon make a mark in NXT, Macey Estrella.

Before we see Cross’s next round of decimation, we get a glimpse at Asuka by a pool, quietly enjoying her down time. The package then reflects on the quick rise of Asuka in NXTs Women’s Division, from feared competitor to Champion. She remains confident that there is No Women’s Revolution, only Asuka, and regardless of the dominance Ember has brought to the table, she still barely acknowledges her.

Now appropriately timed, the only women’s match of the night follows up, featuring a former challenger of Asuka’s, Nikki Cross. But first the Former Military Worker Macey Estrella is midway through her entrance and is making her way to the ring. Macey looks confident just before the lights dim out for the entrance of Nikki Cross, who is joined by her comrades of Sanity. Nikki is unsurprisingly rabid right on the bell, hitting a running forearm to the face of Macey. She hammers her furthermore with forearms in the nearby corner before the Referee has to come between her and Macey. Like Nikki wasn’t nasty enough, she even takes enough pleasure in tossing her to the other side of the ring by her long blonde locks, but it doesn’t take long for Macey to find her footing, eventually throwing a forearm at Nikki. Macey’s run of momentum is short lived, per a running crossbody from Nikki, who scraps furthermore with her on the mat. Nikki gleefully hits Macey with two swinging neckbreakers, and a third is given at Eric’s hinted order, then a fourth. The referee doesn’t stop the match despite Maceys state, allowing Nikki to hit her finisher for the fifth and final time. Nikki pins Macey to win the match, but doesn’t get to celebrate over the devastation caused as Sanitys current enemies, No Way Jose and Tye rush down, only to be eventually taken out by the faction.

Andrea DeMarco also tried to get an update on Billie Kay’s condition after being nearly wiped out by Ember Moons finisher last week. However they got no comment from a doctor nor any member of the “Iconic” Duo as instead Andrea had to flee from a scene involving HoHo Lun, Andrade Almas and Oney Lorcan.

(Ember Moon vs Asuka Promo)

(Macey Estrella vs Nikki Cross w/ Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain)

Thoughts On This Match:
First of all congrats to Macey on her Re-Debut, though i do wish she could have got more offense in against Nikki. I Thought WWE might have used the serious no nonsense persona used by Lacey in the WWE training videos, so while Nikki using her finisher multiple times was booked maybe to show furthermore the aggression of Sanity, it had to come at Maceys expense sadly. I Wouldn’t mind a feud between the two or Macey getting a total repackage but an angle between the two isn’t coming anytime soon.

– Catherine


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