WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Bliss Rules the Ring, Team Miz Rule In Comedy (March, 21st 2017)

So theres one Smackdown waiting in the wings until WrestleMania finally dawns, and the feuds of the Smackdown Brand for the women are continually heating up, with a little bants on the side. We have physicality as Becky Lynch takes on the woman who ambushed her a week before, Carmella, and the best comedy in the WWE this year as Maryse and the Miz remake Total Bellas. Plus did i mention Tyler Breeze fits into this feud somehow?

Maryse and the Miz give their first Total Bella’s parody, as Maryse is shown at Cenas House Poolside dressed as Brie and Nikki. Maryse, acting supposedly like Nikki, brags about being possibly proposed to by John, and the outrageous screaming of Maryse’s version of Brie cues the arrival of Big Match Miz, aka Miz dressed as John. Miz, playing up an artificial rule from Cena’s house rulebook, punishes “Brie” for her loudness. “Nikki” then asks “John” if he has something to say, assuming its a proposal or just a compliment, but then gets told off for having her feet on the table. Since “Nikki” did as told, “John” proposes to pop the question, which is actually him popping a balloon. So to put it in shirt, this is a mockery of Cena’s house rules presented on the show.

Part 2 of Total Mizanins sees them take a tour of Cena’s house, including into the bedroom where the “magic” happens. Again “John” coaxes “Nikki” into believing he is going to propose, only to give her a toy version of a WWE Ring. Oh My Lord…

To the actual ring, John Cena is set to take on Fandango, aka one half of Breezango. To Cena’s absolute horror, The Companion of Fandango, that being Tyler Breeze, comes out dressed as Nikki Bella. This leads to the real Nikki Bella coming out, having a watchful eye over her mans sure to be quick showdown, one that ends with both utilizing the same finishers to Breezango.

And then to other physical matters, this time regarding the continual build to the Smackdown Women’s Title Match. Becky Lynch faces off against Carmella in reaction to what transpired last week, as the Princess of Staten Island, with a happy James Ellsworth at her side, superkicked both her and Natalya to try to make her own statement heading into WrestleMania as a title contender. Entering first is the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, then Carmella, who not too shockingly has James by her side again. Natalya is on commentary, getting her own view of the match also that features her fellow rivaling contenders. Carmella proceeds to trash talk Lynch when the bell rings, only to receive the first dose of physicality as punishment, when she takes a back kick from the former champion. Becky hits a quick uppercut before taking Carmella down with a running elbow. A Frustrated Carmella soon heads to the outside, but Becky slips out of the ring just as quick, leading to Carmella bolting as the Lasskicker gives chase. Ellsworth tries to get midway through her pursuit but Becky finds a way round, getting a shot at Carmella before rolling her back into the ring. Becky begins to climb into the ring but Ellsworth is back to being mr troublesome, making up for the earlier misgiving by seizing Becky’s leg. While Becky breaks free, the outside assist allows for Carmella to attack from behind. However Natalya hasn’t forgotten last week either, hitting the ring and nailing Carmella with a discus clothesline. Carmella wins via Disqualification.

Natalya continues the assault on Carmella, before shes met with fists from an arriving Mickie James. Carmella gets between them, then along comes the title holder, Alexa Bliss. The Champ is taken down by Nattie, while Carmella proceeds to attack Mickie in a corner. Carmella is then aided by Ellsworth, who takes a missile dropkick from Becky when Carmella sprints out of the target line. Becky and Carmella go at it right until Mickie takes out Becky with the finishing Mick Kick. While managing to separate those two contenders, Mickie has her back turned from her former partner, Alexa Bliss, who takes her out also with one single fist. Bliss then poses as the one woman standing, raising her title over the fallen Mickie James.

(Maryse and the Miz Total Bellas Parody Segment #1)

(Maryse and the Miz Total Bellas Parody Segment #2)

(Fandango w/ Tyler Breeze vs John Cena w/ Nikki Bella)

(Carmella w/ James Ellsworth vs Becky Lynch feat Mickie James, Natalya and Alexa Bliss)

Thoughts On:
Total Bellas Parodies: While i wished Maryse and the Miz trying to get involved with their enemies in a physical form would have happened, Miz and Maryse did great and were absolutely hilarious in these particular segments. While they can be viewed as faces to some due to their shooting style as of late, specifically those who arent sold on Cena and Nikki in anyway, they are heels either way due to their vindictive outlook on their babyface rivals, who have yet to make any sort of physical comeback. The intensity of Cena and Nikki hasnt been utilized or shown to counter their mania opponents yet, and whether they capitalize on that or not this week, its clear Mania closes with a fairytale ending for the babyfaces, regardless of Miz’s ascension on the roster over the year.

Becky/Carmella: Overall a short affair with nothing much to say about it other than it being booked for rightful reasons. Its retribution for Becky after Carmellas attack, and the DQ finish was right to protect boths momentum heading into Mania. Also nice to see Alexa not only stand tall, but timely one up her former comrade Mickie to close the post match breakdown, but my only irk is that i wish they would give some surprises pre mania, because imagine if there isnt any at all on the night? What if there isnt?

– Catherine


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