IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: ODB and Karen Jarrett are Women On A Mission (March, 23rd 2017)

The Evolution of IMPACT under Jarretts rule continues this week, with more than one female related surprise. This week we learn who exactly “She” is who is showing in the IMPACT Zone, plus more. Expect a fair few Alumni and more from the recently returned LAX.

But before we get to any of these scenarios, IMPACT is opening with singles action. The infamous Suicide Character is back, but this time hes a target in wait for the newly vicious and more darker Davey Richards, who is accompanied by his said “Sacred Seductress” Angelina Love. Davey eventually gets the win with his brutal finisher, getting a quick make-out with a proud Angelina in celebration. Watch Out Eddie. This Aint the Same Davey.

The Next Knockouts related moment sees McKenzie Mitchell sneak around the backstage area, carefully approaching a still teary Laurel Van Ness, who still reels from the heartbreak inflicted at the hands of her rivals Allie and Braxton Sutter. She makes it clear shes far from fine, blaming all she can think of, including Maria and Sienna. Sienna overhears this and scolds the failed bride, reminding her that neither are to blame, especially Maria as she gave her everything. Allie is truly to blame, but she has something awaiting next week for the love birds.

Poor Brandi Rhodes is left helpless this week, as Cody attacks the recently returned Moose, who was scheduled to face Eli Drake. She can only urge him away in the culmination of his vicious assault on the IMPACT Grand Champion that he had started mid through his entrance.

LAX also make an appearance, one upping the DCC on their way towards possible tag team title contention. Diamante was in their corner, and makes her way to the back with the victors after their win while DCC begin to fall apart.

Moving to the next scenario, McKenzie welcomes Allie and Braxton to the backstage area. She makes both aware of Sienna’s recent threat. Braxton makes it clear that Allie has been a target for trouble for a while, and he wont let the past actions of Maria, Sienna and others phase them, nor the actions currently from Sienna.

Jumping forwards, its time for the Knockouts action. Rebel, unfortunately not a full time member of the roster as clarified on Twitter, makes a return to the IMPACT Zone to face an also returning ODB. The former Knockouts champion has even returned with her traditional liquor, but is ambushed in the ring by Rebel as she relinquishes it. The bell rings and ODB is already reeling from the attack, crashing to the outside as Rebel follows out to continue. Rebel hasn’t relinquished the viciousness shown from her time in the Dollhouse, sending ODB face first into the apron then shoulder first into the steel steps. Rebel sends ODB back into the ring after giving Earl Hebner a fair telling, only to receive a couple of forearms from a recovering ODB once back in the ring. ODB runs the ropes, readying her next attack only to run into a double axe handle from Rebel. Rebel goes for the pin right after, getting a near fall on the former Knockouts Champion.

Rebel scoop slams ODB right before climbing up the turnbuckles. Rebel goes for a crossbody only for ODB to swiftly move from harms way. ODB devours her liquor as Rebel lays flat on the mat, pumping herself up as Rebel tries to get back on her feet, then charging at her with clotheslines once shes up. ODB splashes Rebel against a corner, following with the signature bronco buster. ODB goes for another corner attack, only this time Rebel moves away and tries to capitalize on ODB crashing into the post to roll her up, getting a near fall. Rebel makes it clear to Hebner that she doesn’t agree over the result, only to get smooched by the veteran ref. The Help from a Flair strutting Earl Hebner allows for ODB to hit a fallaway slam on Rebel, followed with a samoan drop after her own comical spot with Hebner. ODB pins Rebel and wins her first match back as a Knockout.

And lastly on IMPACT, the Woman known mysteriously as “She” is revealed (to the dismay of Josh Mathews) as Karen Jarrett, who is looking to continue to #MakeIMPACTGreat alongside her husband. The newly babyface Jarrett is confronted firstly by EC3, who is trying to defend the Carter Name while reminding all of the legacy he has made, having defeated many legends thrown at him during his evolution. Joining in this intense segment is Josh Mathews himself, dissing the IMPACT crew, such as Dutch and the Jarretts, even name dropping Madison Rayne over her recent mistreatment despite being a veteran Knockout. Mathews eventually receives punishment for his harsh disses, as he receives a big slap from Karen to close off the show.

(Suicide vs Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love)

(Laurel Van Ness and Sienna Backstage Segment)

(Moose vs Eli Drake feat Cody and Brandi Rhodes)

(LAX w/ Diamante vs DCC)

(Allie and Braxton Sutter Backstage Segment)

(ODB vs Rebel)

(Karen Jarrett, Jeremy Borash, EC3 and Josh Mathews Segment)

Thoughts On:
ODB/Rebel: Overall a Good Match and great to see Rebel back on IMPACT even if its only short term at the minute. Its amazing seeing how far shes come considering she was usually in mixed tags to start off, showing now the reliance on her as to allow her to do singles matches, considering her in ring skill has increased through continuing in OVW and on the Indy Circuit. ODB, to me, i feel is back to fill the void veteran wise as there aren’t many original Knockouts being used in the ring as Madison is commentating, Angelina is managing and Gail has yet to be cleared and Rosemary, the Champion, is without a challenger while Sienna and Allie are feuding. So that kinda might make it clear who is going into the picture soon. The Only thing that ruined the match for me is the spots with Hebner, because while IMPACT try and boast that their KO division is one of the best in the business, to a casual or regular viewer they should be witnessing intense action and brutality, which was squandered in this match in the place of comedy.

Karen Jarrett/EC3/JB/Josh: Ive always enjoyed Karen during her runs in IMPACT Wrestling, and its both amazing and shocking realizing she, Madison and Gail are on the same roster several years later. While shes always suited as a heel to me, working against one of IMPACTs most hated, whether for one reason or another, in Josh, has got her over so quickly. I’m not sure if its a permanent role but i wouldnt mind her getting involved with the Knockouts on a regular basis again. Whether EC3 turns heel again or not, which appears to be the case, please oh please don’t pair him with Josh. EC3 does NOT need a mouthpiece.

– Catherine


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