WWE NXT RESULTS: An Eclipse And A Riot Awaits at Orlando (March, 22nd 2017)

A Momentous week awaits, with one more NXT, RAW and Smackdown left until the two biggest shows of the season as NXT Takeover Orlando and WrestleMania loom. The Focus here is on NXT and with just over a week to go until the Pre Mania Takeover show, Asuka needs extra momentum and the need to instill fear into her contender Ember Moon. Cue her target of the night, IMPACTs Diamante aka Priscilla Zuniga aka Angel Rose.

Asuka enters for the one womens match of the night, following another recap of Ember Moon’s Eclipse taking out Billie Kay weeks ago. Asukas Opponent is (as mentioned) IMPACTs Diamante aka Priscilla Zuniga (taped before her IMPACT signing). However, before even getting into physicality, Asuka has some words for Ember Moon, warning her of the fate to come, before simply laying out Zuniga with a Roundhouse. Asuka kicks about Zuniga, stalking her prey and continuing to assault her as she tries to raise herself off the mat. Zuniga eventually gets chance to fight back against Asuka, in the most dangerously triggering away possible as she slaps the champion right across the face. Zuniga heads to the ropes only to turn and take a hip attack from Asuka within seconds. Asuka unleashes kicks, only breaking off through forced restraint. Zuniga isnt free for too long from Asuka’s grip, ending up on the receiving end of a German Suplex from Asuka followed with a kick to the side of the face. Asuka places a knee against the fallen body of Zuniga for a pin attempt, only to raise her from the mat at two with little remorse. After a few hard knees and a kick, she seizes Zuniga in the Asuka Lock for the Submission Victory. Asuka wins the match.

Asuka takes a while to free herself from Zuniga, but after the match she isn’t exactly leaving, not without a message at least. The Newly vicious Empress takes the mic, speaking something in her native language, closing by warning Ember that there will be NO Eclipse.

This weeks NXT served as the debut of Ruby Riot also, the Talent formerly known as Heidi Lovelace. Ruby went out to the ring to deal with an also Nikki Cross, who had tried to get involved in a scuffle between Tye Dillinger and Eric Young in the closure of the main event. In turn, Ruby has temporarily aligned herself with Sanitys Rivals in Roderick Strong, Tye and No Way Jose.

(Asuka vs Angel Rose/Priscilla Zuniga)

(Roderick Strong, No Way Jose and Tye Dillinger vs Sanity w/ Nikki Cross; Ruby Riot Debuts)

(Ruby Riot Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Asuka/Zuniga: A Really enjoyable affair not only because the crowd were engaged but because we saw a complete 180 from Asuka from a brave babyface champion to cocky, arrogant and dangerous. This would serve initially as Asuka’s second heel turn as her first fizzled out of nowhere, and there’s no way Asuka cant be babyface considering her mannerisms and remorselessness throughout the whole match, unless of course NXTs wacky booking makes her a respectful contender or challenger for Ember post Takeover. But Asuka has needed this change very much, and it makes me more excited for Takeover, not only because Ember serves her purpose as a face now, but the cockiness of Asuka could be an attribute to her losing the championship rather than her credited dangerous-ness.

Ruby Riot debut: Honestly, this has been one of the quickest female debuts in NXT history, and its no surprise. Heidi is one of the most credited talents in the indy circuit, and one of the most respected, and she has enough skill to be counted as a veteran that helps when she faces not only lesser developed talents but fellow veterans as well. Unless EY gets the pin on Tye as Tyes NXT swan song, then Ruby will be the reason the babyfaces prevail at Takeover (assuming the mixed tag is on). After this i wouldn’t be surprised if Billie and Peyton are enhancements on Ruby’s ascension to the title picture, but based on Billie’s current kayfabe condition, it’d only be fair to book a revenge showdown between Ember and Billie for the title assuming Ember is Champion on Saturday.

– Catherine


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