WWE RAW RESULTS: The Horsewomen Enter the Jax Jungle (March, 27th 2017)

Theres only days left until WWE presents its 33rd WrestleMania, meaning one RAW remains to hype the feuds of the brand that will surely culminate at the event. As mentioned before, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks and Charlotte will battle Bayley for the RAW Women’s Championship at the Grandest Stage of Them All, but quite a twist has been added, as it will now be contested as an Elimination Match. And if that wasn’t tense enough, each of these forces must co exist for tag team action this week.

Tag Team Action that is created through a segment featuring the four women that actually opens the last RAW before Mania. Out comes the soon to defend champ Bayley to hype WrestleMania, an event she once watched from her home turf to only now be an official part of. Bayley is additionally aware the odds are against her in the upcoming four way, but before she can address this further, out comes one of her three contenders, the 4x RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte. Charlotte tells Bayley to get her head out of the clouds as she is blinded by the fake assumed friendship of Bayley and Sasha, assured that Banks is truly not her best friend, not like the “naive fangirl” thinks anyway. To Add, Charlotte is frustrated that the soon sure to be villainess cost her the women’s championship, and while she respects Sasha for being clever, she isn’t as cruel as her. She again reminds Bayley that Banks isn’t her friend, and Bayley will walk away from Mania without her friend and the title. Charlotte brings up a tweet to further suggest Sasha is on the verge of a turn, highlighting when Sasha spoke of keeping friends close but enemies closer. She warns Bayley that Sasha is sure to stab her in the back like she did in their days, but before Bayley can comment, Sasha emerges from the backstage area to defend herself.

Sasha tells her former rival that shes heard the whole manipulative talk before, and that the former champion must be out of her mind to try make comparisons between her alignment with Sasha in the past and Bayleys current friendship with her. Charlotte makes it clear she sees right through Sasha, but Sasha only accuses her of trying to stir the pot, adding that her and Bayley are big girls who understand friendship is friendship and business is business. Sasha seems to then hint at taking care of business, declaring that she will beat Bayley at Mania. While Bayley looks confused at her quick declaration, she doesn’t even get to take a mic to question this as out comes the final contender, Nia.

Nia, with mic in hand, shares her own views on her fellow athletes, speaking on how its been the same combination over the past several months, adding how they have traded the title back and forth, which she views as pathetic. Nia enters the ring and warns all three women that she will ensure she eliminates them on Sunday, and in turn she will give the title a permanent home. Charlotte interrupts Nia, believing her placement in the match is only because Sasha stopped caring about Bayley, leaving her to Jax who solidified her contention via victory. This sets off Sasha, who lunges at Charlotte, thus a brawl featuring Bayley and her challengers gets underway prior to a scheduled tag team match (with no Teddy Long to announce im afraid).

When we return from a commercial break, the match has begun and intensity hasnt simmered between Charlotte and Sasha, who spill to the ringside floor amid an aggressive lock up. The Two fight on the outside, with Sasha getting the upper hand by driving her fellow former champion into the apron before taking her into the ring. However as soon as Sasha makes it back in, she takes a kick from Charlotte but quickly comes back by reversing a whip into a Lou Thesz Press. Charlotte shoves Sasha off her body after taking some forearms, but she ends up taking the backstabber into a strangle hold. Charlotte aims forearms to the face, whipping Sasha to the ropes afterward only for Sasha to slip underneath the bottom rope, trying to yank Nia straight off the apron. Charlotte tries to intervene and gets elbowed by Sasha, who follows her back to the ring, only to deal with Nia who has made the successful tag. Sasha tries to sunset flip her Fast Lane opponent, to no avail, thus after escaping a stomp and hitting a quick kick, Sasha bolts, tagging Bayley into the match.

After Bayley and Sasha work together, executing a double dropkick to Nia, its the champ left with Nia in the ring. Bayley aims some forearms at Nia, who hits back hard enough to knock the champ to the mat. Nia seizes Bayley in her grip, also tagging Charlotte who tries to attack an exposed Bayley, only to take a kick. Bayley throws a forearm at Nia but takes offense from Charlotte, failing to overcome the numbers game. Charlotte tries to plant Bayley in a corner, but Bayley reverses, throwing Charlotte head first into the corner turnbuckles a number of times. Bayley tries to capitalize on the switch in momentum and earlier offense by going for the cover on Charlotte, but the first pin attempt ends in a near fall for the champ. Charlotte whips Bayley to a corner, only for Bayley to float, attempting aerial offense along the way. Charlotte utilizes the corner to avoid Bayleys attack, thus Bayley falls to the mat. Charlotte furiously forearms Bayley after a low kick, trying to pin Bayley like Bayley had with her earlier, getting a one count.

Charlotte reverts from targeting the right shoulder to sinking Bayley into a side headlock. Bayley, with some crowd support, aims elbows at Charlotte, but its only a short moment of momentum as Charlotte sweeps her backward to the mat. Charlotte whips Bayley into an opposite corner, taking her body to the mat once again with a chop before trying to hook in a figure four. Bayley counters with her feet, sending Charlotte through the ropes to the outside floor, but she isn’t gone for long as Charlotte lands with her knee, helps herself up and dashes back into the ring, only not in enough time as Sasha successfully tags in. Sasha fires clotheslines and dropkicks right at Charlotte, blocking the fellow former champions attempt to hit a big boot, retaliating with a high knee. Sasha readies double knees in the corner but is elevated over the ropes by Charlotte, sent to the apron. Sasha seizes Charlotte from outside, sending her face first into a turnbuckle then ascending to the top one. Sasha nails a diving crossbody off of it, managing to get a near fall as Charlotte kicks out at two. Sasha rolls over Charlotte, not noticing a tag made, thus she isn’t the legal competitor. Nia strides in, seizing Sasha and sending her to a corner in aid of Charlotte. Nia goes for a corner splash but Sasha blocks with her feet, trying to do so a second time only to be sent to the apron. Nia charges at Sasha, knocking her off the apron to the floor.

Returning from a commercial break, Nia has stepped out, and Charlotte works on Sasha in the ring. Charlotte attacks the back of Sasha as she brings her to the heel corner, allowing Nia to tag. Nia seizes Sasha on the instant, but is met with a number of forearms from the fiery former women’s champion. Nia reverses her attempted momentum by tossing her with ease to another side of the ring. Nia executes some swift elbow drops, seizing Sasha in a hold after a brief smile in enjoyment over her domination. Sasha tries to break loose, trying to reach over to Bayley but Nia drives her into the corner to kill off the desperate attempt. Charlotte tags in, taking eyes off Sasha to mock Bayley, which proves costly in the long run as once she turns, Sasha is aiming offense at her. But as Sasha tries to dash back over to Bayley, Charlotte is back to playing the game of isolation again, scooping Sasha and executing a backbreaker. Sasha manages to separate herself from Charlotte via a tilt-a-whirl headscissor but despite this, she again fails to reach to Bayley as Charlotte gets back up, hooking the former rivals hand. Sasha reverses, lobbing Charlotte into Nia, taking Nia off the apron. As this sinks in for Charlotte, Sasha makes her needed tag to Bayley, who fires at her with her traditional fiery offense, including a stunner on the ropes. Bayley nails a running shoulder tackle to Charlotte in the corner, followed with the running back elbow, though the second strike is diverted by Charlotte’s knee counter. Charlotte tries to make a comeback with a clothesline, missing however as instead Bayley reverses into a side suplex. However, Bayley gets a near fall, per the former champ kicking out at two.

Charlotte tries to take Bayley off the turnbuckles, hitting a springboard low kick to the left knee of Bayley. Charlotte drags Bayley into the center, seizing her in the figure four, not managing to hook in the figure eight as Sasha jumps in, breaking her submission. Nia runs in to try throw off Sasha’s attempt to further aid, but Sasha pulls at the ropes, leading to Nia falling through them to the ringside floor. Nia manages to land on her feet, but Sasha tries to take her fully down with a crossbody from the apron, only for Nia to catch her. Sasha slips free, sending Nia shoulder first into the steel steps. Charlotte sneaks a kick to knock Sasha down also, only to have her signature big boot blocked by Bayley seconds later, as she reverses into the Belly to Belly Suplex for the three count. Sasha and Bayley win the match.

However the current BFFs have little time to celebrate as Nia Jax goes after both. After laying waste to Banks and Bayley, Jax sets her eyes on her own tag partner, Charlotte, who she clobbers after watching her crawl helplessly to her feet. With the NXT Trio out against the mat, Nia is the one standing tall, holding in her hand the RAW Women’s Championship, which she looks to gain for real on Sunday.

In Addition to these females appearing, we also have Stephanie McMahon playing the viciously evil manipulator card this week as she takes advantage of Foleys firing to continue to assert power, forcing Sami Zayn to battle his longtime nemesis Kevin Owens in order to earn a place in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Losing for Sami would mean a certain firing, but luckily for the underdog and former NXT Champion that wasn’t the case. Thank You Chris.

Plus Alicia Fox accompanied Noam Dar as the Scottish Superstar took part in one of two Cruiserweight Matches that night, battling the crowned contender to Nevilles Cruiserweight Championship, Austin Aries. Unfortunately for Fox, no smiles for her on this night, as Austin took the momentum heading into WrestleMania.

(Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax Segment)

(Nia Jax and Charlotte vs Sasha Banks and Bayley)

(Sami Zayn and Stephanie McMahon Backstage Segment)

(Austin Aries vs Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox; Neville on Commentary)

(Bayley Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall a Good Match which served better with the pre match build up which has some interesting layers to it considering its the last RAW before Mania. Is Charlotte trying to convince Bayley of Sasha’s eventual turn a face turn in the waiting? Is Sasha’s attitude towards the end of the segment a hint at the end of Sunday? Each contender got decent mic time and the match served its role with the heels playing the isolation game, with the crowd much into it, especially towards the end. The Reaction for Sasha sending Nia to the steps, along with Bayleys victory and the heel heat on Nia for her post match antics worked for me, and to be honest, while im not surprised that Nia taking momentum before Mania could be a sign shes not winning but rather taking the fall as the non horsewoman, she really does look good with the title. The Elimination stipulation kills the hype of the match for me, especially if Nia is the first out, and the Horsewomen being the final three might serve as predictable in many’s case, so lets hope WWE know what they are doing with this match. Nia is the dark horse of the match, that everyone wants to see bust out something new, and she needs to be the one to create surprises, like Becky was in her first NXT Womens Championship showdown where she entered as the wildcard, the one we’d seen only so much from. Let Her Be the Nia we saw in her last match with Asuka, instead of being so limited. Mania is the ultimate opportunity for this.

– Catherine


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