WWE NXT RESULTS: The War Goddess Shows No Fear to the Dominant Before the Inevitable Showdown (March, 29th 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks NXT Report. Its Gone along so quick but this is believably or non believably the last NXT before this weekends pre Mania NXT Takeover Pay Per View, directly from the Arnway Center. The NXT Central City of Orlando plays host to what was once a fantasy bookers choice, as Asuka defends her NXT Women’s Championship This Saturday against a fellow undefeated athlete, the “War Goddess” Ember Moon. With that in mind, NXT provided one more chance to build the feud, as Ember looked to make Asuka believe in her during a formal backstage contract signing. Yes you read it right….Backstage.

William Regal stands by with the two women, challenger and champion, in his office backstage to host the contract signing, the first women’s backstage contract signing in history (assuming they couldn’t fit a full fledged in ring segment on the show). Perched are both Ember and Asuka, ready to sign, and as Regal mentions Ember by name, Asuka cant help but snigger. Ember notices this, recognizing the future opposer as a changed woman, outside of being a great champion. She accuses Asuka of letting success get to her head, thus warns her that while her fate may be to become the greatest NXT Women’s Champion, her fate is to dethrone her. Asuka makes it clear shes aware of who Ember is, but shes still amused at the thought of Ember trying to challenge her, accusing her of not being ready. Ember says otherwise, but Asuka just laughs to herself, leaving the scene with her championship in hand. Regal finalizes the signing with his confirmation signature, turning to Ember who watches the changed NXT Women’s Champion leave. All he can wish Ember is Good Luck.

(Ember Moon and Asuka Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Segment:
Overall this segment lacks intensity, though i guess its better to get a segment than nothing at all for a feud that everyone feels should be booked far better. Maybe its the first layer and that the feud continues passed this Weekend, but regardless im glad to see Asuka as a full fledged heel at last, and while Asuka has shown before that she denies any sort of challenge, the difference is with this feud is that she finds herself up against a babyface than heels who mess both physically and psychologically. Maybe the continual mockery towards Ember becomes the reason her streak fails? Either way we will know Tomorrow Night.

– Catherine


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