IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Theres No Messing With The “Classy” Family (March, 30th 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks IMPACT Report. I Can Guarantee Plenty Knockouts Talk this week as Karen Jarrett gets involved with the division in a certain way, and we’ll even get a sneak peak at the possible future of the Knockouts Championship.

The Show Opens with the Presence of Karen Jarrett (to the chagrin of Josh Mathews who felt her wrath physically last week). This week isn’t about booting Josh from the roster but about addressing a different issue, and that is the change in atmosphere backstage after Maria’s “nervous breakdown” thus she commands Sienna to come to the ring. Sienna comes out as ordered, asking the Former Knockouts VP if there’s a problem. Karen points out there is as such, saying shes heard nothing good about her from the ladies locker room, nor from any part of the backstage area. Sienna wonders who said the such statement, but Karen doesn’t reveal who, being the boss who owes no explanation. Regardless of Karen’s cover up, Sienna points the blame at Allie, calling the fellow Knockout a Homewrecker. Sienna then takes shots at Karen verbally, telling her she got to where she is through her own talent, charisma and class, not through who she married. Karen tells Sienna she has no clue how Karen got into her position, and at one point she was in Sienna’s position, making mistakes but she will let her have the chance to redeem herself for her actions, by apologizing directly to her boss.

But Before Sienna can react in any way mid count down, as Karen only gives her 15 seconds to apologize to her, out comes a Mysterious Man, most clearly to defend Sienna. He announces himself as KM (Kevin Matthews) the Cousin of Sienna, and he demands that Karen shows some respect to the both of them. He counts down the seconds until Karen is made to apologize, but out to defend the boss lady is Braxton Sutter, with Allie. KM manages to flee from Braxton but only for now, as Karen makes a match between the two for later on.

A Short time later, we have a different Knockouts Moment, as Rosemary is introduced by JB, as the Current Knockouts Champ hosts a “Knockouts Burial Celebration”. JB makes it clear to the feminine member of the Decay that her reign of five months currently has been very dominant, asking her who is left to possibly beat her. Rosemary runs down her past challengers from Gail Kim, to Brandi Rhodes, to the departed Jade. After taking credit for decimating each in some way, Rosemary is interrupted by a Knockouts Original, not a returning Gail Kim but rather ODB, who made a successful return to IMPACT last week. ODB introduces herself to Rosemary as a 4 Time Champion, and as the already stated Knockouts Original. She says Rosemary wouldn’t be in the IMPACT ring today if it wasn’t for her, and while she gives cheers to her for how her reign has been, she plans on having a fifth championship reign. Unfortunately for ODB, as Rosemary declares, “The Hive” disagrees. Rosemary is about to bail, but out come a number of women, including a vocal Madison Rayne and Brandi Rhodes. After acknowledging JBs recent treatment of her Man Josh Mathews, Madison reminds all of how good she is. Brandi also steps up to remind Rosemary that she never got a one on one match for the title. Diamante, the Female Acquisition of LAX also gets a chance to speak, making it clear its little about speaking, but more about a fight. Thus the three plus Rebel, Kayci Quinn, Amanda Carolina Rodriguez and MJ Jenkins end up brawling in the ring. Rosemary attempts to escape once more but is chased toward the back by ODB, who brawls with her along the way. A Knockouts Gauntlet featuring all of these women will take place next week to crown a new contender to Rosemary’s Knockouts Title.

Later in the show sees the singles match between KM and Braxton. In each’s corner are Allie and Sienna, but unfortunately the support of the kind hearted Allie isn’t enough, as Braxton falls to the newest arrival. KM and Sienna even try to continue the heat after the match, but Braxton and Allie fight back. Laurel comes out to the stage, screaming over Braxton having another shift in momentum. Massive revenge must be coming.

(Karen Jarrett, Sienna, Kevin Matthews, Braxton Sutter and Allie Opening Segment)

(“Knockouts Burial Celebration” Segment)

(Kevin Matthews w/ Sienna vs Braxton Sutter w/ Allie)

Thoughts On:
Karen/Sienna/KM/Braxton/Allie Segment: Sienna has been one of the stars on IMPACT as of late, really coming into her own by being able to show her known personality and charisma that we didn’t really get too many glimpses of when working as the bodyguard to Maria. Week in week out shes owned it on the mic and has been an interesting part of the Knockouts Division, and you wouldn’t expect Sienna of all people to need back up or managerial support. However KM is rather an ally than a manager and i haven’t been too familiar with him and is pleased with the first outing he gave on IMPACT, he really works well as the aggressive vicious heel to the point where hes legit scary, and Karen really sold that in my opinion. The Alignment of KM and Sienna gives an angle for Braxton and Allie to work with, and it wont be their last. Sienna, Allie and Laurel are the Knockouts to watch outside of Rosemary right now.

Rosemary/ODB: Im Mixed on this segment. I know there isn’t many veteran challengers in the KO Division currently for Rosemary as they are either being used elsewhere angle wise or are gone from the company, but there is Madison. But ODB is there simply because she is like Madison, a veteran able to put on a good match with a fellow veteran or with the developing girls, and Rosemary vs ODB is a match no one would have probably seen coming this time last year. At the same time, IMPACT have made next weeks gauntlet predictable because they only went ahead with putting focus and development and reasoning on Madison, Brandi and most importantly ODB, while no other woman looked important. Sure most of them aren’t signed to the company so that also means their chances of winning are pretty slim, but at least let them sell themselves as a threat for the night, especially Rebel who would need momentum after being humiliated in the match with ODB last week. Rebel was lethal last week, showing her developments post departure, but the involvement of Hebner killed it for me and rather hurt the match overall.

– Catherine


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