TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Braxtons Once First Lady Meets The Female Face of the Wolves (February, 25th 2017)

Welcome All to the Xplosion Report. Now there’s plenty more Xplosion reports to come over the month, which Laurel has been a workhorse on, and like last times report, Laurel has an opponent different from usual, someone who at the time wasn’t an actual Knockout but rather just the support on TV for her real life Husband Eddie Edwards, Alisha. Alisha gets her first IMPACT Wrestling In Ring outing this year vs The Lady Squad Member.

Alisha enters first for the singles bout, followed by the entrance of the boastful fashionista prior to falling into a Broken State, Laurel Van Ness. While alone at this current stage and without her Lady Squad Members, Laurel has adopted their attitude and viciousness as she already mocks Alisha upon stepping into the ring. Alisha doesn’t take kindly to Laurel’s center forward mockery, locking up with the opposition though easily thrown off. Laurel pokes fun again at Alisha, going for an elbow only to have it blocked by Alisha who fights back. Alisha stuns Laurel by continually blocking her offense, before her offense is eventually overturned per a knee into the midsection. Laurel scores a kick to the back of Alisha after a snapmare, running the ropes to tease the next move only to taunt the fans and Alisha from the center of the ring. She turns the focus back to Alisha, smacking her down to the mat and turning her back on Alisha to taunt again, only to be taken down by Alisha once turning back to face the opposer. Alisha forearms at Laurel, continuing with forearms to Laurel near the ropes, scoring a back elbow to block Laurels oncoming attack after an irish whip counter. Alisha trips Laurel onto the second rope, connecting with a running crossbody into the back of Laurel after. Alisha takes down Laurel with a clothesline once she steps into the center, and that on top of all her other offense is enough to get a near fall.

With both Alisha and Laurel back on their feet, Alisha continues on her momentum with some chops to Laurel, though Laurel eventually sees through the assault, dodging one final chop and seizing Alisha by the hair, sending her to the mat, the back of the neck crashing to the mat first. Laurel gloats over the sudden reversal and Alisha tries to regroup, trying to return to a vertical base as we go to the one commercial break of the match.

When we return, Laurels momentum is very much continuing as she proceeds to choke Alisha against a corner using her foot. Laurel follows this by tossing her to another side of the ring by her hair, taunting again before seizing her. Alisha starts to throw offense but Laurel attacks her back, sending Alisha to the mat. An Angry Laurel proceeds to pin Alisha, getting a near fall to her dismay. Laurel doesn’t let up after the failed pin attempt, launching Alisha face first into a corner turnbuckle, additionally scooping her up and slamming her back to the mat. Laurel goes for a double stomp off the top rope but Alisha moves away quick enough to avoid it connecting. Laurel picks herself up quickly, only to run into a back elbow by Alisha, with a boot to follow. Alisha frees herself from the corner, connecting with forearms again to Laurel, letting out a primal howl before unleashing a fiery forearm that sends Laurel back first into a corner post. Alisha connects with a running back elbow in the same corner to Laurel, seemingly teasing a standing STO after that Laurel breaks free from with elbows. Alisha charges back to Laurel, caught in her arms and slammed back to the mat again. Alisha ends up in a dangerous position as Laurel sets up and connects with the curbstomp. Laurel takes advantage of the finishing move, going for the cover and pinning the Lady of the Wolves. Laurel wins the match.

(Alisha Edwards vs Laurel Van Ness)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall a pretty solid match and a good outing for Alisha. I Love how Laurels offense is different with nearly every match, pulling out slams amongst other moves here, and the finish seemed pretty well thought out to me.

– Catherine


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