WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: A Pre Mania Outing for the Solo Star (March, 31st 2017)

So After Much waiting, welcome to this past weeks episode of Main Event, the only remaining B Side Show with WWE Superstars now non existent in case anyone didn’t know. This weeks episode women’s wise allows a showcase between two women who unfortunately would have no part in this years WrestleMania, as a newly building babyface in Dana Brooke takes on long time veteran Alicia Fox.

The Women serve as the opener of the episode, with a smiley faced Dana Brooke entering first, followed with a cheery Alicia Fox entering second before reverting to heel, attitude-y mode once in competition. Alicia takes over in a scrappy lock up to start things off, forcing Dana to a corner within moments. Alicia shoves at Dana, who recovers quickly and attempts to go at Alicia again. A Second lock up leads to Dana using her strength to take over this time, powering Alicia over to the ropes. Dana is demanded to break off, doing so before the count of three, but as she does break away, Fox sneaks in a kick to the midsection of Dana, following up with a forearm to the face. Alicia whips Dana to the same side of the ring, with Dana coming back with a running back elbow. Dana connects with a handspring back elbow to follow, whipping her to an opposite corner to try and do so once again, only this time Alicia blocks with her elbow. Alicia hauls herself above the turnbuckles and sunset flips but Dana sits atop the veteran instead for the first pin attempt, getting a near fall on Alicia.

Dana takes herself to the center after her failed pin attempt, slamming Alicia down to the mat. She tries to make up for earlier with a new pin attempt, though Alicia escapes at two to Brooke’s dismay. Dana tries to attack Alicia in a corner but Alicia slips free before she can connect with such offense, leading to Dana meeting the corner post. Alicia leads Dana to the center and nails a kick to the back of Dana to send her down, trying to capitalize with her own pin attempt here, which also ends in a near fall. An Angry Alicia lobs her knee into the back of a hurting Dana, following with a Northern Lights suplex once back in the center for yet another near fall. Alicia reverts to a new strategy, trying to wear down Dana with a side headlock applied, sweeping her to the mat as she tries to summon up momentum. Dana facepalms Alicia to escape the veterans following stretch hold, but Alicia has her back in her grip fairly quickly. Dana hauls Alicia upward and drives her back first into the corner, separating herself from Alicia temporarily. Dana charges to the same corner but eats an elbow from Alicia, though eventually coming back with a clothesline. Dana slams Alicia to the mat and connects with handspring knees though again it doesn’t put away Alicia as she escapes the pin attempt which follows at a count of two.

Alicia reverses Dana’s next attack and sends her into the corner, though a follow up big boot misses the target when Dana springs from the corner in time. Dana rolls Alicia from the corner for yet another pin attempt, another that the veteran and former divas champion kicks out of at two. For the first time in a very long time, Dana connects with her finishing fireman’s carry driver and pins Alicia. Dana Brooke wins the match.

(Alicia Fox vs Dana Brooke)

Thoughts On This Match:
If Noam hadn’t got injured, i wouldn’t have minded him being there as a possible assist and leverage for Fox, who confuses me with a babyface entrance into a heel persona, though the bipolar character may be understandable at this point. As for the match itself, im a little confused on Dana hooking the ropes during a sit out pin attempt, was it part of the story that Dana is trying to shy away from Charlotte’s tactics entirely but still keeping some in her arsenal as she fades away from that persona like Tom mentioned on commentary (maybe to cover the fact that may have been an unintentional botch) or was it a legit botch by forgetting her character for a second? Either way, botch or not, its not going to be easy for Dana to get used to being a babyface having been a heel throughout her entire WWE career and its just one match. Im glad to see Dana finally use her finisher that was annoyingly and continually reversed during much of her main roster matches, though she might need a slight move-set change now shes no longer heel. Other than that, Dana’s still developing and it was a fairly good match.

– Catherine


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