WWE NXT TAKEOVER ORLANDO RESULTS: There Will Be No Eclipse (April, 1st 2017)

It Still doesnt feel real that an action packed WrestleMania weekend has closed, a weekend that started with NXT gracing its central base of Orlando, hitting the Arnway center for its newest Pay Per View. The Pre WrestleMania extravaganza presented us the in ring debut of Ruby Riot, once known as Heidi Lovelace, and a Fantasy Bookers Dream turned reality as Ember Moon finally clashed with the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka.

The Opening match is the recently booked eight person mixed tag as Sanity enter, facing Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot, Tye Dillinger and a new partner per an attack being unleashed on original partner No Way Jose to rule him out of the match. Recently returned NXT Original Kassius Ohno is the name chosen to replace No Way Jose, joining the babyfaces in combat. The Match starts with an all out brawl between both sides, eventually simmering as each side ends up on their respective sides of the ring, leaving the action down to Ruby and Nikki Cross. Nikki unleashes her wild side early as she takes Ruby to the mat, scrapping with her continually and bashing the back of her head against the canvas. Nikki barely gives Ruby time to recover, hooking her by her hair and tossing her to another side of the ring. She tries to crush her against the nearest corner but Ruby moves out of the way, then using her knees to propel Nikki face first into the second turnbuckle. Nikki is done with having to take a fired up Ruby’s offense, tagging in Alexander Wolfe. Kassius proceeds to take over from Ruby. The Men take up much of the match from there, though Ruby tries to mix things up several minutes later by attempting to dive onto the guys outside, only to be ambushed in the Squared Circle by Nikki. Ruby overturns this quickly with a take-down followed with some fists, and the twos scrap goes onto the outside. Ruby and Nikki meet again in the ring amidst intervening with their feuding forces, ending with Nikki being chucked out of the ring and taking a dropkick from Ruby that leaves her floored at ringside. However as much as it feels the momentum is on Team Ruby, Killian Dain eventually overturns this and ends up pinning Tye Dillinger. Sanity take the win.

Per Tradition the women take the pre main event for this Takeover, as the challenger Ember, who has a slight color change from red to blue in her entrance (contacts included) enters, followed by the entrance of someone whose cockiness has become exposed as of late by the challenger herself, the reigning title holder, the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. With both entrances complete as well as intros for champion and challenger by Greg Hamilton, NXTs GM William Regal takes the duty of introducing the new NXT Women’s Title, one of three new title designs revealed on the night, replacing the old designs after over four years.

After a fierce stare-down, the Champion Asuka and Challenger Ember engage in an aggressive opening lock up. Ember escapes and they return to their prior positions Various reversals after another lock up end with Asuka locking in a headscissor on Ember, but she escapes this also as quick. Asuka takes Ember down to the mat only to be caught in Embers own headscissor, though the champ finds her way out also as Ember had earlier. Ember nails an arm drag, before Asuka retaliates with her own. Asuka goes for a running forearm that Ember ducks under, going for her own though Asuka is as quick to avoid that also. Both attempt a dropkick in unison, with neither hitting its mark. After their various fast sequences, a stunned Asuka stares Ember down in the ring. Back on her feet, Asuka extends her hand to Ember for a teased handshake, a mark of respect thats overturned quickly as Asuka soon denies it. However Asuka soon pays for this, as Ember tilts Asuka over using her legs, sending her to the other side of the ring. Ember follows up with a waistlock, though Asuka counters into a side headlock. Ember is sent to the ropes by Asuka, but she comes back with a arm drag to send Asuka to a corner. Asuka recovers soon enough and collides with Ember near to the center, and on more than one occasion. A Shoving match ensues and ends with Asuka planting Ember with a running hip attack. Ember is back up, but Asuka hasnt noticed, and once she does, shes back down per a sudden dropkick by Ember. Ember mocks Asuka before avoiding her upcoming offense, kicking Asuka in the midsection and following up with a kick a little higher. A Third kick from a fired up Ember leads to Asuka crashing near to the opposite corner. Asuka rolls out and Ember proceeds to execute a baseball slide dropkick, though Asuka has already slid back to the ring before Ember can connect with the move. Ember doesnt get much chance to climb back to the ring, knocked off the apron within moments per the second hip attack by Asuka, bashing her head on the guardrail on her way down.

Asuka heads to the top rope, showboating to the orlando audience while Ember lays out on the outside after the fall. Luckily Ember makes it back in before a potential count out, but faces a number of light boots from Asuka with every chance she has to make it to her feet. Asuka brings Ember to her feet, connecting with some lethal back fists, and a kick sends Ember back to the mat again. Ember manages to see a kick coming from Asuka, blocking it and sending her to the mat. Asuka meets the mat face first and takes forearms from Ember, who is the first back up on her feet. Ember runs the ropes, though her oncoming assault is diverted when Asuka reverses the momentum again with another hip attack. After some kicks, the ref intervenes to check on Ember, splitting Asuka off from the challenger. Asuka goes for a German Suplex but Ember looks to stall or break off from the champ entirely, aiming back elbows at Asuka. Asuka tries to revert into the Asuka Lock, though Ember reverses, taking Asuka out temporarily with a hard running forearm. Asuka rolls out and once back on her feet, has Ember coming down onto her with a diving crossbody over the ropes. Ember recovers and heads to the turnbuckles, teasing the Eclipse but dives back to the mat before Asuka can try divert the attempt. Asuka avoids a dropkick from Ember and connects with a shining wizard, the very move that took out Peyton Royce at San Antonio. The Move by the champ hasn’t floored Ember however, as the “War Goddess” manages to kick out at two.

Asukas relentless hasn’t ended after her near fall on Ember, as more kicks follow from the champion. Asuka tries again to try sink Ember into the Asuka Lock, using an arm drag as a way to try hook it in completely. Ember shows signs of fading, courtesy of a sleeper from Asuka, stuck on the back of Ember. After being unable to utilize the ropes, Ember connects with a counter, splitting her off from Asuka at last. Ember gets back on her feet, recovering in enough time to see an oncoming assault coming from Asuka, dodging it, which leads to Asuka being caught in the ropes. Ember takes advantage of a trapped Asuka, nailing a superkick that takes Asuka back to the mat, and herself in turn. Both go for big boots once back on their feet, both missing the target. Ember attempts a roundhouse, caught by Asuka though Ember reverses with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor. Ember follows with a leg sweep and basement dropkick and A Kick, back fist and high knee is used as leverage for Ember to connect with a Fallaway Slam. Ember kips up, connecting with a handspring elbow in the corner to Asuka, going for a moonsault off the second rope that Asuka blocks with a behind attack. Asuka turns this into a huge German Suplex off the second rope, though again it hasn’t ended the challenger, as Ember kicks out once more at two.

Asuka goes for the shining wizard again, though Ember blocks and counters into a exploder suplex. Ember covers the champ, getting a near fall. A Frustrated Ember looks for the finish, climbing to the top turnbuckle. Asuka joins her on the turnbuckles for a possible suplex, which Ember counters by sending all of Asuka’s body down to the canvas. Ember is still on the top turnbuckle, readying the finish though a more crueler finish awaits as Asuka launches the ref towards the ropes, bumping Ember. The Huge KO’ing shining wizard from Asuka takes out Ember, and Asuka, somehow not facing a DQ for the referee bump, pins Ember. Asuka wins and controversially retains the newly designed NXT Women’s Championship.

(Ruby Riot, Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno and Tye Dillinger vs SANITY 04.12 – 23.30)

(Ember Moon vs Asuka; NXT Women’s Championship Match)

(Asuka Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Mixed Tag: Not Much on the women’s side thats for sure, and more is needed to be shown from Ruby before shes even considered a threat to the title. A Good Opener for sure, but two negatives i need to mention. I Feel so bad for No Way Jose, because hes not on every Takeover card, and this was his chance to shine as a homegrown, and though the attack angle is kayfabe, he had his spot taken in my opinion just because Ohno wasn’t originally on the card. Another thing was Tye taking the fall. The Poor lad has been Andrade 2.0 where hes been putting over those who came after him continuously with little reward for himself, the only difference being he is Daniel Bryan type over compared to Andrade. Lets hope Smackdown rewards him with a title, since they showed no clear motive in Roode ever dropping to him.

Ember/Asuka: A More competitive match than the last Takeover for definite with showcased veteran reliance and in ring skill. Creative have been lackluster building what should be a dream feud, and while Ember may have been certain to take the championship here, the finish worked. Now Asuka is finally solidified as a heel and now we have extra reason to back Ember and sympathize for her. Theres no reason for anyone else to step into the title picture yet as Ember needs her rematch coming out of this dirty finish, and if anything, that rematch should be what gets Ember the title. Its surely going along the lines of Asuka being near her end as a champion, therefore needing dirty tactics to continue supremacy, and that is what may fail her. Roll on Chicago, if not before then.

– Catherine


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