WWE WRESTLEMANIA 33 RESULTS: Orlando Sees Moments of History (April, 2nd 2017)

Sunday brought Wrestling Fans the most hyped day of the year as WrestleMania 33 finally arrived, right from NXT Central of Orlando. To Add, a year after the introduction of the New WWE Women’s Title is followed up with all three of those performers still on the main stage, with three women’s matches present for the show. Last years Contender Becky Lynch joins Mickie James, Naomi, Natalya and Carmella in a Six Pack Challenge for Alexa Bliss’s Smackdown Women’s Title, Her Fellow Mania 32 Performers Charlotte and Sasha Banks join the imposing Nia Jax in battle, competing in a Four Way Match for the defending champion Bayleys RAW Women’s Title and the Top Couples of Smackdown Do Battle as the Miz and Maryse step into the squared circle to go toe to toe with their heated rivals John Cena and Nikki Bella.

And the first match to happen out of the mentioned three is the RAW Women’s Title bout, with special entrances for Bayley (who oddly enters first), Nia Jax, Sasha Banks and Charlotte. As noted earlier in the week, the four way match will be contested under Elimination rules. To Add, this is Sasha’s 2nd WrestleMania Match and the debuts of Bayley and Nia Jax at WrestleMania. Once Charlotte makes her lengthy entrance, all four combatants are in the ring and the bell is rung, with the Genetically Superior one courageously charging over to Nia, rammed back first within moments into the nearby corner by Nia. This prompts for Bayley and Sasha to give Nia some offense from behind, but Nia manages to separate herself from the latter before launching Charlotte over her shoulder. Nia continues to overpower Charlotte in a rather rare scene, slamming her with ease to the mat. Charlotte picks herself up, joining Bayley and Sasha as they charge towards Nia, with all three taken down by a clothesline from the intimidating challenger. Bayley rests up in a corner, but it isn’t for too long as Nia whips Sasha into Bayley, then clobbering both against the same corner. Sasha is tossed from the ring by Nia, who then proceeds to target the defending champ. Nia tries to capitalize on her offense over Bayley but Charlotte executes an intervention, leading to them squaring off for the first time since Nia split off from her tag team partner on Monday Night RAW by attacking her and her fellow Horsewomen. Charlotte fires one chop after another at Nia, but it barely moves Nia, who reverses an irish whip attempt from Charlotte, taking her towards the corner. Of course the very athletic Charlotte floats over and maintains a position on the apron, firing a chop seconds after at Nia from behind the ropes, but again Nia is angry, and she throws Charlotte off the apron and into both Bayley and Sasha.

Bayley is up first, face to face with Nia, who notably was one of her challengers during her NXT Women’s Title reign. Suddenly it seems Bayley may have some back up against the tough opposition, as Sasha and even Charlotte join her on the apron. RAWs three horsewomen step foot in the ring and circle Nia, and once Sasha has a leg hooked, Bayley and Charlotte team up on Nia. Sasha and Bayley try to suplex Nia, to no avail, thus Charlotte sends down all three ladies with a big boot. Charlotte darts over to Nia to attempt the first pin but gets a near fall. Nia fends off Sasha and Bayley again, even when not on her feet, but this opens up Charlotte’s chance to strike. Unlucky for Charlotte, she ends up in a corner courtesy of Nia, crushed against it. Nia goes for a vertical splash off the second rope, but Charlotte diverts, trying to go for a powerbomb from under. Noticing Charlotte’s struggles, Sasha and Bayley throw themselves into the fray, paying a seeming tribute to the Shield with a Triple Powerbomb. All three Women leap onto the fallen Nia and cover, pinning her. Nia has been eliminated from the match, leaving it down to the RAW Horsewomen.

Charlotte tries to high five her co workers after the impressive teamwork, but Sasha and Bayley haven’t forgotten their months of issues with the former RAW Women’s Champion, who has very quickly left the ring having seen the change in expression. As Charlotte takes a breather, Bayley and Sasha engage in a lock up back in the ring, with Sasha managing to power Bayley to the ropes. Within moments Charlotte is back, drawing Bayley out to the outside, hammering her with forearms before running out of the way of a flying senton from Sasha, which hits Bayley instead. With Both Women down, Charlotte takes up the massive opportunity to perform her cockscrew moonsault, which she does onto Bayley and Sasha. Charlotte rolls Sasha into the ring and connects with the Natural Selection, but a pin attempt is diverted as Sasha reverses into the Bank Statement. Charlotte finds footing quickly and counters into a takedown to break the attempted submission, going for the figure four only to be sent to the ropes. Charlotte comes back with a backbreaker in the corner to Sasha. After an STO, Charlotte goes for a pin and gets a near fall on Sasha.

A Furious Charlotte reverts to a more fiendish strategy as she begins to unravel the turnbuckle. Bayley intervenes to allow Sasha to roll her out of the corner for a pin attempt, also ending in a near fall. Sasha one ups Charlotte for a fair while with offense, including double knees into the corner into Charlotte. Sasha ends up sent to the apron by Charlotte, but she ducks her follow up offense, then planting the face of Charlotte against the same corners top turnbuckle. Sasha heads up to that same top turnbuckle moments later and connects with double knees again for another near fall. Sasha rolls into the Bank Statement though again Charlotte powers out. Sasha executes another roll up with another near fall result. Along the way Charlotte manages to kick Sasha right into the exposed turnbuckle. Charlotte capitalizes to try rid of her Roadblock opponent, and does so. Sasha has been eliminated.

All that remains now is Charlotte and Bayley, the former RAW Women’s Champion vs the Current Champion. Charlotte coaxes Bayley into battle and is met with a load of furious forearms from the champ. Charlotte manages to end Bayleys onslaught with a kick to the knee, and a kick to the head follows up. Charlotte rams the same targeted knee into the exposed turnbuckle, before clambering to the above rope for another moonsault, this time not connecting as Bayley moves to safety. Bayley covers Charlotte on the instant, but to her dismay, gets a near fall. Bayley heads to the top rope after, diving off of it but landing right into a spinebuster counter from Charlotte. Charlotte applies the figure four to Bayley, but she doesn’t bridge into the figure eight as Bayley finds the strength to make it to the ropes to break. Charlotte takes Bayley away from the ropes and targets her knee again, additionally setting her up in the corner in the tree of woe position, leaving her exposed to many kicks to the midsection. However Charlotte doesn’t do many as anticipated, but rather attacks the knee while positioned on the ropes. Charlotte seemingly sets up for a sunset flip, but is met with forearms from Bayley as they battle on the ropes. This concludes with Bayley flapjacking Charlotte off the top turnbuckle.

Bayley escapes the tree of woe position to avoid a corner assault from Charlotte. Bayley positions herself carefully on the top rope and readies for and connects with the macho man elbow drop, made famous by the late Macho Man of course. With that done, Bayley pins Charlotte and wins the match, retaining her championship on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

The Next Women’s Related Match is a Mixed Tag that will have plenty talk going upon its conclusion as Maryse steps into the ring for the first time in six/seven years with the Miz to tackle their heated foes, John Cena and Nikki Bella. Miz and Maryse enter first together while Nikki and John get separate entrances for the event. The Match begins with an actual tease of Nikki and Maryse starting off, but Maryse is quick in avoiding the enemy, as she tags Miz in instead. Miz and Cena work a majority of the match from there, with Maryse only shortly getting involved by taking Nikki off the apron amid Cenas attempt at hot tagging the Bella. Nikki is tagged in later in the match, delivering a wild spear to Maryse. Heated forearms from Nikki to Maryse follow, and Maryse soon bails to the outside, into the arms of the Miz. Nikki suicide dives onto Miz as Maryse escapes again, and once Maryse is back in the ring, she takes a forearm smash off Nikki before both Maryse and Miz become the target of the couples finishers. Maryse and Miz submit in unison and Nikki and Cena win the match, with a sweet proposal following from Cena to his longtime woman.

Also Stephanie McMahon retained pure badassery for yet another year as she participates in another special entrance for WrestleMania featuring her Man, Triple H. The COO would face Seth Rollins in a match many feared would not happen after Rollins faced an injury weeks into the booking, but Rollins would not only show unbroken but would defeat the Cerebral Assassin, with poor Steph even tumbling through a table while trying to aid her man.

And Lastly, per the outcry of the supportive fan-base, The Smackdown Women’s Title match moved earlier on in the week to the Kickoff is back on the main card as deserved, taking the pre main event spot with the Defending Champion Alexa Bliss entering first. The Entrances of Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Carmella, Natalya and Naomi on the Eighty Yard adorned entrance ramp follow to complete what is now a dubbed Six Pack Challenge for Bliss’s Womens Championship. When the bell rings, each woman goes after each other, The Champion Alexa Bliss dealing with the returned Naomi, Carmella stomps down on Becky Lynch and Natalya attacks Mickie James. Mickie and Alexa perform a whip in unison to their opposition, leading to Naomi executing a hurricanrana on Naomi in the middle of the ring. Carmella lobs Naomi from the ring while Mickie hits a neckbreaker to Alexa, and after Becky clears Carmella off with an exploder suplex, shes face to face with Mickie. As Naomi is stuck with Natalya and Alexas double teaming on the outside, back in the ring Becky hits a back kick on Mickie. Becky reverses a whip from Mickie but has a corner attack blocked with a back elbow, and the veteran Mickie goes for her headscissor off the top rope only to be taken to the apron. Carmella attempts an ambush but is launched into Mickie’s prior corner by Becky. Carmella slips free from the corner to avoid the springboard sidekick, which instead hits Mickie on the outside, leading to her falling to the ringside floor. Carmella regroups, attempting a behind attack only to take a kick from Becky, who has a potential aerial assault diverted by Ellsworth, who clings onto Becky in support of Mella on the outside. This allows Carmella to handspring over to the corner and use her feet to tilt Becky onto the mat. The Comeback offense of Carmella is only enough to get a near fall, courtesy of Bliss running in and breaking up her pin attempt.

Alexa tries to pin Becky also but is yanked off by Carmella. The Two former NXT competitors end up arguing and engaging in a shoving match. Alexa soon has enough and clutches Carmella by the throat, sending her down with a standing STO. After a kick to Carmella, Alexa notices Natalya behind and takes her out with a DDT, and that follow up pin attempt is broken up per a kick from Mickie James. Carmella runs in and kicks Mickie, taking her back to the outside before Becky runs in to deal with the pair of Alexa and Carmella as well as Natalya. Becky connects with a flying firearm to Natalya in a corner, followed with an exploder suplex, and a second is also executed to Carmella. After clearing off the two ladies, Ellsworth tries to get his own spotlight, attempting Sweet Chin Music on Becky. Becky blocks and he also takes an exploder courtesy of the NXT Alumni. Mickie then emerges on the top rope, connecting with a seated senton to Becky, with her follow up pin broken up by Alexa. Alexa chucks the former partner to the outside, then heads out herself, avoiding altercations with Natalya and Becks. Becky gets caught in a waistlock by Nattie, using the ropes to try and break free only to take a kick from Naomi, who hangs out on the apron. Naomi flies back in, sending Becky flying amid rolling up Nattie. Unlucky for Naomi, the pin attempt only gets her a near fall.

Naomi’s attempt to continue momentum is diverted per a sudden takedown from Nattie. Nattie readies her sharpshooter, only to be rolled up by Carmella, with the pin attempt ending at the count of two like most. Carmella proceeds to target Nattie again and is also taken down, with both her and Naomi caught in the Sharpshooter. The Sharpshooter (and Mella’s screaming) soon comes to an end courtesy of a roundhouse from Mickie James to the fellow veteran. Mickie covers, but releases her pin in time to avoid a singular leg drop from the ropes by Becky. Becky tries to capitalize over the maneuver but Mickie is still in and intervenes as she pulls Becky away from Nattie and connects with the finishing Mickie DDT. However her attempt to take the championship is squandered when Carmella breaks up Mickie’s pin. Carmella superkicks Mickie to get a near fall, courtesy of another intervention, this time by the champ and her double knee strike. Carmella and Mickie end up outside, leaving it to Naomi and Bliss, with Bliss taking the rear view from her longtime enemy. Naomi then meets all the competitors on the outside with an over the top rope crossbody, and the fan favorite is back in the ring right after Bliss, after taking a KO’ing punch mid flight from the defending champion that is. A Furious Alexa attempts her next maneuver that is reversed by Naomi into the Slaymission, causing Alexa to tap. With Alexa submitted, Naomi wins the title in front of her hometown, tying Alexa as a 2x Smackdown Women’s Champion.

(Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Bayley; RAW Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way Match)

(Seth Rollins vs Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon)

(The Miz and Maryse vs John Cena and Nikki Bella)

(John Cena Proposes to Nikki Bella)

(Carmella w/ James Ellsworth vs Natalya vs Naomi vs Mickie James vs Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss; Smackdown Women’s Championship Six Pack Challenge)

(Naomi Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
RAW Womens Four Way Match: Overall a Good Match and i was really enjoying the first few moments with the Horsewomen putting behind past issues to work together, telling the story of how Nia really is the imposing force in the match to deal with. While it would make sense to eliminate her first, Nia really went into the match here as the dark horse/wild card with moves shes capable of busting out on the main stage that we didnt really get to see, and the pin on Nia did feel symbolic of what RAWs booking is, about the particular three, which is what the match was about from then on. Also while Charlotte vs Bayley closing made sense considering Charlotte needed to avenge her Fast Lane loss, im shocked Sasha was eliminated before Charlotte, though it may add suspense and more wonder as to when her supposed heel turn will happen. I Really thought Bayley retaining here would lead to Sasha feeling humiliated at losing again at Mania, turning on her best friend to crush her Mania Moment and to get the spotlight as the entitled character built on self success as quoted a few weeks ago. However putting Sasha vs Bayley on hold opens up chances for other women at this time, but sadly only presenting them as filler opposition. However with a draft awaiting within a week, will Becky come to RAW and let out anger at Bayley over taking the spot she had at WM 32 for this year? Who Knows?

Mixed Tag: As Much as i hate to say this, this match was wasted. It went from one of the most heated feuds on the card to Miz not only being unrewarded for his work over the year, but with Maryse, who highlighted her training on Instagram, not even being allowed to show her work and ultimately being pummeled by Nikki, who, while not having a Mania win ever until then, had a weaker outing in the feud compared to Maryse. The Story that Cena would prove to the particular two doubters that he loves his woman makes sense, but did the faces have to win here to prove that? With Maryse not even getting to show any offense in her first match back in nearly seven years, we don’t even know if shes going to be back in the ring, and while shes not on par with Stephanie McMahon hype wise, it was a special attraction for the fans waiting for this match. Well and Truly Gutted with how this went down.

Smackdown Women’s Title Match: First of all congratulations to the Smackdown Women for making it back to the main card to show their title is as legit and as important as the flagship brands women’s title. Each Woman on the match had a reason to be in the match and on the card, and in the years that have gone by, no one would have ever expected for Naomi to win a championship on that particular pay per view until now, which she truly deserves in front of her hometown. Naomi or Alexa winning here would have been fine for me, with Becky hopefully getting a Mania Moment title wise another time. However, parts of the match felt rushed to me and like a rehash of the WrestleMania 30 Invitational, though they were taking the pre main event spot, which features the Undertaker (who has the longest entrances ever) and in those types of matches, multiple spots and pinfall breakages are normally expected. Also Imagine the heat Ellsworth would have got if his attack on Becky had been successful, and if Carmella had won right after? Considering the lack of reactions Carmella is getting, it may have helped propel her spot in the division. But again Naomi or Alexa were the only two logical women to win here, and hopefully the draft next week doesn’t squander another title reigns of Naomi’s with a quick ending, because a Naomi/Charlotte match is sure to be the kick-starter of another streak. I Like Charlotte but if it goes that way, its not right and unfair…

– Catherine


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