Your Monday Post #155: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship at Payback 2013 (June, 16th 2013)

With WrestleMania Season Closed, we are now on the road to WWE Payback, though some years ago it was actually the follow up to the Extreme Rules Pay Per View, now reverse. The Payback Pay Per View name sticks out in the mind of fans not only because its a chance for those who fell at WrestleMania to get retribution, but because the debut Pay Per View in 2013 played host to one of the most underrated and intense feuds in women’s history, between real life besties AJ Brooks and Kaitlyn.

Weeks prior to the Event, Kaitlyn was teased with gifts and assortments by a secret admirer, all a trap set up by the contender to her Divas Title, only just unveiled days before Payback, as on Monday Night RAW AJ revealed her true intentions to the world in one of the most memorable promos in that particular women’s era. The Cruelty of AJ towards her former Chickbusters ally caused Kaitlyn to mentally snap on Aksana and the official of the said match on the Smackdown prior to the Pay Per View, and in turn, her inability to pin AJ at the Payback event but rather take her time before doing so, would play into the surrendering of her Divas Championship to the eventual record breaker.

– Catherine


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