TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Braxtons Former Bride Meets the War Queen (March, 18th 2017)

Welcome to a New TNA Xplosion report. Ok not entirely knew because this match was pre taped a while back but we get a pleasant Knockouts encounter for this particular episode, as Laurel Van Ness (Pre Broken State) Meets then To Be Alum, former Knockouts Champion Jade. The Match counts as their first Xplosion Match since Laurel first showed in the company last year, but roles are reversed now with the babyface Jade battling the cockier heel Laurel. Who will prevail? Lets find out.

Entering first for this Knockouts Contest is Laurel Van Ness, again before her messy post messed up and destroyed wedding state, then along comes the entrance of 1x Knockouts Champion Jade. Speaking of Knockouts, Madison Rayne joins her Hubby Josh Mathews on Commentary, though that seems to be far from existent now. Anyway back to the match, and the bell has rung but Laurel first wants the hamper the efforts of the crowd who chant towards Jade. Laurel gets boos as she flaunts herself to the audience, and after such an effort, she turns her focus to Jade, and the two ladies lock up. Jade reverses quickly into a side headlock, though Laurel slips free, taking the left arm of Jade and tying it behind her back, trying to inflict some damage. Laurel turns it into a hammerlock, though Jade wheels her way into her own reversal. Laurel takes Jade to a corner, hitting her with some elbows then arm dragging the former champion as she runs the ropes. However her arm drag attempt is matched as Jade sends her for a whirl with her own. Another follows up from Jade before she proceeds to pin Laurel, but only getting a near fall.

Jade wastes little time in continuing the offense, this time with a superkick before unleashing her flurry of knees to the front, back and side of Laurel from the center of the ring. Jade sends down Laurel via a back suplex, enough to get a near fall. Jade readies a powerbomb but Laurel loosens Jades grip with some fists, hitting a snapmare before targeting Jades back with kicks. Laurel draws some boos after delivering a slap to the face of Jade, proceeding with a cocky pin afterward that Jade escapes from at two, per raising shoulders off the mat. Laurel is annoyed at this and rolls Jade into position to take some forearms, enjoying the continual momentum as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Jade still struggles in the grip of Laurel, as she has a side headlock locked in. Laurel soon releases Jade from her grip, met with a fist to the midsection that Laurel counters with a forearm to the back to send Jade down. After more elbows, Laurel, after furthering her mockery of the War Queen, proceeds to pin Jade, getting a near fall result. Laurel debates this result then shows her full fury as she runs Jade head first into the corner turnbuckle. She also takes her into the second turnbuckle, before using her foot to launch Jade head first into the bottom one. Laurel goes for a corner splash but gets caught between the turnbuckles per Jade elevating herself up the turnbuckles, and Jade hooks her in the Tarantula, shades of Emma. After breaking off from Laurel, Jade tries to fly over the top rope but Laurel attacks her. Laurel takes advantage of Jades position to execute some knees to the fellow Knockout, followed with a DDT as Jade hangs atop the second rope. Taking Jade from the ropes and even away from the center, Laurel goes for another pin but again Jade kicks out at two.

Laurel runs the ropes, but ends up running into a knee strike from Jade. Jade German Suplexes Laurel, though the impact even seems to keep her down as well. Laurel makes it back up, going for a clothesline only to be taken down by Jades own. Jade begins to gather her momentum with a super-kick and dropkick, and a suplex by Jade gets her one more near fall on Laurel. Jade looks for the finishing piledriver but Laurel breaks loose and counters with a Russian Leg Sweep. The Counter from Laurel gets her yet another near fall. A Furious Laurel scales the turnbuckles, heads to the top and nails a missile dropkick that takes Jade near to the ropes. Laurel tries to pin while hooking the ropes with both hands but this doesn’t go unnoticed thus Laurels attempt is cancelled. Laurel tries to send Jade head first into the top turnbuckle, but Jade blocks before attacking her knee. In Turn, she also takes Laurel and sends her head first into that very turnbuckle, then successfully connecting with a missile dropkick off the top rope. Jade gets a near fall once more on Laurel.

Jade goes for a moonsault off the second rope but Laurel moves to safety, thus Jades body meets the mat. Laurel goes for the curbstomp but Jade moves away and nails a kick to the midsection of Laurel as she turns to face the fellow Knockout. Jade prizes Laurel in the position for her Package Piledriver, one that successfully connects. Jade pins Laurel and wins the match.

(Laurel Van Ness vs Jade)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall a Good Match and a slightly different showing from their first Xplosion encounter, of course with roles reversed. I Did notice there were moments where the cameras cut away from the actual action, so either thats a botch on the crews side or something in the ring may have looked sloppy. Either way, the match went fine with me and i don’t really expect sloppiness when Jade is facing Laurel to be fair, but we’ll soon see Laurel’s current character on Xplosion so we can expect some persona changes for definite, more in time with whats actually going on on programming.

– Catherine


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