WWE RAW RESULTS: Adding the Emmalution to the “Evolution” (April, 3rd 2017)

Monday delivered us the closure of the WrestleMania week with another hyped post Mania RAW, and with each RAW that follows a WrestleMania Pay Per View, surprises come with it. This years surprises came in threes, whether it would be the debut of the Revival, the return of Finn Balor or Emma’s return to in ring action under the heavily liked heel character that never should have been changed. Evil Emma is Back!

This return comes weeks after the airing of the Evil Emma Vignettes that followed the closure of the Emmalina Character. Emma arrives for a six woman tag team match, teaming with former RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte and her fellow former Mania Challenger Nia Jax against the still RAW Women’s Champion Bayley, her other challenger Sasha Banks and a recently turned babyface Dana Brooke, who had realigned with Emma just last year upon being promoted to the main roster, only to have that run cut short by Emma’s injury. Nia follows up with her entrance, and left till last is Charlotte, still donning her new emerald WrestleMania robe. Charlotte seems to be starting things off against her former protege Dana, whose babyface turn had been due to Charlotte’s mistreatment towards her, but interestingly Emma tags in before there’s even a lock up, face to face with her former partner in turn as she goes up against Dana.

Emma ducks the attempted offense by Dana right away, clubbing the back of her head and sending her into the top turnbuckle in a corner. Dana tries to fight back against Emma with a knee to the Aussie, but Emma slips free of a follow up slam attempt and sweeps her to the mat, clenching the back of her hair to do so. Emma scores a running dropkick to the face of Dana, then demanding the former partner out in favor of the champion, Bayley. While she wouldn’t usually follow the heels orders, Dana does tag in Bayley, who has no problem facing her fellow NXT Alumni. Emma is on the attack right away with an aggressive lock up that allows Emma to power Bayley toward a corner. They end up back in the near center and Emma’s momentum continues with a reversal into a hammerlock. Emma arm drags Bayley to the mat and proceeds to try and cover the champion, getting a near fall.

Emma whips Bayley into a corner, trying to follow up with a corner assault that is diverted via Bayleys back elbow counter. Bayley arm drags Emma from the middle turnbuckle and knocks off Emma’s next attack with a drop toe hold. Bayley continues her momentum up until a distraction on the apron from Charlotte allows for Emma to turn things around with a forearm. Emma makes it clear that the power has shifted and its all about her, screaming that to the audience while standing over a fallen Bayley as we go to the commercial break.

When we return, it seems Emma has stepped out in the place of the intimidating Nia Jax. Nia executes leg drops to the knee of Bayley to follow up where her fellow heel left off, and she resorts to taunting Bayley as she crawls into the heels corner, where Charlotte awaits her chance to attack the woman who beat her just a night before, tagging in. She executes a single chop, traditional by the Flairs, then hanging up Bayley on the ring post. Charlotte takes advantage of Bayleys vulnerable position to strike with some kicks then tagging Emma back into the match. Avoiding a pummeling off Sasha on the apron, Emma proceeds to kick Bayley against the corner as Charlotte had before. Emma utilizes her viciousness when she heads to the outside, yanking at a stuck Bayleys ponytail. Emma quickly returns to the ring for a little showboating then tags back in Charlotte. Bayley tries to kick Charlotte, to no avail as Charlotte swings both feet in the direction of the apron, then ramming her knee into the back of Bayleys leg. Charlotte hits a few chops then takes Bayley to another corner, only to have both her attacks diverted and in turn, Charlotte ends up on the apron then on the floor. With Charlotte down, Bayley looks to reach out to either Dana or Sasha, but its not long before Charlotte is on both feet, and in turn she yanks Sasha off the apron.

Charlotte climbs back in the ring, snapmaring Bayley into the corner and taunting Dana and Sasha as they continue to watch their partners struggle. Bayley, despite being caught in the arms of Charlotte mid charge, manages to reach Sasha who tags in, and the former champion plants Charlotte with flying double knees off the top turnbuckle. Sasha additionally kicks Nia off the apron as well as forearming Emma off, turning her attention back to Charlotte moments later by blocking the oncoming big boot and retaliating with a high knee. Charlotte tries to scoop Sasha as she runs the ropes and towards her, but Sasha reverses into a hurricanrana, and after her successful attempt at double knees to Charlotte against the corner, Sasha does the same again after hanging Charlotte on the ropes. However that follow up pin attempt by Sasha is broken up by an intervening Emma, thus here comes the clear out moment as Dana runs in, seizing Emma and throwing a forearm at her before slamming her down to the mat. Nia tries to go after Dana, but Dana avoids the offense of the imposing one, joining Sasha in delivering a double dropkick to send Nia to the floor. Nia snatches the leg of Dana and tries to bring her to the outside on the way out, but Bayley takes out Nia with a crossbody from the apron. Back in the ring, Sasha gets at last her revenge on Charlotte, countering the Natural Selection into the Bank Statement. Charlotte taps and Sasha, Dana and Bayley win the match.

While the babyfaces head out post celebration, the heels are far from on the same page. Charlotte takes out her own loss on Emma and Nia, and while Emma only takes a verbal bashing, responding with her own, Nia gets physical. Even Emma backs off as Nia decimates Charlotte in what may be Charlotte’s last showing on Monday Night RAW.

……That being because Vince McMahon, who has announced that due to the table spot from Hunters match with Seth Rollins that Stephanie McMahon will be out for a fair few weeks, has announced a Superstar Shake Up for next weeks Monday Night RAW, which will see various names traded between brands. #PrayForAlexa

(Nia Jax, Charlotte and Emma vs Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke and Bayley)

(Mr McMahon Announces the “Superstar Shake Up”)

(Emma on RAW Fallout)

(Bayley and Sasha Banks on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
First of all Welcome Back Emma! And What a Tease with Emma calling out Bayley to face her through much of the match, which was an enjoyable and fresh sight. I Do Believe Emma stays on RAW next week to begin an angle with Bayley, depending on whether Alexa gets drafted or not, but this draft worries me. I Feel Charlotte is definitely off to Smackdown due to seemingly putting over Sasha and Nia on her way out, rather than WWE capitalizing on an intriguing encounter that was Charlotte and Nia Jax at WrestleMania by having Charlotte go into that potential feud as the babyface. If Charlotte goes to Smackdown, while potential matches are limitless, the potential renewal of her streak and the title reigns shes sure to achieve there has me VERY worried for Naomi, whose only just regained the title she lost due to injury, and she doesn’t deserve to drop in her first PPV defense, nor have a short reign. The arrival of the horsewomen put Naomi further on the back-burner before the draft, lets not have it again. The Shake up as Vince calls it also transforms a flourished Smackdown Women’s Division, and while some unused women on RAW may have focus reignited on them on the Smackdown Brand, i worry much also for Alexa should she go to RAW. She could either face the Becky Lynch post Mania treatment very quickly and may need Blake and Murphy to regain spotlight, or shes utilized further on RAW to the point where she becomes the first woman to hold the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Titles. Personally i would keep Charlotte and Alexa on their current brands with opportunities still open for them where they currently are, but based on Charlotte’s loss and Alexa losing her women’s title rematch, it may be the last time we see them on the specific brands. WWE, All I Ask is this. If they are drafted, do not redo Charlotte’s Push at the expense of Naomi, and do not misuse Alexa Bliss.

– Catherine


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