IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Pain Awaits A Lone Wolf And A Fearless Contender (April, 6th 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks IMPACT Wrestling report, a follow up from last weeks show that saw the announcement of two matches set to take place this week. In the light of the recent tension between former Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, the two would battle, with Angelina Love sure to stir the violence by the now Lone competitors side. Also, a Knockouts Gauntlet would bring to light who exactly will challenge Rosemary for the Knockouts Title.

The Gauntlet is the first Knockouts related moment of the night, and its Brandi Lauren (once KC Quinn now named Ava Storie) starting the match against Madison Rayne, who has reverted to her Killa’ Queen Theme Song. The 5x Knockouts Champion gets plenty of claps and praise from the super annoying heel Josh Mathews as expected. When the bell rings, Madison shows shades of her famous Queen Bee Character, mocking Ava in her known heel fashion. Ava sees through this and knocks the arm of Madison away before engaging in a lock up with the veteran. The Lock up leads to Ava being taken to a corner, though she uses her strength to push forward, eventually splitting herself off from Madison with an arm drag. Madison attempts to clothesline Ava to no avail, and she takes a few forearms courtesy of Ava at the ropes. Ava whips Madison to the ropes, taking her down with a heel kick as she heads back toward her. As Ava works on Madison in a different corner to before, the countdown initiates, and once complete, out comes the next entrant in the Gauntlet, Rebel.

Rebel partly assists her fellow heel Madison as she delivers a kick to the lower back of Ava. Rebel chokes Ava against the mat then chucks her across the ring. Rebel plants Ava in an opposite corner, and Madison soon joins Rebel to unleash offense on Ava. After, they move her to the middle of the ropes, whipping her to the opposite ropes and unleashing a double kick as she runs back. Madison soon makes it clear its all about her as she stops Rebels attempt to slam Ava, ignoring Rebel as she tries to take Ava over the ropes. Rebel is annoyed and comes in between Madisons strategy, questioning her antics. Some arguing and shoving ensues between the heels as the countdown returns, and while Ava takes advantage, flattening both with a double clothesline, out comes the next entrant, Knockouts Hopeful Amanda Carolina Rodriguez.

Amanda runs in and axe handles Madison, additionally taking down Rebel and Ava with shoulder blocks. Ava gets back up, squaring up to Amanda by blocking her offense and firing back with forearms. As she tries to haul Amanda onto the ropes, Rebel clubs Ava from behind. Rebel targets Ava with a foot choke, but Amanda soon hooks Rebel by her hair, launching her head first into an opposite corner turnbuckle. She continues the head bashing up until Rebel overturns the assault and does the same. Rebel goes back to the foot choke, this time on Amanda, but its broken up within moments as Ava attacks from behind. Meanwhile another countdown has concluded and out comes MJ Jenkins.

MJ Leaps in and takes down Amanda with a missile dropkick off the top rope. She also uses a diamond cutter to take out Ava then forearms Rebel in the face. MJ views her competition then turns the focus to a particular one, Amanda, choking her with her foot against the corners bottom turnbuckle. Amanda fights back with forearms after getting on her feet and reversing, and Rebel nails shoulder tackles to Ava in an opposite corner while Madison seems to be funnily crawling about the ring. As Amanda chokes MJ against the very same turnbuckle she’d been planted against earlier, and as Ava gets the momentum over Rebel, the newest entrant dashes down to the ring, the recent female acquisition of LAX, Diamante.

Diamante unleashes some quick clotheslines on Ava and Rebel, also sending down Amanda with a dropkick, reverting back to her fiery clotheslines to take down MJ. Diamante stomps down on Amanda in a corner for a short while, before connecting with a running leaping dropkick. Diamante then switches up to MJ Jenkins while Ava continues to battle Rebel, and Madison sneaks back into the fray to target a floored Amanda. Amanda becomes the first eliminated from this match, sent out of the ring by Rebel who assists Madison as the second to last entrant in this match hits the ring, the recently returned Knockouts Veteran, also a former Knockouts Champion, ODB.

ODB charges in, clotheslining Rebel and MJ in unison. She also sends down Ava, then kneeing Diamante. She whips Diamante into a corner, with MJ, Rebel, Madison and Ava joining her. All Five women are crushed by the corner offense of ODB, and a groggy Ava, feeling the effects of it, is clotheslined over the top rope by ODB. Ava has been eliminated. ODB targets MJ Jenkins while the fellow women attempt to recover and the final countdown ensues, with the final entrant of this Gauntlet being revealed as Brandi Rhodes, who was also never given a one on one match with Rosemary.

Brandi instantly goes for ODB with fiery forearms, then clotheslining MJ and Rebel. Brandi also sends down Diamante with a boot, and she ultimately ends up eliminating the female LAX member by tossing her over the top rope. Diamante has been eliminated. Brandi then meets with ODB again, aiming another forearm at the veteran Knockout who responds with a kick shortly after. Meanwhile MJ Jenkins has managed to throw Rebel from the ring thus the former Dollhouse member has also been eliminated. MJ switches focus to ODB, forearming her and splitting her off from Brandi. However it was no assist for Brandi, as confirmed as Brandi takes a roundhouse from MJ as she tries to rest up in the corner. She pushes Brandi towards ODB, then connects with a double clothesline to both Knockouts. She tries to connect with the same offense again but both ODB and Brandi duck, eventually working to crush the momentum of MJ with a double forearm strike. The Teamwork continues as ODB and Brandi join one another in trying to send MJ over the ropes, doing so successfully thus MJ is Eliminated. Remaining in the Over the Top Rope Gauntlet is Madison, ODB and Brandi. Poor Brandi doesnt get to see what else she and ODB can do as a unit as Madison dashes back into the scene and launches a once ecstatic Brandi over the top rope. Brandi Rhodes is Eliminated.

Remaining now in the ring are ODB and a showboating Madison, with only one going on to be the contender for Rosemarys Knockouts Title. Madison mocks ODB as she did with Ava in the opening moments, and like before, offense from her opposition follows. ODB forearms and chops Madison against a corner, but takes a cheapshot to the mouth from Madison, who takes advantage of the sneaky maneuver to drive ODB to the opposite corner, where she connects with upper shoulder tackles to the fellow Veteran. After delivering a chop to ODB, Madison showboats again and the timing proves costly as ODB recovers and avoids Madisons corner splash. ODB connects with her own corner splash and a TKO, and since the rules reverted to a pinfall finish due to the number of possible contenders remaining, ODB pins Madison for the victory. ODB wins the match, becoming the number one contender to the Knockouts Championship.

A Match that has gotten many quality reviews follows later in the show, as Davey, with Angelina at his side as his Lethal “Sacred Seductress” takes on Eddie Edwards. Footage from two weeks ago (unseen) airs before this match of a make out between Davey and Angelina, interrupted by an interviewer to boths chagrin. The Interviewer wants to shed some light on what particularly are the issues between the Wolves, though Angelina makes it clear that its already known whats going on, put into two words, Pure Destruction. The Darker Davey Richards calls out his “Brother” for making him blind for so long, to the point where a “Queen” (Angelina) had to open them. He promises to bury Edwards tonight, and then the rest of the roster, because as his Queen has shown him, its in the Blood.

The Violence loving couple enter moments later for the match, which will be contested as a Last Man Standing Match. As Angelina enters at the side of Davey, he is ambushed by Eddie, with even Alisha appearing at ringside later on to try urge Eddie on in Davey’s moments of momentum and so forth. Seeing Angelina trying to intervene for Davey, Alisha eventually steps away from the stands and to ringside, attacking Angelina, even using a belt as a weapon. Unfortunately shes choked out by Angelina, who launches her into the steel barricade and leaves her motionless. She instructs Davey to end Eddie once in the ring, but oddly Davey is having a moment, deciding whether to take out his once flesh and blood. It takes the ultimate seduction of Angelina to cause for Davey to snap to his dark and vicious ways and ultimately it is what causes Davey to go over Eddie, as the former tag partner doesn’t even get on his feet to avoid count out. Davey is the Last Man Standing.

And Lastly, Allie and Braxton end up being confronted backstage by Sienna and Kevin Mathews. Karen Jarrett steps in before theres any sort of fight, and since she recognizes the tension on both sides, she orders both to fight in a Mixed Tag Team Match next week. If the vignette from earlier hinted anything, Sienna’s bringing in some maniacal beast to end the fairytale happiness of the couple.

(Knockouts Number One Contenders Battle Royal; Angelina Love and Davey Richards Backstage Segment 43.11 – 44.21)

(Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love feat Alisha Edwards 00.00 – 18.49)

(Sienna/Kongo Kong Vignette)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Gauntlet: Quite a little bit to say here. First of all, its obvious there was one pick to win this from the start, not Brandi due to in ring skill still developing, Not Madison as shes still the ones putting people over and her mistreatment is part of the Josh Mathews storyline as a factor to Blame the Jarretts, not Diamante due to her own angle alongside LAX and not any of the other ladies as they aren’t contracted (MJ though i am not too sure about). To Add, seeing Rebel in this match makes me miss her even more in an IMPACT ring and if her tweets say enough, shes also possibly missing not being a full time performer for the company too. Not sure what Brandi Lauren’s name change was for from KC Quinn to Ava, maybe shes signed? MJ, i swear they said she was the newest Knockout a previous week, and she was the most impressive here and i really want to see more from her. Brandi also looked her best so far in this match and has really upped her pacing in the ring. ODB, however, i feel is in her position to be the veteran putting over Rosemary, and unless Brandi steps back into the angle, then it may be a singles match at Slammiversary if not at the tapings. Heck Madison could be thrown in for a four way with Brandi, eliminated possibly by Karen Jarrett as part of a possible developing angle. Must keep an eye on the tapings for sure.

Davey/Eddie/Angelina/Alisha: Brutal but praised affair and im gutted a feud featuring announcers took the main event over this, and not to mention that main event angle featured stars who may possibly be propelled straight into the main title picture (though Chris Mordetsky is a Good Wrestler). I Am really enjoying the Wolves angle and the work of the women in the angle as well, and is Angelina’s character reverting to a Winter Like persona by using some sort of power (if not charm?) to take control of the mind of Davey? That one exchange was really intriguing and really adds an explanation as to why Angelina is calling her character the Sacred Seductress on Twitter. Considering Alisha is now signed (that being if KOs Knockdown airs before Slammiversary) then a mixed tag may make the Slammiversary card, if not a rematch between Davey and Eddie with Angelina and Alisha on the card in a separate Knockouts Match. That makes for two potential Knockouts Matches to make the PPV card and to be fair, i dig that idea.

– Catherine


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