TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY JOKERS WILD RESULTS: Unexpected Alignments Between Disgruntled Knockouts, All for a Grand Prize (February, 10th 2017)

Welcome One and All to this years IMPACT Wrestling One Night Only Jokers Wild Report. Now this is a little late, completely slipping my mind on a few occasions until now, so lets talk about this particular show which of course features the weirdest of alignments for one night only, all for a grand sum of money only to be obtained in an ending gauntlet.

The One Knockouts Match of the night is a Knockouts Tag Team Match, with names picked out by Jeremy Borash and McKenzie Mitchell on the side of the stage. First announced to compete is then Knockout Jade, following with the announcement of Sienna being Jade’s tag partner, much to Jade’s dismay. The Pairing of the once rivals find themselves battling two other women with a rivalry currently boiling, Laurel Van Ness and Major Fan Favorite Allie. Also on commentary for this Peculiar Knockouts Tag is Madison Rayne, alongside Pope and Josh Mathews. Allie is excited and ecstatic to compete but is dismissed from the ring by Laurel, who opens the match against her Lady Squad Comrade Sienna.

After a fair bit of pacing around, Sienna and Laurel tease a lock up, but instead engage in french kisses. Sienna and Laurel try to calm down a pro Allie crowd, and as they tease possible combat, Jade reaches out to Sienna, tagging herself in to do the work. Laurel mocks Jade once she steps foot in the ring and once Jade tries to throw a fist at her, Laurel is bolting and tags Allie into the match in her place. Allie displays clear nervousness once in the ring, but shakes hands with the babyface opponent. A Lock up between the two women is overturned in Jades favor, as she applies a hammerlock to Allie. Allie rolls over and kips up to reverse into her own to Jade’s surprise, though her momentum doesn’t last long per a reversal by Jade. Allie pushes Jade to the ropes as she gets caught in a side headlock, then sending her to the opposite ropes before being taken down by Jades running shoulder block. Jade runs the ropes, and is arm dragged by Allie, though Jade soon matches Allie with her own. Impressed by Allie’s work, Jade offers another handshake, that Allie accepts, seconds later turned into a roll up by Jade. Jade gets a near fall on Allie.

Allie dropkicks Jade, and as she takes in her excitement over her evolved skills, Laurel spoils it all as she tags herself in. Laurel hits offense immediately, followed with a quick pin with a near fall result. Seeing how she hasn’t had Jade pinned, Laurel is back out within moments, and tags in Allie to continue her work. This time Allie doesn’t speed in with momentum, as she instead takes a knee to the face from Jade. Jade runs the ropes to ready her next attack but Sienna tags herself in. Allie tries to tag herself in but Sienna ambushes Allie from behind to prevent it. Sienna chokes Allie against the bottom ropes before performing a strong whip into the opposite corner post. Sienna denies a potential tag from Jade and splashes Allie against the corner, then rolling Allie to the mat for a rather peculiar cover, one that ends in another near fall result.

Allie tries to reach out to Laurel again but Laurel wants no part in competing against her own comrade Sienna and denies the opportunity. After being mocked by Sienna and Laurel, Allie fires up and starts aiming forearms at Sienna, then running the ropes and attempting a crossbody that Sienna stalls by catching her with both hands. Sienna connects with a fallaway slam to Allie and proceeds to cover, leading to yet another near fall. With Jade looking to have another spot in the match, Sienna slap tags her in. Jade hooks Allie, scoops her up and slams her by the center of the ring, but when Sienna tries to up the anti for the team, Jade chops her own partner, which is counted as a tag by Hebner. Sienna tries to swing at Jade beforehand, missing and stumbling over to Allie, who rolls her over and gets a near fall on the fellow former Knockouts Champion. Sienna executes her comeback offense and also tries to pin Allie but its only the same result as before. Sienna readies for a possible powerbomb maneuver but Allie slips free from Sienna, hitting a jawbreaker followed by a big clothesline. A Worked Over Allie needs her partner to take over for a little, but Laurel again insists otherwise. Laurel slaps Allie, and gets one back. Allie launches Laurel into the ring after the official tag, and luckily for Sienna she doesn’t have to square off against the Lady Squad Member, as Jade makes a tag.

Jade clotheslines and kicks Laurel, and after a dropkick, she connects with a Gutwrench Suplex. Jade attempts to cover Laurel, but Sienna tries to interfere to save her own comrade but not partner of the night. Jade rolls out of the way and Laurel takes Sienna’s elbow drop. Jade and Allie then work together against their own partners, bashing both heels heads together and interrupting Sienna’s attempted apology to Laurel. Sienna is launched into Laurel, who is then clotheslined by Allie. Allie does the last bit of work and gets the last lot of revenge on Laurel with a codebreaker. Jade then finishes Laurel with her Package Piledriver to get the victory for her team. Jade and Sienna win the match, but rather than the disgruntled pairing celebrating, Allie is instead celebrating at the side of Jade.

Jade and Sienna end up bickering later in the back. Jade makes it clear she won for their team, and Sienna even praises her on doing a good job, hoping Laurel gets over it. Sienna says they need to work together again later for the Gauntlet and Jade is going to help her win. Jade states otherwise, saying its just about her in the Gauntlet, not about aiding Sienna, so she mustn’t get excited about winning the stash of money up for grabs, because its coming home to Jade. Sienna demands she listens to her, because otherwise she knows what happens, since shes the bigger, faster, stronger one. Jade just mocks her and receives a slight slap for it, thus Sienna has a water bottle thrown at her.

The Main Event is indeed the Gauntlet, featuring the winners of the Jokers Wild Matches. Jade enters at eight, showing no fear at squaring off against Bram and her own Boyfriend, Kingston. Spud throws himself in between the competition, insisting he is taking on Jade instead. Spud proceeds to mock Jade after as Bram looks on, and he takes a kick for it. Jade clotheslines Spud, proceeding to unleash chops on him in a nearby corner in addition. Spud climbs out of the ring, not counted as an elimination as he didn’t head over the top rope, and Jade follows him out, yanking him away from the apron as he tries to crawl under to escape. Spuds pleas for mercy are unheard as Jade takes him back to the ring, executing one kick after the other to the male competitor. Jade dropkicks Spud off the second rope but seems to hurt herself along the way, thus Spud takes advantage by smacking her face against the mat. Bram and Kingston take delight in watching Spud try to choke out Jade, but the next entrant in the Gauntlet may have to give an assist to Jade, as out comes Sienna.

Spud insists hes left Jade all battered up for Sienna, also insisting they work as a unit. Spud begins to notice the cracks in a possible partnership when Sienna doesn’t aid him in bringing Jade to her feet, and is met with a kick from a Silent Sienna, followed with a powerbomb. Jade is back on her feet, face to face with Sienna for a few moments. They eventually decide to work cohesively, as both work together to launch Spud over the top rope, eliminating him from the match. However its every competitor from themselves seconds later as Sienna immediately switches the plan and attacks Jade. Sienna pounds Jade in the nearby corner, before Jade reverses, then attacking Sienna with shoulder blocks. Jade takes Sienna to an opposite corner, trying to raise her atop the top rope to try and eliminate her. However this doesn’t work and Jade ends up choked against the ropes by Sienna. Entering next is Aron Rex, looking over the competition in the ring and eventually choosing to target the ladies as he sends both Sienna and Jade over the top rope. Sienna and Jade are both eliminated. The Match is eventually won by IMPACT Grand Champion Moose.

(Laurel Van Ness and Allie vs Sienna and Jade)

(Jade and Sienna Backstage Segment)

(Gauntlet Match feat Jade and Sienna)

Thoughts On:
Tag Team Match: To Be Fair if Gail hadn’t been injured, id easily would have called Gail and Maria vs Jade and Sienna happening instead with Gail doing all the work for her team. However this match was really logical, playing up on the past rivalry of Jade and Sienna and the current issues between Allie and Laurel, current as its still going now, oh and also of course Allie’s evolution as a wrestler (though she already is one). The Finish also made sense as well as Laurel insisted on doing little work throughout and eventually was forced into competition by her continually disgruntled rival.

Gauntlet Match: Nothing much to say considering the women didn’t get much time here, but the moment between Spud and Sienna was fun, as despite the backstage bickering, Sienna and Jade renewed their earlier partnership for that one moment. Safe to Say Aron got a fair bit of heat for that elimination, and to be honest, i wouldn’t have minded to see Jade eliminate Kingston just out of intrigue.

– Catherine


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