WWE NXT RESULTS: May The Iconic Not Be Forgotten (April, 5th 2017)

So NXT Takeover Orlando may be over, but not entirely as this weeks programming featured matches taped prior to that very event, and while not on the main show as they may have hoped to be, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay got to show themselves to the Takeover attendees as Peyton, weeks after losing out on another chance at Asuka’s Championship title, looks to remind all of NXTs “Iconic” duo as she takes on Aliyah.

The Women’s Match begins with the entrance of Peyton, with Billie by her side, then Aliyahs. Aliyahs comes not only with new music but with new gear, and she sees to be a babyface full on from now on (Maybe Ive jinxed this for the future). The Two lock up after the bell rings, with Peyton taking the developing competitor down with her strength. Peyton and Billie have a moment of mockery before Aliyah retaliates, sending Peyton back first to the mat with a takedown, bridging into her first pin attempt of the match which closes with a one count. Aliyah picks herself back up and rams her knee into the back of Peyton, following with a neckbreaker which is again only enough to get a one count.

Peyton reaches out to her Iconic Partner, but Aliyah has none of it and tries to yank Peyton away from the ropes and from Billie. After that attempt was squandered, Aliyah goes after Billie instead, stepping on her fingers. As Billie assesses whether she may need a manicure, Peyton takes advantage of Aliyahs attempt to hurt Billie and launches her head first into a turnbuckle, kicking her against the same corner. The Two scrap back and forth with Peyton eventually taking control, hanging Aliyah against the ropes, hitting a kick before applying a stretch hold on the ropes. Peyton kicks Aliyah back into the ring, only bringing some more once fully back in. She slaps Aliyah around, goes for a roundhouse but Aliyah ducks, and to Peyton’s surprise, Aliyah starts summoning momentum as she drives Peyton to the mat multiple times via arm drags. Aliyah plants herself post aerial move on Peyton to get the first near fall of the match.

Aliyah tries to hook Peyton by the left leg next but receives a slap. Peyton runs the ropes and connects with a running knee followed with the Fishermans Suplex. The Maneuver by Peyton is enough to take out Aliyah, with Peyton getting the three count. Peyton wins the match.

(Aliyah vs Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay)

Thoughts On This Match:
Personally i wish the match had been a bit longer and had finished with a different finisher as the Fishermans Suplex just feels like any other suplex to me, used as offense but not as a finisher. Im not too keen right now on Aliyahs theme but with all these theme changes, it feels they’re trying to test different or similar gimmicks with her until she truly finds what can help her ascend. Aliyah did well in this match, and i loved the acknowledgement from the crowd by Peyton, who seems to be being pushed as the star out of the duo based on her reliance to work multiple matches a night (prior tapings) and how she got the most out of the San Antonio four way between her and Billie. Maybe that might be reversed based on the result of a particular match at the recent tapings, but i truly hope the Iconic duo don’t become enhancements for the big names coming in (Kairi Hojo) and for the ones on their way to a push (Nikki and Ruby) because the duo deserve a title before any sort of promotion, either of the two is fine with me. Lets hope that if they end up called up like Alexa, that they get treated like her, a woman who came up with no nxt title reigns who ascended to main roster championship glory. But right now the NXT Women’s Division needs them, and outside of Asuka and Nikki, the Division needs heels.

– Catherine


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