WWE RAW RESULTS: A Blissful Night With A Side of Hardcore Country and Chaos (April, 10th 2017)

Monday was the start of Vinces Newly Announced “Superstar Shake Up” which would lead to huge changes with the arrivals of various Smackdown Talent to the RAW Roster, and maybe even the one odd little NXT Call Up that just happened to drift through the crowd in the one women’s match of the show (You Know What I’m On About Samson!). In the wake of last weeks drama, Charlotte battles Nia Jax in what could be her last ever match on RAW, and Bayley and Sasha Banks have some unexpected new rivals!

RAW opens with the Music of John Cena. At first we all wonder if Cena has thrown off hiatus plans, but then it turns out its Miz and Maryse in full mockery mode as they “represent” John Cena and Nikki Bella in the continuation of their on air Total Bella’s parody. The Very rare opener featuring the A List Couple leads to them announcing their place on Monday Night RAW after the two spent the last year evolving themselves with various star studded moments on Smackdown Live. The Couples mockery of Cena and the Injured Nikki leads to an interruption from Dean Ambrose, as the Intercontinental Champion announces he is back on RAW, and in turn, gets to take out Miz to close the fresh opener. Shield Reunion anyone?

Later we are presented with the one women’s match of the evening as Charlotte takes on Nia Jax. The Rare showdown comes after Jax laid waste to the 4x RAW Women’s Champion last week to close Charlotte’s Post Loss Meltdown, and clearly the Genetically Superior one wants revenge after being humiliated and beaten down by the fellow NXT Alumni. Charlotte enters, then Nia, and after Charlotte runs the ropes, they meet face to face. The Two athletes lock up and Charlotte tries to hold her own against Jax with her own strength but is ultimately sent downward to the mat by the opposition. Charlotte reverts to a waist-lock once on her feet, but is taken down again by Jax. Charlotte aims forearms, adding kicks and knees, but as she runs the ropes to follow that assault, and to begin her next, she crashes into the body of Nia and is sent to the mat again. Charlotte kicks at her again, connecting with a neckbreaker moments later before attempting to use her flair chops. A Second doesn’t hit however, and Nia ends up sending Charlotte down again, this time with a shoulder breaker.

The Ref is given a few moments to check on Charlotte after the nasty looking shoulder breaker attempt, before Charlotte becomes the victim again, this time of a few elbow drops. Nia goes for her first pin attempt on the fellow heel, with Charlotte escaping at two, resulting in a near fall. Nia applies a modified cobra clutch to Charlotte and for anyone looking upwards for a moment, you may see Elias Samson just drifting through the crowd but god knows why. Back to the action and Charlotte manages to break from Nia, and after a running shoulder block, she has any other attempt at offense diverted again, as shes sent across the ring. Nia chokes Charlotte with her foot against the bottom rope, setting up a Samoan Drop as she takes Charlotte onto her shoulders, though Charlotte slips free. Charlotte ducks a clothesline attempt by Nia and goes back to utilizing her chops again, though a knee from Nia suddenly stops the needed momentum. Nia whips Charlotte to a corner, but Charlotte floats over, booting Nia between the ropes then proceeding with shoulder tackles before diving into the ring to try and roll up the more imposing challenger. Nia doesn’t lose her footing and instead she ends up raising Charlotte, going for her next offense only for Charlotte to slip free again. Charlotte retains her heelish ways with the chop block to the back of Nia’s leg, following with the signature Natural Selection, though to her dismay, Nia kicks out at two, and its a near fall.

Nia tries to overturn momentum with a corner splash, though Charlotte moves in time, leading to Nia being caught between the ropes, in turn with her shoulder meeting the ring post. Charlotte pushes Nia into the post as she tries to free herself from that position, and in turn Nia hits the floor. With Nia on the floor, Charlotte intends to go for the moonsault, and does, receiving “Holy S***” Chants from the audience despite it being a fair way out. Charlotte makes her way back into the ring despite seemingly landing head first, with Nia just making it into the ring for the count of eight. Immediately Charlotte boots her, twisting her way into the figure four only for Nia to counter by sending Charlotte directly into the bottom turnbuckle. Nia gets back to her feet, splashing Charlotte in the same corner then connecting with the Samoan Drop. Nia gets the three count, pinning Charlotte to win the match.

The Next Scenario sees a former ally of Charlotte’s in the back, Dana Brooke. Brooke is reading how to be her own protege when Emma drops by, seemingly calling for Dana to come out with her. Dana doesn’t appear interested, thus Emma lays down the facts on how Dana was her protege prior to finding an alliance with Charlotte. To Add, Emma believes Dana’s main roster promotion was thanks to her, and she knows what went down between her and Charlotte, thus shes back to pick up the pieces. Dana addresses all that Emma has said, reminding her that was the past, and while Emma had her “Identity Crisis” the Women’s Division has gotten better, and that evolution counted for Dana too. Dana admits she isn’t the best right now but shes making strides, paying her dues and learning to stand on her own two feet, thus she doesn’t need to be in any sort of alignment anymore.

And Lastly, the last part of the Shake Up featuring the Women of RAW sees Bayley out for a segment, her first segment since her Victory at WrestleMania, which saw her stand tall over Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Nia Jax, lastly eliminating Charlotte who she had defeated to earn her first championship. Her Moment of Thankfulness is spearheaded by Sasha Banks, who welcomes Bayley to the ring. Sasha, once Bayley is in the ring, lets her revel in her celebratory moment, but its all over, and shes about to announce that she wants her own shot at the title when a familiar entrance theme hits and out comes the Charismatic Alexa Bliss, the second woman to be traded to RAW and the former Smackdown Women’s Champion. She Mocks the Horsewomen once in the ring, before stating that the only person out of the three that deserves any kind of recognition is her, and she takes the chance to note to a mouthy Sasha Banks that she is a 2x Smackdown Women’s Champion. Alexa continues the Anti Horsewomen tirade as she declares that she put an end to the Sasha/Bayley fest, and shes soon going to take over RAWs Women’s Division as a member of the roster. Shes excited to put the drama from Smackdown behind her to focus on winning, including winning championships, but someone hasn’t forgotten the past drama, out comes Mickie James.

The Last Pick for Monday Night RAWs Women’s Division is the Multi Time WWE Women’s Champion, and shes ecstatic to announce herself as the newest addition on RAW. Mickie lets out her accolades of being the only 6x WWE Women’s Champion, while also self labeling herself as the Greatest, and while shes back on the very brand that she had dethroned Beth Phoenix on to win her fourth, she isn’t done with the big drama revolving around her and Bliss, warning the former comrade that the Nightmare has Only Just begun. However Mickie may have a nightmare in store within seconds, as shes attacked from behind by Nia Jax, who has already laid claim to the title of Dominant Athlete by taking out Charlotte earlier in the night. Nia steps foot in the ring after leaving James laying, headbutting Sasha who is launched into the hands of Nia by Alexa. As Bayley goes after Alexa for targeting her possible still comrade, if even at all, she ends up driven to a corner by Nia, who then delivers a Samoan Drop to leave Bayley laying. Nia poses with the RAW Women’s Title, staring down Bliss on her way out.

(Maryse, The Miz and Dean Ambrose Opening Segment)

(Charlotte vs Nia Jax)

(Emma and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment)

(Bayley, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Mickie James and Nia Jax Segment)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte/Nia: As Much as this match was expected, the timing wasn’t so much because if Charlotte stayed on RAW, this could have been saved for Pay Per View, but the reasoning why it was on this weeks RAW was all too clear with Charlotte now in a position on Smackdown Live. The Match really beefed up in the last few minutes and yes Nia was sloppy with that shoulder breaker but luckily Charlotte seemed to have pulled through, and i truly hope she isn’t working through injury because if she goes right into the Smackdown Women’s Title Picture with a quiet injury, we all know how much that affected Nikki Bella. Putting that and the moonsault that was kinda on both women slip up wise aside, RAWs Women’s Division really put a focal point on Nia Jax this week in a pass the torch moment possibly, and with the Horsewomen divided between brands, spots have been opened for the RAW Women’s Division like never before. Again, putting botches aside, i would actually like to see Nia become champion soon, but with Sasha vs Bayley a prominent focal point in the division, i cant help but worry for the traded batch of ladies (Mickie and Alexa) as well as Nia, Emma and Dana being enhancement for Bayley all the way to their anticipated match. If they are holding off Heel Sasha vs Bayley till Summerslam, the thought cant be helped nor will it help the women who now need establishing on RAW. Lets hope that RAW can do what it did this week and give us an air of unpredictability with the title picture.

RAW Women’s Division segment: Overall enjoyable segment and not just particular names milking the TV Time every week. The Trade of Alexa from SD to RAW was the only predictable moment in that segment for me, but the reaction actually came off great and her promo was good as always. I Didn’t expect Mickie to be traded as well though she now gets to work alongside other fellow veterans and gets to work the flagship show where some of her best matches in WWE come from. But my worry comes from what i said in the prior paragraph, and thats the placement of the women in the championship picture. Sasha is sure to turn heel and its already near cemented, so is she costing Bayley the championship against Alexa? It wouldn’t make sense since the championship is bound to be a part of that feud since Sasha can officially challenge for it while its in Bayleys hands, and while RAW served us some unpredictability regarding whats going on with the RAW Women this week, the main RAW Women’s feud is the focal point, and may effect the momentum and relevance of the other women outside of it such as Jax, Bliss, Emma, Dana and Mickie etc. Personally i would love a shock with Nia winning the title at Payback, but again any win for any woman over Bayley for the championship is only going to end to enhance the Sasha/Bayley feud, and if that doesn’t happen, then any woman facing Bayley, including Nia possibly, is going to lose all the way to Summerslam. Plus if the big angle happened now and Sasha won, then Nia wont be able to challenge for the title at all considering shes most likely still going to be a heel. Come on WWE. Prove me wrong for the sake of your other good performers please.

– Catherine


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