Your Monday Post #156: Maryse Gets Drafted to Monday Night RAW (April, 13th 2009)

Welcome All to the first wrestling related post of the week (and apologies again for the delays). So WWE held a “Superstar Shake Up” a not so full blown draft that saw only various names switched between brands. The News first broke last week by Vince McMahon saw Maryse and the Miz leave the brand they made a mark in over the past year for the Flagship show, and it wouldnt be the first time Maryse would be brought to the RAW Brand.

Back in 2009, Maryse, the then Divas Champion, would be drafted to RAW from the Smackdown Brand. The Move came months after dethroning Michelle McCool on the Smackdown Brand to win her first Divas Championship title, and the move to RAW for the French Canadian would lead to the eventual introduction of her angle with Mickie James which lead to the end of her record breaking title reign at Night of Champions.

– Catherine


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