IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Fury Is Truly Unleashed (April, 13th 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks IMPACT Report, the last before IMPACT heads down the Live Television route for next week. Next week surprises are in store, and who knows where the Knockouts will go direction wise, but to tease that direction are the various events that took place this week. We see KM and Sienna finally go one on one with Braxton Sutter and Allie, Alisha gets a chance to strike back against the vicious Angelina Love and Rosemary’s run of domination continues in another showcase versus a particular former talent.

The Mixed tag is the first Knockouts related moment of the night, as Sienna and Kevin Matthews (KM) step out from the backstage area first to make their entrance, participating for the first time as a unit. Out next are the happy couple of Allie and Braxton to do battle with the respective rivals, and luckily for both no Laurel Van Ness in sight. Braxton and KM are first to do battle, but even this heated tag team bout cant escape being commentated from IMPACTs hated heel Josh Mathews, who happens to stroll over to ringside just as Braxton and KM lock up. KM and Braxton battle for a while, and its not long before Sienna assists the cousin from the ringside area, tripping Braxton. But to match up Sienna, Allie hooks KMs foot as he runs the ropes ready to execute an attack on Braxton, and while KM doesn’t fall completely, hes very much taken notice of Allie’s actions. Sienna steps into the ring, shouting down at Allie and as shes restrained by Hebner, KM takes advantage and attacks Braxton from behind. Sometime later Sienna tags herself in to prevent Braxtons chance to tag in Allie. Sienna forearms Braxton in his right shoulder then tries to splash him against a corner, only to meet the top turnbuckle when Braxton moves to safety. Braxton makes the tag to a firstly hesitant Allie, who summons up the courage to charge in and take on Sienna.

After dodging a clothesline attempt, Allie fires one forearm after another at the former Knockouts Champion. She dodges the second clothesline attempt and takes down Sienna with her own, followed with a running forearm into the corner into Sienna. Allie goes for a crossbody off the middle turnbuckle but ends up caught in the hands of Sienna, but Sienna doesn’t manage to execute a counter out of it as instead she falls over KM and this helps Allie to topple over Sienna into a pin attempt, getting the three count over the former ally. Braxton and Allie win the match, and Allie is all smiles over the pinfall victory, but its about to come to an end as a beastly man steps out from the backstage area, named Kongo Kong. The Vicious Beast attacks Braxton Sutter then is ordered out as Laurel Van Ness runs down to deliver the beat-down to Allie, with a little help from Sienna, who eventually ends up restraining the broken bride. Sienna’s new stable have the last laugh.

We Jump to our next Knockouts Moment, revolving around the Knockouts Champion Rosemary, whose opponent on this night will be Former Knockout Brittany aka Santana Garrett as she will be called here. Entering first is the “Dangerous, Diabolical” Title (and Mist) Wielding Knockouts Champion Rosemary, then former SHINE Champion Santana, who, as noted, is familiar with the IMPACT Zone. Remember her feud with Madison Rayne that unfortunately never made a Pay Per View? Once Santana is in the ring and the bell is rung, the Popular Athlete is ambushed by Rosemary as payment for entering her turf. Rosemary chokes her against the bottom rope, proceeding moments later to whip her into an opposite corner, only for Santana to float to avoid a corner splash from the Champion, rolling her over once her feet touch the mat. Santana gets the first near fall on Rosemary. And it wont be the last from the former Knockout, as Santana proceeds with a takedown, leading to the same result as prior. After a third attempt, Santana deals a kick to Rosemary, followed with an arm wringer. She arm drags Rosemary after taking herself to the top rope, but as she attempts to attack Rosemary in an opposite corner, the champion throws an elbow to counter. Rosemary then utilizes the ropes for a hanging choke, unleashing an axe handle right into the back of Santana once shes back in the ring.

Rosemary throws forearms at the defenseless Santana against the mat, then whipping her into a corner, though the follow up attack doesn’t nail the target. Rosemary feels the effects in the jaw, and once turned, she is caught in a headscissor by Santana turned into a hurricanrana. However Santana’s new found momentum is soon crushed by a sudden clothesline. After the big maneuver, an angry Rosemary proceeds with the pin attempt on Santana, getting another near fall. Rosemary brings Santana into another corner, clotheslining her against it then connecting with an exploder suplex. Rosemary flips into a Muta Lock, Santana struggles for some time, but eventually reaches the ropes. Rosemary then brings Santana onto her shoulders, but the former Knockout slips free, met with an elbow from the champ. Santana fires back with an axe handle after a corner choke, delivering a second before connecting with the handspring elbow to Rosemary in a corner. Santana leads Rosemary to the center, connecting with a Russian Leg Sweep, and the move is only enough to get her a near fall on the champ.

After another whip, Santana attempts to club Rosemary in the corner, to no avail. Rosemary fights back with a standing dropkick, but Santana recovers in time and sends her leg high up enough to connect with Rosemary as she heads up the turnbuckles. Santana then completely throws Rosemary off with a standing headscissor, but the momentum is delayed when the handspring moonsault on Rosemary after doesn’t connect. Rosemary takes advantage and nails the Red Wedding Finisher to Santana in hopes of ending this competitive match up, to which it does. Rosemary pins Santana and wins the match.

Following right up from the celebration of victory for Rosemary, we see Angelina making out backstage again with Davey Richards. The Same Interviewer who tried to question their motives before approaches them mid seduction, asking this time if either talents have any remorse for their cruel assault on Eddie Edwards. Angelina makes it clear they share no remorse for what they did to Edwards, and Davey stops the questions momentarily so they can engage in another make out session. They close their moment of romance to answer the question completely, as Angelina states that they (Eddie and Alisha) deserve every bit of suffering they get. The Sacred Seductress will later accompany Davey Richards for his match against former X Division Champion DJ Z.

Daveys first bout in the ring since last weeks brutal Last Man Standing Match follows the X Division, and out first is the Lone Wolf, expectedly accompanied by Angelina. As the two perform their entrance, we get a reminder of Davey overcoming his once partner again, looking back at the KO’ing finish to Eddie from the Last Man Standing Match before returning to the present to see DJ Z hit the ring, as the former X Division Champion squares up to the Lone Wolf. Despite the courage of Zema and the continual reverses of momentum, it isn’t enough and the Lone Wolf ends up taking the win, much pleasing Angelina, though both have little to smile about some seconds later as Eddie tries to hit the ring, held back by Security. With Security focused on the former World Champion, Alisha charges to the ring and brawls with Angelina. She is also separated from the former first record breaking Knockouts Champion, at least until they meet again.

(Sienna and Kevin Matthews vs Allie and Braxton Sutter feat Laurel Van Ness and Kongo Kong)

(Santana Garrett vs Rosemary)

(Angelina Love and Davey Richards Backstage Segment)

(Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love vs DJ Z feat Eddie and Alisha Edwards 11.13 – 18.26)

Thoughts On:
Mixed Tag: I’m Finding myself impressed by KM but i wish the ending had been a little different finish wise rather than Sienna being floundered by a trip spot into an advantageous pin attempt from Allie. However, regardless the finish didn’t crush Sienna’s momentum entirely and the win for the babyface couple was only to build the angle teased over the weeks, the arrival of the monstrous Kongo Kong. At first the spoilers had me thinking he was solely working for Laurel, but the vignettes and interactions prove different and it was entirely Sienna’s plan. Now IMPACT need to build this story. Why is Kongo targeting Braxton specifically other than to look like the most dominant figure on IMPACT? Who do Braxton and Allie get to equalize the numbers against the potential stable? How is this culminating at Slammiversary? Either way it looks like 3 Knockouts related matches are joining the card though Allie’s hints on Twitter may give away that its her vs Sienna, and that the rest of the latter may play into the finish.

Santana/Rosemary: We haven’t really seen any unsigned competitor get as much spotlight or as much momentum against Rosemary as we have with Santana, in what proved to be a hugely competitive match which brought Rosemary to limits if the shifts in momentum hinted anything. Ive really missed Santana in the IMPACT ring and her run as Brittany could’ve been booked better, as her matches with Madison were heavily underrated. The Rosemary vs Outsiders angle feels like Gail Kim’s Open Challenge, just without the actual ideal or Challenge made itself, but if ODB is Rosemary’s Slammiversary Challenger (unless Brandi and/or Madison are being thrown in as additional contenders) then more interactions are needed.

– Catherine


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