WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Blue Brand Bounces Back (April, 11th 2017)

This Past Monday on RAW, the “Superstar Shake Up” announced by Vince McMahon saw RAW snatch some top names from their continually praised Smackdown Brand, and two women would jump ship to the RAW brand with these names, that being Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. With the Smackdown Women’s Division losing the two particular members as well as with Nikki Bella taking a slight hiatus, the Division was down a few notches and by a few numbers, and it would only take for Shane McMahon to try raise the bar of his Women’s Division by snatching some women onto his brand in retaliation. So Lets discuss this one women’s segment of the night.

Shane O Mac is out in the ring to discuss the state of the Smackdown Women’s Division, having lost In Ring Veteran Mickie James and 2x Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss to the RAW Brand. After showing some respect to the Boston Crowd, he hypes Smackdown for having the competition and additionally showing respect to those who headed to RAW for helping to show that Smackdown is the place for opportunity. Furthermore he believes opportunities have been seized time over time with the Smackdown Women’s Division and he wishes to announce who will join the brand with numbers depleted. But before he can do so, he wants to welcome out the remainder of the Smackdown Women’s Division, thus emerging from the back are Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi, Natalya, Carmella (w/ James Ellsworth) and Becky Lynch. Each get separate entrances but Shane’s announcement doesn’t get right out, as James Ellsworth questions Naomi as a Champion, believing the Smackdown Viewers only truly tune in for “Carmellsworth”. Naomi gives Carmella and Ellsworth a little threat before apologizing to Shane over the little communication, allowing him to proceed with his announcement.

The Woo Chants ring out in Boston with the expected arrival of Charlotte, as Shane announces that the acquisition for Smackdown is indeed a second generation competitor, though revealed as Tamina, who recently made a return and worked Smackdown Live events. With that in mind, Tamina now shares the same brand as her former Team BAD comrade Naomi. Tamina stares down her respective members of the women’s division, most particularly Becky Lynch, and it looks as if Shane is about to depart but instead he hears out the Boston Crowd and reveals that isn’t all with his announcement, and a second acquisition will arrive, another talent related to a Hall of Famer, and as Becky Lynch shows a huge grin on her face, out comes her one time comrade and also rival, the woman who put over Sasha and Nia Jax on her way out of Monday Night RAW, It is indeed Charlotte. Charlotte emerges from the back as one of the biggest additions to the Smackdown Roster, staring down her fellow members of the division from the stage.

And if you thought the Division was surviving with only six, then heres some extra news. After the Name of Lana was left out of the announcement that Rusev would soon be joining Smackdown Live, many questioned whether she’d be heading to the same brand as his manager once again. It turns out however that Lana is being repackaged with a dancer like gimmick and is set to emerge on Smackdown at a later date.

(Smackdown Women’s Division and Shane McMahon Segment; Tamina Snuka Returns and Charlotte Joins Smackdown Live)

(Lana Coming Soon to Smackdown Live)

Thoughts On:
Women’s Division Segment: Overall i liked how the segment was done, with Shane McMahon brilliant in his presentation. To Add the acknowledgement of the Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi was there, rather than her just being there to be there. It seems Naomi may feud with Carmella first, but with Charlotte and Tamina as well as Natalya (who she has plenty chemistry with) and Becky (who could be a heel vs her in the future) there the possibilities are endless. I’m Glad to finally see Tamina back, and since the SD Women’s Division has done wonders for themselves over the past year, i truly hope Tamina gets to shine in her latest run. I Cant help but feel that her re-introduction was out-shined by Charlotte’s however, and while Charlotte will indeed elevate the division, we’ve seen whats happened regarding the continual trade of the RAW Women’s Title back on RAW and Charlotte’s continual pushes and PPV dominance may jump ship to that brand, meaning Naomi’s 2nd title reign may indeed be a few weeks longer than the last. Hopefully that isn’t the case and Naomi gets a feud with Natalya first (as the match has so much potential) with Becky as a possible heel, vs Tamina who has plenty backstory with her and is Smackdowns Dominant Figure/Their Version of Nia Jax and vs Carmella who needs some extra heel heat on her right now. Another thing about Charlotte coming to Smackdown is she will get to reignite feuds with Natalya and Becky, Becky’s im most certainly looking forward to, but in regards to facing Natalya, who will be the heel if the feud did happen down the line? While the possibilities are both amazing and endless, please give Naomi a decent run, matches to remember and no squash after several weeks as champion. After overcoming so much just to achieve the dream of having a championship, becoming the brands female Daniel Bryan by returning from injury to regain it in what may not have even happened, don’t let this run go to waste.

Lana to SD Live: The Repackage comes as a surprise to be fair. I Didn’t expect the alignment of Lana and Rusev to end, as there was surely more they can do with them, especially with Smackdown being dubbed the Land of Opportunity. However with Smackdowns Women’s Division needing additions and Lana working NXT Live events, it seems she may be branching out into solo competition for the first time since Mania 32. I’m not sure if the gimmick is going to work and how long it’ll take for fans to get used to seeing her not as Rusevs manager, but all the best regardless. Lets see how it goes.

– Catherine


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