TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY KNOCKOUTS KNOCKDOWN 4 RESULTS: Another Night of Hopefuls Stepping Up to the Plate (April, 22nd 2016)

Welcome All to Another Wrestling Report for this week, and this ones a fairly old flashback featuring a Pay Per View that slipped my mind on many occasions, that and writing up a whole female Pay Per View is a lot of work and a lot of time consumption. Anyway with free time on my hands, i thought we’d run through this pay per view and look at who did, and who didnt manage to win over the officials back last year at IMPACT Wrestlings Knockouts One Night Only Pay Per View. Easy to say some of those standing are sadly not with the company anymore. *Sniffle* Mike & Maria *Sniffle*

Speaking of Time Consumption, opening this one Pay Per View is Someone who spent a lot of time in the spotlight in the Knockouts Division last year, Maria Kanellis-Bennett. The Self Proclaimed First Lady of Professional Wrestling brings out her Husband (now sadly Alumni) Mike Bennett, and the two are going to play the hosts of the Pay Per View. Mike shows ecstatic-ness in having the role of host, but cant help but be annoyed at Borash over the announcement that a New Queen of the Knockouts is to be crowned, stating that only one Queen stands amongst them, his Wife Maria. With All That, and Maria’s follow up speech out of the way, out come the ladies who are to impress the Knockouts of IMPACT Wrestling. These Hopefuls, in Particular Order, are Laura Dennis (Allie), Jayme Jameson, Veda Scott, Barbi Hayden, Leva Bates, Deonna Purrazzo, Shelly Martinez and Allysin Kay (Sienna).

With the Hopefuls Standing by each other in the ring, Maria praises them for being Beautiful Women, but she took a chance herself to become more than just Beautiful and to Gain Respect, which these particular women will be able to do tonight in the ring. Maria and Mike put themselves over before Maria proclaims that the focus isnt on her tonight, but on the women behind her and on what they can do. She suggests each get a chance to introduce themselves to the IMPACT Audience, so first comes someone who became a lengthy rival of Maria’s Laura Dennis aka Allie aka Cherry Bomb.

Laura praises Maria just as she did in the first half of her run, remarking on her looks and her outfit as the definition of the “First Lady of Professional Wrestling”. Laura then says its time to speak on herself, as she is Laura and She is “So Cherry” (Oh the Pun). To Add the Giggly Laura suggests she is classier than the Knockouts Locker room and the women that stand before her in the ring. Laura’s heel moment is proceeded by the introduction of Jayme Jameson, as Maria asks her what exactly makes her a inspiring woman. Jayme only needs to flex her muscle to answer that one question. Maria asks what makes Jayme unique next, to which Jayme declares that she can keep up with the male counterparts, suggesting she and Mike “Flex Off” to show exactly that. But before she can try, Maria shoo’s her off and next summoned to the center is Ring of Honor Alumni Veda Scott.

Maria questions Veda on what she can bring to the Knockouts Division, but Veda responds by asking Maria why shes acting so formal, asking them to engage in a secret handshake instead, and when thats thrown off, so is the idea of coffee. Veda then is reminded of exactly what she was asked, exactly what she can bring to the Knockouts Division. Veda expresses her love for womens wrestling, and she found the chance of participating on Knockouts Knockdown as one she could not pass up on. Veda is dismissed, even in her chance to ask again on a coffee day with Maria, and Barbi proceeds with her own introduction, snatching the mic from Veda and stepping onto the apron, summoning the cameraman closer to her “Perfect face”. She introduces herself as the “Dominant, Insatiable, #AlwaysWinning” Barbi Hayden. The Charismatic competitor suggests those who know her in the audience bow down to her, stating You’re Welcome before returning to the ring. Note Trina Michaels is in the crowd with a mass fansign for Hayden.

Popular Cosplaying Wrestler, the Woman Some will Remember as Full Sails Fave “Blue Pants” steps up next, and she already loves the crowds support for her. Maria notices this too but questions how she will get the crowd to back her more than they already do tonight, to which Leva responds that each person is geeky over something, whether its comics, sports or themselves (pointing to Barbi Hayden specifically) and with that little geeky factor in her, and her ability to relate to each person in the audience, that is what she brings to the table. Next up is an evolving talent over time, Deonna, who Maria recalls seeing many times before, thus asking her what she will do differently compared to the times she has been seen in the ring before. Deonna says she comes in with more experience now, being back after two years, having travelled around places, and shes going to show shes not the shy girl they recognized her as being before, so she will win tonight, even at any means necessary. Maria then calls over a stylized Shelly Martinez, who some may remember as Kevin Thorns Valet Ariel or as IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Salinas. While Maria asks on her uniqueness, Shelly wants to voice her happiness at being back in the IMPACT Zone first. Shes not sure whether this answers Maria’s question, but she believes its certifiable to everyone that she will always be a Knockout. With that said, Shelly steps away from Maria and Maria is next face to face with someone who would eventually be her enforcer, Allysin Kay aka Sienna.

Maria takes fondness in Allysin already, but proceeds to ask her what she can bring to the Knockouts Division. Allysin corrects the Professed First Lady with what should be the question, rather what cant she bring to the Knockouts Division? Allysin states she wouldnt bring a cheap outfit or horrid weave, and furthermore she approaches her fellow Classy Lady and tells her that they show their classiness where she comes from by putting their Pinkies Up. Mike hilariously does so and it goes noticed by Maria. With that slight moment of hilarity out of the way, Maria switches back to serious mode, reminding each performer that on this night, one of these ladies may become an official Knockout, thus now is the introduction of each prospects opponent.

Mike and Maria step out now and JB is on hand to announce which Prospect will face which Knockout. He calls forth Laura Dennis firstly and out comes her opponent, then signed Knockout Velvet Sky. Jayme Jameson steps forward to find she is facing a tag team partner of hers from Shine Wrestling, then Signed Knockout, the very smiley then former Dollhouse Member Marti Belle. Veda Scott appears ecstatic as the third prospect to learn who she will challenge (hilariously mispronounced as Veda Sky here) but the smile drops seconds later at the reveal that it is Rosemary. Veda is terrified, even more when she finds she cant switch places with any other prospect. Barbi Hayden is next to step forward, definitely lacking no confidence, nor does she show any loss of confidence at the reveal that she would be taking on the then still developing and then signed Knockout Raquel. Its hit the halfway point there as Leva is the 5th prospect to discover her opponent, revealed as SHINE Tag Team Partner and rival Jade. Deonna follows up from Levas reveal, learning she is taking on Knockouts Veteran Madison Rayne. Shelly is then summoned over to JB to learn which Knockout she will take on, and the former Knockout finds that she will take on Rebel. Finally Allysin Kay learns she may have the biggest opponent in then 5x Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. With announcements concluded, JB wishes Luck to the Aspiring Competitors as well as to the Knockouts, with only one leaving the show as the Queen of the Knockouts.

(Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and the Aspiring Knockouts Segment)

(Aspiring Knockouts, Jeremy Borash and TNA Knockouts Segment)

(Match #1 Allysin Kay vs Gail Kim; Maria Kanellis-Bennett on Commentary)

The First Match of this particular show is possibly the biggest on paper, as Allysin Kay aka Sienna takes on Gail Kim. Maria Kanellis-Bennett has indeed joined commentary, being the enemy of Kim at the time. Gail, despite being the seen favorite to win this match, appears thrown off easy to start as a lock up leads to her easily being sent across the ring by Allysin. Gail rolls under the clothesline attempts from Allysin, and she begins to throw forearms in her direction, but the assault doesnt get completed as she runs into a shoulder block counter by Allysin. Its Presumed Allysin will cover Gail there but instead she throws forearms on the downed Gail Kim, and once Gail is brought to her feet, she is launched into a corner on the opposite side of the ring by Allysin. Allysin wears down Gail in that corner with kicks, but it appears not enough, as despite a strong whip into another opposite corner, Gail recovers in time to float out of the way of a corner splash. Allysin attempts to knock her off the apron, to no avail, and Gail flips back into the ring and runs the ropes, only to have a running crossbody countered by Allysin into a Big Fallaway Slam. Allysin goes for a cover on Gail there, but so far the offense is only enough to get a near fall.

Gail tries a comeback with forearms and kicks, but a bodyscissor follow up from Gail is diverted by Allysin and turned into a wheelbarrow suplex. Allysin proceeds to cover for the second time, again getting a near fall on the veteran. Gail uses some kicks to knock off Sienna, one enough to knock her into a corner. However again Allysin has one upped Gail by avoiding her corner splash, but Gail makes it back to the ring to whip Allysin into an opposite corner, or so thought as Allysin positions herself against the ropes and yanks Gail with much strength to the turnbuckles. The Momentous moment by Allysin doesnt take Gail down however, as the then aspiring competitor gets another near fall on Gail. Gail is back again with kicks and forearms, taking Allysin to a different corner. Gail connects with her corner splash this time around, then seizing Allysin by the legs after taking herself to ringside, possibly looking to use the figure four she had sometime ago, but instead she has eyes on the rivals Mike and Maria. Gail tries to climb back into the ring after losing a little focus due to the presence of Maria, but it proves costly, as Allysin manages to send Gail crashing downwards to the ringside floor. Allysin joins Gail on the outside, planting her face against the mat with Maria getting a view, then proceeding to roll the Knockout into the ring then heading in herself after. Allysin takes the momentum after Gail struggles to whip her to a corner, reversing into her own and adding enough impact for Gail to take a nasty plummet into the turnbuckles back first. Allysin soaks in this moment of momentum before the next pin attempt, another that closes with a near fall result.

Allysin attempts a corner assault, diverted by Gails back elbow counter. Gail strikes as she teases a tilt-a-whirl headscissor which indeed ends up tilted into the Black Widow. She tries to bring the bigger competitor down with it but Allysin appears to get back on her feet easy, and Gail tries to switch up to a possible roll up, though Allysin remains standing, then countering into a cross armbreaker, broken only through a sudden roll up counter by Gail, ending in a near fall result. Allysin goes for the AK47, countered by Gail into the Codebreaker. Allysin eventually recovers, going for a corner splash that she misses as Gail moves to safety. Gail fires a little offense then runs the ropes, connecting with running clotheslines, and while these dont take Allysin down, a running dropkick instead does. Gail ends up leaping to the turnbuckles, connecting with a diving crossbody right on top of Sienna to score another near fall. Gail readies Eat Defeat, but Allysin knocks off her attempt, thus Gail switches up to a DDT. Gail is heading up the ropes again after getting back on her feet, but switches focus to a yelling Mike Bennett at ringside and dives onto him. This prompts an Angry Maria to throw Gail to the other side of ringside in response, and Gail struggles to recover much from Maria’s sneaky assault that she doesnt make it to the ring before a ten count, leading to Allysin getting a big win. Allysin wins the match.

When Gail does get back in the ring, she vents her fury at the Bennetts over their intervention. Sad at her loss, she demands Maria and Mike to get in the ring later in the night for a tag match, with Gails Partner not identified until that particular time.

(Match #2 Rebel vs Shelly Martinez)

Match Two is Upon Us Now and its Shelly Returning to the IMPACT Zone to face then Heel and once Dollhouse Member Rebel. Beforehand, Shelly expresses her excitement at being back in the backstage area, wishing to pay tribute to her grandmother and to mexican heritage in her match tonight, asking the fans to follow her in her battles, and she leaves a message for Rebel to close before we head to the ring to see Shelly step out for her entrance.

Out comes Shelly, proceeded by the Solo then Knockout Rebel. Physicality doesnt open, but rather a battle of crowd reaction between Rebel and the Aspiring Performer, with Shelly of course getting the babyface fan reaction. After hurling audible insults at one another, Rebel and Shelly lock up, with Shelly taking over early by using strength to force a screeching Rebel into the corner. Rebel takes her time to remove her jacket in preparation for battle again, but eventually chucks it at Rebel, evoking a reaction. Shelly arm drags Rebel, reverting to an armbar. After some time Rebel gets to the second rope, able to break off from Shellys maneuver. Rebel appears angry at the damage done, charging over to Shelly who one ups Rebel with a drop toe hold. Shelly places herself atop Rebel, tying her left arm behind her back before reverting to a surfboard type stretch on the mat. Shelly turns Rebel over for the first pin attempt, getting a near fall.

Shelly forearms and fists Rebel into a corner, and the referee comes between Shelly and Rebel in the midst of Shellys corner choke. Rebel has a big boot attempt quickly blocked by Shelly, who sends her stretched out used leg onto the mat, and Shelly takes advantage of Rebels position to connect with a sliding dropkick. Rebel hides behind the ref before Shelly can continue the offense, and after Shelly drags away the ref, she turns and has her eye raked by Rebel. Rebel switches momentum to her side with an axe handle to the back followed with some catty slaps to Shelly on the mat. A Battle of reversals soon works in the favor of Rebel, as she applies her own variation of an Abdominal Stretch. Rebel rolls into a leg scissor with a Non PG Reaction from Shelly (any kids watching may want to mute audio for about 20 seconds). Anyway back to the wrestling now as Rebel takes Shelly back up and places her against the corner for a foot choke, but missing a handspring maneuver into the corner when Shelly moves. Shelly arm drags and clotheslines Rebel in the attempt to reverse momentum, sending Rebel down again with a back elbow and corner toss, two to be exact. Shellys crossbody ends up being too low as does Rebels counter and both end up on the mat as Rebel struggles to even get her upward into what could have been a fallaway slam counter or side slam. Shelly knees Rebel and nails a DDT, and Rebel ends up on the outside for the spot many will end up recalling as Shellys suicide dive takes a horrid turn when she gets stuck. Luckily Rebel saves her from a head first landing and rolls her back into the ring for a pin attempt, pinning her. Rebel wins the match.

(Match #3 Velvet Sky vs Laura Dennis)

Match Three is next and out is Laura Dennis, emerging to what would be Marti Belle’s future theme (which definitely does not suit Laura). Laura, regardless, is the heel here per the earlier comments about being more classier than any aspiring or current Knockout. Laura has furthered these comments by mocking Velvet Sky in a pre taped backstage segment, knocking her looks while labelling the potential victory for herself as “The Bomb” (a pun based on the Cherry Bomb indie ring name). Regardless we are back to the present day after this to see Velvet Sky enter, only to become an immediate target for Laura, who ambushes the OG Knockout amidst her apron pose. Lauras aggressiveness does not let up as she takes herself outside to continue on the assault, planting the head of Velvet against the apron. She rolls Velvet to the ring, proceeding with some forearms to the then Knockout, then utilizing the turnbuckles as she smacks the face of Velvet against selective top turnbuckles. However Velvet manages to block a fourth turnbuckle smash with her foot, throwing an elbow at Laura before giving Laura a taste of her own medicine, courtesy of some turnbuckle smashes of her own. While Laura blocks attempt number three with a whip reversal, its not long before she becomes familiar with the turnbuckles again courtesy of a drop toe hold by Velvet that sends her into a corners second turnbuckle. Velvet rolls Laura into a schoolgirl, and the first pin attempt ends with a near fall result. Velvet rolls Laura into an inside cradle to make up for the last pin attempt, but to her dismay, she doesnt pin Laura. A Third roll up only ends the same way as Laura kicks out again.

Velvet nails a boot into Laura’s midsection, followed with a snapmare. Velvet strikes with a knee into Laura’s back, complete with a basement dropkick but the retaliation offense of Sky again gets her a near fall. Laura flees to the corner, managing to send Velvet into it as she tries to seize Laura for her next offense. Laura chokes Velvet on the end of the middle rope, playing up innocence before choking Velvet against the bottom rope. Velvet tries to fight back with forearms but momentum simmers quickly for the former Knockouts Champion when Laura hits with a knee. Laura proceeds with the next pin attempt, and its a near fall again. In disbelief at that first pin, she looks to pin again, but Velvet keeps fighting.

Velvets momentum returns with various clotheslines, a running discus elbow and boot to the midsection following up. After a double kick, Velvet connects with a neckbreaker proceeded with a running bulldog sold excellently by Laura. Velvet covers but the count stops at two, courtesy of Laura having her feet on the ropes. Laura charges over to Velvet, caught in an eventual Russian Leg Sweep from the Knockout, who capitalizes with another pin attempt, ending with another near fall. Velvet kicks Laura once shes back on her feet, looking for a possible neckbreaker again but Laura bumps herself into the corner and breaks herself off. Laura proceeds with a double leg takedown and covers, sneaking her feet on the ropes that Earl somehow never notices. Laura wins the match.

(Match #4 Leva Bates vs Jade)

Currently Allysin Kay and Laura Dennis have seized spots in the Knockouts Gauntlet while Rebel is the only official Knockout to do so, and another spot is up for grabs as Leva Bates, the Aspiring Knockout, challenges an interesting opponent, her SHINE Tag Team Partner also turned nemesis Jade. The Cosplaying Competitor is first to head to the six sided ring, proceeded by the entrance of Jade, who at the time was only just transitioning into solo competition per Maria’s manipulation over the once dominant Dollhouse. Theres quite the crowd reaction for Leva to begin, which goes noticed by Jade, before eventual physicality.

Jade hooks Leva in a side headlock to kick things off, but its not long before Leva can find a way to counter Jade, doing so by hooking her in an arm wringer. Leva shows off with a little spinning routine after one upping Jade with her continual arm wringers, and as Jade charges towards her, she brings yet another counter, in the form of a drop toe hold. Leva nails a kick before going for the first pin attempt, getting a near fall on Jade. Leva has Jade caught in the corner, throwing knees at her and forearms. Leva completes this round of offense with a springboard knee before launching her hat at a far from amused Jade. Jade misses a clothesline and Leva capitalizes with a roll up, only enough to get a near fall. After a forearm, Leva tries to whip Jade from one corner to the other but Jade manages to reverse, sending Leva back first into that particular corner. Leva floats out before Jade can connect with the corner splash, and after forearming Jade from outside, Leva heads over the second rope and rolls back in, spearing Jade following that impressive showing of athleticism. However Jade remains fighting, evident as Leva only gets a near fall on the Veteran Knockout.

Leva attempts a running crossbody next, but instead Jade has her caught. Jade connects with a backbreaker, throwing forearms towards the face of Leva after. Jade looks to have some fun, courtesy of playing with Levas hat after, but the aggressiveness of Jade can easily be foreseen as she ends up stomping on it seconds after. This aggravates the cosplay loving, eccentric Leva who forearms Jade only to be kicked to the mat. Jade is even using Levas own outfit against her, tying the string on her gear around her throat while trying to maneuver herself around to block the referees view. Jade reverts to a side headlock to hide it momentarily before releasing Leva completely, dragging her to the center seconds later to hook her in the Muta Lock. Leva manages to elbow Jade in the side of the head to break herself off from the veteran. Jade gets revenge with a kick to Leva, followed with a knee to the back. Jade attacks her against two different corners before Leva begins to summon up momentum with forearms to take herself and Jade out of the corner, but a forearm by Jade knocks her toward the middle turnbuckle. Leva whips Jade to an opposite corner, but Jade floats as she charges over, applying the tarantula submission. Jade releases before an eventual five count to avoid a DQ but gets mouthy with the referee, and with Jade turned away from Leva, Leva capitalizes once more, only this time with a schoolgirl pin, though ending in a near fall.

Jade superkicks Leva before she can even strike back again, delivering a kick after prancing around her before connecting with a vertical suplex. Jade goes for the next pin attempt, but Leva stays fighting as this pin attempt closes with a two count. Leva chops at Jade then runs the ropes, but before any particular offense can be executed by Leva, shes seized by Jade, who reverses into a back suplex. The Maneuver leaves Leva flat on the mat, though she forces herself up at the count of two to avoid taking a pinfall. Jade attempts a standing STO, having little notice for Leva hanging onto the ropes. This allows for Leva to block the move and Jade vents at the ref. As Jade turns back over, Leva charges towards her and connects with a Codebreaker suddenly. Both are back on their feet at exactly the count of nine, and Leva is first to throw offense, in the form of many high knees. Leva connects with a running knee after running the ropes, and a back kick proceeds that. However Jade remains fighting when another pin attempt from Leva ends in a near fall.

Leva blocks retaliating offense by Jade and takes her down with a Northern Lights suplex, leading to one more near fall. Leva readies Sweet Chin Music, only for Jade to block, and a Huge German Suplex follows by Jade to Leva, again with a near fall pinfall result following. Jade is a little stumbly but tries charging over to Leva only for Leva to send her into the ropes. Leva clambers to the apron and connects with a knee to Jade as she hangs groggy against the bottom rope. With Jade lying against another corner, Leva drives her knees into the Knockout, and its not the first time Leva uses her knees advantageously, jumping from the top turnbuckle and connecting with a double stomp to Jades back. Leva darts over for the next pin attempt, but it seems she still cant put away Jade yet as shes up again at two. Leva heads to the turnbuckles again, only to take a high kick from Jade. Leva takes a slap from Jade also, who ends up joining her on the turnbuckles. Leva one ups Jade as they battle there, managing to knock her to the mat, and Leva recovers from a little botch of losing her rope balance to climb back up and attempt double knees. Unfortunately for her, Jade has slipped out of the way, and the finish comes moments later when Jade connects with the STO. Jade covers the fallen Leva and has the win. Jade wins the match.

(Match #5 Rosemary w/ Crazy Steve vs Veda Scott)

Match Number Five has Ring of Honor Alumni Veda Scott Challenging the Decays Rosemary. Veda makes her way to the ring and we get a short pre taped backstage promo from Veda in regards to facing Rosemary, crumbling at the thought of it when announced at the start of the show. She doesnt even have words to express the creepiness of Decay, but tries to battle her own thoughts of fear as she recognizes herself as the smartest while her attributes dont include being the biggest or the strongest. She says she will think of something (maybe a possible winning strategy) but the sudden arrival of cold may bring a shiver to her spine before the presence of Rosemary does. Speaking of Rosemary, we return to present day to see Veda finally face her rival for the night as Rosemary makes her entrance, with an equally creepy Crazy Steve at her side.

Veda is clearly back to being petrified once she views the Decay Members, expressing her fear of their personas on the mic. Veda admits she tried to trade places with another woman backstage to try avoid clashing with Rosemary, that or Rosemary and her cohort would have headed back to where they originated from, but to no avail. Veda looks towards her opponent (and Steve) and says she looks at her and views her possibly being afraid of her. This would appear a challenge to the Decay, but they cackle at the courageous antics of Veda instead. Steve eventually departs from the ring, but the long gaze exchanged between himself and Veda proves the opening distraction, as Rosemary attacks Veda from behind, beginning this one on one match.

Rosemary forearms Veda against the corner, then snapmaring Veda out of it. Heading to the center, Rosemary hooks Veda by her hair but Veda soon finds a way to break loose from the Demon Assassin, courtesy of a kick. Vedas courage kicks in further as she executes a tilt-a-whirl headscissor, and after a dropkick, she tries to cover the Decay Member, but getting a near fall. Rosemary forearms out of a potential suplex attempt but a elevated double kick from Veda blocks the oncoming assault of Rosemary after. Veda heads up the turnbuckles in preparation for an aerial assault, but its not long before Steve tries to entrance the once fired up competitor, whose fears kick in again. As Steve innocently bows out (someone GIF that reaction) Veda goes for a crossbody but is caught by Rosemary. Rosemary spins Veda around before connecting with a backbreaker. Veda hits elbows after taking some forearms from Rosemary, but Rosemary matches the offense. Veda whips Rosemary to a corner, but uses her boot to block Vedas follow up attack. Veda tumbles towards Rosemary, caught in her illegal hanging headscissor. Rosemary eventually releases and crawls back into the ring, but Veda is quick to hook the Demon Assassin in a maneuver, stretching the arm in an armbar while also having her caught in a headscissor. Rosemary forces Veda upward with the move intact, ramming her back first between the first and second turnbuckle. Rosemary covers, but to her dismay Veda still fights, and its another near fall.

Rosemary connects with a snapmare before seizing Veda in an indian deathlock. Veda tries to push Rosemary to the mat for a pin attempt, but Rosemary gets herself up quick and overturns the maneuver into a bodyscissor. Rosemary rolls over but Veda takes advantage to apply a surfboard type submission. Rosemary reverts to some sure illegalities to break the hold, biting Vedas foot. Veda is still fighting however, and after some forearms, she takes to the ropes and she takes down Rosemary with multiple running elbows. Veda connects with a snapmare driver for another near fall. Various reversals ensue between the two from there, ending with Veda taking momentum as she drives Rosemary to the mat with a huge spear. The Assault isnt complete yet as Veda also connects with a running basement dropkick and many more follow as well as an inziguiri in the hopes of keeping down the Demon Assassin. Steve crawls to the apron again to try catch the attention of Veda, to which he does. She gives him a slap but before he can react the ref gets involved. Veda turns back to the action by trying to kick Rosemary, and with the ref turned away Rosemary utilizes her painful mist as she spits it in Vedas face, covering after and getting the definite three count. Rosemary wins the match.

(Match #6 Raquel vs Barbi Hayden)

Like Brandi Rhodes is this year, last year Raquel was the companies developing Knockout, and her match with Barbi Hayden on this particular show served as her in ring debut. Barbi enters first for in ring competition, showing some pleasure at being praised by her acting fan Trina Michaels behind the barrier. However, her mood switches quickly when she buries the crowd for not cheering for her, claiming she has fans all over the world. Barbi brings up her next point, Raquel, who she slams for thinking shes a superstar. She States This is (The World of) Wrestling, something shes been doing for years and people like her “Number 1 Fan” Trina know who the real winner is, easily stating herself. After those verbal jabs, entering the ring is Raquel, IMPACTs first ever Knockout from Brazil.

The action gets swift once in the ring, as a fast paced Raquel dodges the opening clothesline attempt from Barbi and goes for a wheelbarrow type maneuver, one that Barbi blocks only for Raquel to reverse into a arm drag, with a second to follow. Raquel targets the arm of Barbi before being whipped to an opposite corner. A Shoulder tackle from Barbi takes down Raquel, seizing Barbi her first near fall on the competitor. Barbi chokes Raquel against the corner before Raquel’s reversal ends up with her pressed against the corner post. Raquel grabs Barbi but ends up taken back into the corner, soon snapmared out of it to take a kick to the back of the neck. Raquel soon gets back up and whips Barbi, hitting her with a shoulder block as she makes her way back. Raquel goes for a pin attempt there, getting a near fall result.

Raquel goes for the next offense, but Barbi seeks her freedom, bringing herself between the ropes. Raquel tries to whip Barbi but Barbi reverses, taking her down with a clothesline. Barbi runs the ropes, only to be stopped sometime later by Raquels attempt at an arm drag. Barbi stays put thus Raquel lodges her knee into Barbis midsection and performs a flip before an arm drag. Raquel rolls Barbi over and gets another near fall. Barbi ends up scrapping with Raquel by the ropes, and after releasing at a count of two, she adds further insult with a knee strike. Barbi whips Raquel, tossing her across the ring as she charges towards her. Barbi takes advantage of the switch in momentum to drive her knees into the left side rib. She follows with an elbow to the back before planting her face against a corner turnbuckle. Barbi wears down Raquel in the corner with a double shoulder tackle, rolling her from the corner after a high running knee.

Barbi delivers a kick to Raquel, followed up with a fishermans buster suplex, with the move enough to get a near fall. Barbi with a whip again but this time following along with her, so when Raquel turns from the ropes, shes immediately hit with a knee courtesy of Barbi. Barbi does the same on the opposite ropes, and after another whip, she strikes with a knee in the center this time to Raquel. Barbi reverts near instantly into an abdominal stretch, using elbows to inflict further damage. Raquel comes back with a headscissor to drive Barbi down, following with a codebreaker post whip reversal. Raquel continues the momentum with a hurricanrana, and after a knee, she drives her knee into Barbis back before applying an armbar. With Barbi struggling to get to the ropes, a different matter would have to help Barbi, and along comes Trina Michaels, hitting the apron to distract Raquel. While Raquel manages to deal with Trina, it ultimately helps Barbi as she attacks from behind nailing a hangmans DDT moments later for the victory. Barbi wins, becoming the third aspiring Knockout to join the later Gauntlet.

Its not all sour grapes for Raquel however, as she gets a measure of revenge on Hayden and Michaels. Raquel ends up dropkicking Barbi out of the ring, before sending her knees into the back of the intervening Trina Michaels. Despite a loss, Raquel has the last laugh and has some damage done to Barbi before she can even step into the Gauntlet.

(Match #7 Deonna Purrazzo vs Madison Rayne)

5x Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne is next to compete against a continually evolving opposer in Deonna Purrazzo. The Killa’ Queen enters after Purrazzo, receiving a rather warm welcome from Deonna who wants nothing but a handshake from the respected Knockout. However will respect be thrown off in order to obtain victory? Lets see here…

A Lock up kicks off the match between Madison and Deonna, with Deonna getting the upper hand to begin with an arm wringer reversal. Deonna overturns into a side headlock, which Madison matches by reversing into one moments later. Madison surprises Deonna with a roll up, with the opponent kicking out quick at one. Deonna gets another handshake from Madison, though the Veteran appears weary just before Deonna rallies the crowd. They lock up again, this time with Deonna stretching the back of Madison post reversal. Madison powers through and trips Deonna, sending her head first to the mat. Madison rolls Deonna over for the second time, this time getting a near fall. Deonna continues the welcoming act but Madison is starting to sour at the actions of this Aspiring Knockout even more.

Madison captures Deonna in a waistlock, one that Deonna reverses into her own. Deonna then reverts to a side headlock, then an arm wringer into an arm drag. Madison again duplicates the opposing competitors offense with a retaliating arm drag, and some reversals work in Madisons favor as she gets to try and pin Deonna again, and a near fall result follows. Another roll up has Deonna caught, and after a near fall, Deonna reverts to fangirl mode with another congratulations to Madison over her performance. She gives her another handshake, and it wouldnt be long before Madison would learn her intentions, as she reverts to heel mode with an attack from behind. She hammers away at Madison with one stomp after the other to the point where Madison has to separate herself from the ring to regroup. Deonna heads outside to continue the assault, but Madison is back up in time and she delivers forearms to Deonna. Unfortunately for Madison, the next attack doesnt work entirely in her favor, as a whip reversal leads to her shoulder meeting the nearby steps rather than Deonna’s.

Madison isnt given time to recover, as Deonna drives Madison back first numerous times into the apron. Deonna climbs in the ring after rolling Madison back in, and once in she continues her vicious offense, in the form of knee drops, stomps and headbutts. Deonna continues to have much control as she executes shoulder tackles to Madison in a corner, but her next offense is diverted when Madison brings herself to the top rope. Madison rolls Deonna over to get another near fall. Madison doesnt get a long comeback courtesy of a low kick from Deonna followed by a running knee to the Knockouts Jaw. After a big clothesline, Deonna proceeds to cover Madison, but the veteran continues to fight, kicking out at two. Deonna isnt taking this result lightly and goes for the secondary pin, only ending with a mirrored result.

Deonna screeches at the ref over her assured result and immediately captures Madison in a side headlock. She manages to bring Madison to the ropes but Madison soon gets back to her feet and hits elbows to Deonna, taking her down momentarily with a double elbow before she ends up being sent down by a huge forearm counter. Deonna suplexes Madison then attempts a singular knee drop again, only not connecting when Madison rolls to safety. Deonna additionally misses a back body drop, allowing for Madison to take advantage with an inziguiri. As both try to get back to their feet, a battle of forearms between the two ladies ensues, with Madison ultimately taking over, even reverting to chops as she fires back. She sends down Deonna with an elbow, and the follow up Northern Lights Suplex plays into the Killa’ Queen’s next pin attempt, ending in another near fall result. Madison nails double kicks, both in the center, and she then makes her way to the top turnbuckle, going for a crossbody that doesnt hit the target per Deonna moving out of the way. Deonna connects with the earlier missed Back Body Drop but to her dismay, the veteran Knockout is still battling, kicking out again at two. Deonna debates this with the ref, and ends up walking right into the finishing move of Madison Rayne for the three count. Madison wins the match.

(Match #8 Jayme Jameson vs Marti Belle)

The Last Singles Match of the Pay Per View finds Jayme Jameson battling her SHINE Tag Team Partner and then Signed Knockout, former Dollhouse Member Marti Belle. Jayme enters with the theme currently used for Alisha on this years recently premiered KOs Knockdown, and like much of her aspiring Knockouts, she has something to say in a pre tape. She accuses Marti of running her mouth then hiding behind the Dollhouse, but she has no one to hide behind tonight. Jayme is bringing it and suggests Marti puts her money where her mouth is. No Hint on the backstory of the two, not even when Marti enters with her then Dollhouse theme music.

The Two lock up and Jayme plays the power game early by easily slamming Belle to the mat. Belle looks to match the offense of Jayme, to no avail as she becomes the victim of another slam. Marti manages to use her power to her advantage next by powering Jayme to the corner post, and traditional heel smack talk from Marti follows, aggravating Jayme enough to push her down to the mat. Marti attempts to attack but a drop toe hold sends her flat to the mat, and a smart front facelock follows from Jayme to Marti. Marti steps on the foot of Jayme as she keeps her hooked, eventually taking her back to the earlier corner, where she drives her shoulder multiple times into the opposition. Jayme counters Marti’s attempt at a corner splash and takes her down. Marti has had enough and screams for a time out as she cowers by the bottom rope. Jayme is having none of it, seizing Marti by her hair but Marti doesnt want back in the ring and counters Jayme with a stunner. Taking advantage of the clear switch in momentum, Marti quickly hits the ring and flattens Jayme with a big clothesline. Marti forearms at her, stalking her as she tries to make her way to the corner, where she takes an additional kick from Marti. Marti takes in the divided chants after a corner hip attack to Jayme, before being slammed by Jayme. Jayme gets a near fall.

Marti appears to poke Jayme in the eye just before clotheslining her to the mat. She follows up with the next pin attempt, getting a near fall on Jayme. Marti continues the momentum as she tosses Jayme across the ring, and another cover follows, with Jayme kicking out at one. Marti reverts to a stretch, keeping it intact even after Jayme tries to bring her shoulders to the mat for one fall. Jayme gets back to her feet, turns and brings down Marti with a clothesline, and a second follows before Jayme switches up to a axe handle. Jayme vertical slams Marti for another near fall. Jayme trash talks the regrouping Indy Partner before receiving a headbutt and clothesline in response, which Marti believes is enough to end the match, only for Jayme to show otherwise by kicking out again. Jayme forearms Marti to begin her next load of offense, and after some more, she looks to pin Marti, only to notice that Marti has placed her foot on the ropes to cancel her pin attempt. After taking all this in, she takes Marti into the center, hoping to pin her there, but Marti has now recovered and is up at two.

Jayme and Marti engage in many reversals after Marti ends up on the end of a possible slam. A Russian Leg Sweep is overturned into a clothesline from Marti, and rather than Marti debut the Pedigree for extra damage, she pins Jayme there. Marti wins the match, overcoming her Shine Tag Team Partner and joining her former Dollhouse members Rebel and Jade in the ending Gauntlet.

(Match #9 Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs DJ Z and Gail Kim)

Backstage Maria is venting over the earlier events from Gails Match where she busted open Mike Bennett. She warns the Veteran that is doesnt matter who her partner is for the scheduled mixed tag as no one messes with them, and an equally aggravated Mike Bennett makes it clear that he also has little care for who will partner with Gail, as he will take out his anger on the earlier cut on them.

We head to the arena to be greeted with the presence of Maria on the stage, delivering her usual introductory promo before bringing out to the stage the Professed “Miracle” Mike Bennett. Mike enters with his wife then along comes Gail Kim, with her partner soon revealed as X Division Star DJ Z. Zema and Gail step in the ring, and Gail demands to start off against her then rival Maria, but on multiple attempts she evades by hiding and by reaching to Mike to make him enter the ring in her place. The Men work much of the match and it isn’t until the last few minutes that the heat picks up on the side of the Knockouts, as Maria, instead of being on the apron in case Mike needs to desperately tag her in, sneaks around ringside to try and stop Gail reaching out to DJ Z. She ends up yanking Gail off the apron, sending her crashing to the ringside floor, but Gail recovers later to get revenge on Maria after Maria broke up Zema’s pin attempt on Mike. After a spear Gail ends up brawling with Maria, with Mike grabbing her by her hair to break her away from his wife. He ends up taken down by Zema, but the momentum ends up shifting moments later to the heels as Mike catches Zema mid air and connects with a Michinoku Driver. Mike and Maria win the Match.

(Match #10 Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet Match)

The Main Event is the conclusion of the show, the Traditional Gauntlet that could see the Crowning of a New Queen of the Knockouts. Participating are Allysin Kay, Rebel, Laura Dennis, Jade, Rosemary, Barbi Hayden, Madison Rayne and Marti Belle. The Match is ultimately won by Jade who last eliminates Madison Rayne via Pinfall per the rules of the Gauntlet when down to the remainder of two competitors (the normal rules of a singles bout). Jade is the 2016 Queen of the Knockouts, and Maybe the Last as the 2017 Knockouts Knockdown Main Event instead ensures a contract delivered to the victor of the final pinfall in tag team competition.

– Catherine


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