IMPACT WRESTLING ONE NIGHT ONLY RIVALS RESULTS: The Beautiful People Have a Sacrifice Rematch (March, 17th 2017)

Welcome All to March’s One IMPACT Wrestling One Night Only Pay Per View, suitably titled Rivals. The Pay Per View played host to reigniting some known feuds that have taken place over time, whether recent or of olden day, and not only that, but it served as the in ring return of a long awaited resigned veteran (prior to vicious character change) Angelina Love.

Before she can be welcomed back to Orlando, the 6x Knockouts Champion, the very first 6x Knockouts Champion to be precise, stands in the back with Broadcast Correspondent McKenzie Mitchell. McKenzie announces that the veteran Knockout is facing a fellow Veteran, her on and off Beautiful People comrade Madison Rayne, and its noted that the two have been friends so what exactly is their relationship at this time? Angelina answers that very question as she reflects on the constant switches in alignment from friends to enemies back and forth, and they are fittingly battling at the appropriately named Rivals Pay Per View if that answers the question. Angelina notes to McKenzie that she brought Madison into IMPACT Wrestling, and over the past 8+ years they’ve had moments in the ring together, and shes excited to be in the ring with her. She loves her and she hates her so all she can say is May the Best Knockout win.

After a brief segment featuring the temporary duo of Rockstar Spud and Aron Rex (Rex is gone now from the company) Madison Rayne heads to the ring, and within moments she has a mic. She notes tonight is suitably titled Rivals, and throughout her career shes had a lot of feuds and a lot of enemies. However, she feels she may have more friends in this current era, but tonight shes taking things back to a more “glitter filled” time of her career by calling out a well known frenemy, welcoming down Angelina Love. Out Comes Love for her IMPACT Wrestling in ring return, donning a babyface persona (for now). Before Madison can get physical, she wants to duplicate the crowd by giving Angelina a welcome back. To Add she sees Angelina as the one woman she has stepped in the ring with that shes loved and hated more than anyone else, and shes excited for their match. Angelina isn’t mad over her comments, having said similar backstage. She loves her and she hates her, so to put out again what was said earlier, May the Best Knockout win.

Madison and Angelina lock up, and its not long before Angelina takes control with a hammerlock overturned into a waistlock. Madison reverses then rolls Angelina over, only getting a one count on the fellow veteran. A Friendly exchange ensues before Angelina regroups and its back to square one with the second lock up between the Knockouts. A Battle of strength is divided between the two with constant reversals until Angelina takes over with a side headlock applied in the center to Madison. Madison tries to release Angelina from herself by pushing her to the ropes but is taken down within seconds by a shoulder block. Angelina performs an irish whip to send Madison to the ropes, but Madison responds after hitting the ropes by rolling over, taking Angelina with her and bridging into the next pin attempt. Madison gets the first near fall on Angelina.

Madison is quickly back on offense as she takes Angelina down with a running shoulder tackle. Angelina rolls to a corner to regroup, and Madison extends her hand to help up the once Beautiful People partner. Angelina accepts the show of sportsmanship, but its not long before that all changes as Angelina blindsides Madison with a wicked forearm, reverting to her known heel persona. She continually forearms at Madison as shes pressed against the mat then proceeds to steal Madison’s queenly wave taunt. Madison responds with forearms to the midsection then chops to the chest. However before Madison can use any more momentum, Angelina flattens the fellow veteran with a clothesline. Angelina proceeds with a pin attempt and gets a near fall.

Angelina performs another whip to send Madison back first into a corner, though she misses the follow up corner splash when Madison moves to safety. Madison seizes Angelina by the hair while still on the apron but before she can do much else, Angelina responds with a jawbreaker. A Follow up baseball slide dropkick from Angelina sends Madison right to the floor, and Madison only just gets to the apron when the six count is reached when Angelina knocks her down again. Madison clambers into the ring for the count of seven as Angelina simply poses on the top turnbuckle, but once the fellow former Knockouts Champion is back in the ring, shes back on the attack, seizing Madison and driving her to the mat with a powerslam for another near fall. Angelina reverts to a stretch hold moments later, broken by a jawbreaker counter from Madison. Madison avoids a clothesline from Angelina, taking her down with her own. After an elbow, she drives Angelina face first into a corner turnbuckle, multiple to be exact. After exposing her head to many turnbuckles, Madison proceeds to boot Angelina near the center, enough for another near fall.

Madison next sets up her finisher, but Angelina swivels into a reversal, executing a flapjack and following into a submission. Unfortunately for Angelina this innovative submission wont be submitting Madison as her foot reaches a nearby rope to cancel it out and force breakage. Madison reverses Angelinas next move into the Voodoo drop but is stunned to see Angelina kick out of one of her current finishers. Madison has her set up for the other finisher again but Angelina sneakily rakes the eye, and after the dirty maneuver, Angelina rolls Madison into a schoolgirl pin for the three count. Angelina wins the match.

(Madison Rayne vs Angelina Love 25.57 – 37.43)

Thoughts On This Match:
Considering most of the Pay Per View renews heated feuds it was only logical for Angelina to revert to heel during the match as it not only gives a preview of the persona that came after (the current affiliation with Davey Richards) but it plays up on Angelina and Madison’s history and the amount of times Angelina had screwed and thrown away her alignment with Madison and vice/versa. Considering this was Angelina’s return match and as Madison is currently playing enhancement for other Knockouts, Angelina’s win was expected here in what was a good match.

– Catherine


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