IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: Tested Against the Vicious Veteran (March, 25th 2017)

Welcome One and All to a new week of wrestling, which will feature a new set of tapings for IMPACT Wrestling leading up to Slammiversary. In the meantime lets catch up on what the Knockouts have been doing on the recent Xplosion episodes, beginning with the end of last month when Brandi got a rare singles match against longtime veteran and 6x Knockouts Champion Angelina Love.

Entering first and without the presence of the equally menacing and cunning Davey Richards is Angelina Love, followed by the entrance of the solo Brandi Rhodes, as she also doesn’t need the support of her man at ringside. (You Guys may need to ignore the name graphics botches for these Two Knockouts as im sure Angelina and Brandi are definitely not Laurel or Jade). Apparently the locker room are very much eyeing this match, as noted by JB but Brandi doesn’t even get to complete her entrance, courtesy of a behind attack inside the six sided ring by Angelina. Following up that assault, the bell has been rung and Brandi’s singles match has begun.

The Audience are much behind Brandi as shes thrown to the mat by Angelina then snapmared from an opposite corner. Angelina follows Brandi to that opposite side of the ring to snapmare her again, before tying her own hair around her neck. One moment of viciousness leads to another as Angelina kicks Brandi to the ropes, then whipping her to the opposite ropes but to her shock, Brandi leaps over Angelina on the way back and surprises her with a kick and high knee once she turns. Angelina rolls out to regroup, then switches her intentions as it appears she may leave. Brandi has none of it, charging up the ramp after Angelina and seizing her before she can try and exit, firing hard chops at the former Knockouts Champion before leading her back into the ring. Brandi begins to head to the ropes, briefly interacting with the fans on the way up but it soon proves costly as shes sent back down to the floor courtesy of Angelina’s sudden baseball slide dropkick.

We return from a commercial break to see Brandi and Angelina back in the ring, with Angelina attempting to cover the lesser experienced Knockout, only to find shes still fighting despite the fall spot as she kicks out at two. Angelina continues the new found momentum by clawing at the back of Brandi before proceeding with a choke on the second rope. Angelina stalks the hurt Brandi for sometime around the ring before throwing forearms at her. She utilizes the nearby turnbuckle, smacking Brandi’s head against it before whipping her into an opposite one. Brandi recovers in time to block a corner splash, rolling over Angelina and getting a near fall of her own on the veteran Knockout. Before Brandi can do much else, shes floored by a clothesline from Angelina, taking an additional sidewalk slam. Angelina gets another near fall on Brandi.

Brandi reverses an attempted whip by Angelina and executes a drop toe hold to send Angelina to the mat. She tries to rope her way into an armbar only for Angelina to do the tripping this time. Angelina deals a few forearms to Brandi before utilizing her knee, driving Brandi’s chin downward into it. Angelina then knees the left side of Brandi, before switching back to targeting the chin. Angelina readies for the famed Botox Injection finisher, but Brandi slips out of harms way, firing chops at Angelina in retaliation, with a third enough to send her down. Brandi delivers a clothesline in addition to Angelina, followed with a standing jawbreaker. Brandi darts to the corner, clambers to the second rope and executes a missile dropkick, then rolling over Angelina for a one count as she instead switches up into a cross-face like submission. To Brandi’s dismay, Angelina manages to make it to the ropes, forcing Brandi to break off, and before Brandi can go for her next offense, Angelina throws Hebner in front of herself to block, though Brandi stops in time to avoid crashing into Hebner to get the possible disqualification. Brandi charges back over to Angelina once Hebner steps away, but is caught out by a double leg take-down from Angelina into a dirty pin attempt, per her sneaking her legs on the ropes in the last few seconds. Angelina wins the match.

(Angelina Love vs Brandi Rhodes)

Thoughts On This Match:
Its as JB defined in the last few seconds, experience vs inexperience, the story of the long tenured Knockout vs the Developing Knockout. Brandi is indeed expanding her arsenal and her pacing is improving, but the win was easily going to Angelina here as Brandi is still early in her in ring career. I Wonder how this match would look in a years time?

– Catherine


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