WWE NXT RESULTS: A Future Riot In The Making (April, 12th 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks NXT Report, and it appears NXT has entered a new phase, hence the new opening credits and theme song. Just a short few weeks removed from NXT Takeover Orlando and it appears two feuds are only more reigniting as Nikki Cross keeps a watchful eye on the recently debuted Ruby Riot, and Ember Moon reflects on her loss, speaking for the first time since being thwarted in controversial fashion by Asuka.

After a recap of Ember’s one single NXT Television defeat, we see Ember gracing the very same venue that very battle with Asuka took place in, only somber due to the defeat. Shes in disbelief over the ending of the match (as Asuka had pushed the referee into the ropes to throw off Ember’s attempt at her finishing Eclipse Maneuver) and she feels furthermore that it was her destiny to overcome Asuka. Regardless of this one slip up, shes adamant she will become the NXT Women’s Champion. It appears a rematch is fated between these two rivals.

From the past vignette to the present day, we head back to Full Sail to see that Ruby Riot is heading to the ring for singles competition, her first match post NXT Takeover Orlando, where she joined Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno and Tye Dillinger in combat against the eventually victorious Sanity Stable. Ruby’s opponent is a fellow signing, Kimberly Frankele otherwise better known as Kimber Lee.

The OVW Alumni locks up with Ruby to kick off the match, and Ruby is quickly overcome by an arm drag. Though Ruby makes it to her feet quick, before she can throw any offense, shes slapped by Kimber. Kimber deals two forearms in the corner to Ruby before driving her into the opposite corner, right into its top turnbuckle face first. Ruby spills towards another corner but regroups in time to block Kimbers next strike, leaping off the second rope afterward and performing a hurricanrana that sends Kimber to the other side of the ring. As Ruby plods over to the opposition, a past opposition soon has her attention, as Nikki Cross steps over to ringside. They briefly stare, but the timing is just right for Kimber to recover and strike against Ruby, in the form of a sit out jawbreaker. Kimber follows this with a backbreaker, enough to get a near fall.

Kimber continues on the momentum as she drives her knee into Rubys back, then taking her into an earlier corner and driving her face first into the top turnbuckle again. Kimber channels her inner Ric Flair for a moment with a chop directly to Ruby, but a second is blocked by Ruby who fires back with her own. Kimber attempts a clothesline only for Ruby to dodge, and the fellow competitor soon fights back with her own, adding a dropkick to her arsenal. Ruby uses her knees to drive Kimber face first into a middle turnbuckle as Nikki gets a view of the pain being inflicted in the ring from ringside, and she only looks on more as Ruby nails a superkick to Kimber. Ruby leads Kimber to the center, delivering her pele kick to finish. Ruby pins Kimber and wins the match, staring down Nikki as she heads up the ramp, having seen a fair bit of Ruby’s in ring ability.

And Lastly Billie and Peyton are hanging around the backstage area. Peyton is filming Billie touring around the backstage area when they end up spying their continual enemies Aliyah and Liv Morgan. Peyton proceeds to go over and mock them alongside Billie and having none of it, the feisty Liv pushes Billie Kay into a bathtub!

(Ember Moon Segment; Kimberly Frankele/Kimber Lee vs Ruby Riot feat Nikki Cross; Aliyah, Liv Morgan, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Ember Moon Segment: Its about time they gave us an extra reason to get behind Ember Moon. The Segment was really well done but there just happens to be one small catch i hadn’t thought of on first viewing. Embers character is supposed to be some sort of Mythical War Goddess so for someone portrayed to be some inhumane character, isn’t the factor of being sour at defeat a little odd? Ok maybe its just a nickname instead but Regardless, at least they are giving us reasoning to back Ember and surely this is leading to Embers much needed rematch for the championship, which i hope does happen.

Kimber/Ruby: Not very lengthy, but definitely much offense on Kimbers Part through much of the match with the typical babyface comeback from Ruby. I Can definitely agree that Ruby is good at promos and im glad to see her feud with Nikki continue rather than step straight into the title picture where Ember should be based on current developments, and so its clear Peyton and Billie aren’t becoming enhancements for those looking to be in the title picture (at least i hope not anyway).

– Catherine


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