WWE RAW RESULTS: Home State Favourite Awaits Championship Venture (April, 17th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks RAW Report and the heat is brewing in the newly spruced RAW Women’s Division seven days following the trade of Mickie James and Former Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss from Smackdown Live to the Said Flagship Show. These Two Particular Combatants will be joined by the continuously dominant Nia Jax and 3x RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks on this weeks show in a four way contest to decide the next contender to Bayleys Championship, and with things seemingly picking up between the gold holding “Huggable One” and Sasha Banks, one of two women to main event a PPV inside Hell in a Cell, will Banks, who we all know can be vicious, finally lay claim to a contendership spot to plot to dethrone her best friend? Lets find out…

After various packages hype each woman heading into this contest, we finally get to the one women’s match later in the show, beginning with the entrance of Sasha Banks, then Alexa Bliss, then Mickie James then lastly Nia Jax. When the bell rings, Nia seems to coax any talent into stepping up to her, with Alexa first to bail. However Sasha, with some aid from Mickie, looks to get revenge for Bliss’s shove last week, and the two ladies launch her into Nia. Nia easily takes down Bliss, who rolls to the outside as Nia deals with Sasha and Mickie. She knocks off the offense from Sasha then ends Mickie’s attempt to lock a dragon sleeper by ramming her back first into a corner. Nia boots away Sasha as she gets back to her feet, but this also allows for Mickie to leap forward and away from the turnbuckles to try latch onto Nia again. Mickie throws fists at Nia while clung to her back but its not long before she meets the mat. Nia splashes Mickie against an opposite corner then proceeds to knee her in the face before trying for her first pin, ending with a near fall result to her dismay due to intervention from Alexa Bliss.

Nia soon recognizes Alexa’s attempt and tries to punish her as she tries to bail from the bigger foe. Alexa delivers a big slap to Nia but having realized what more shes done she tries to scurry from the ring, seized by her hair on the way out but Sasha and Mickie deliver dropkicks in unison to send Nia out of the ring. With Bliss and Nia out for a short moment, its down to Mickie and Sasha, who lock up in the ring while Bayley watches from the locker room. Sasha tries to end things early with a roll up that only gets her a one count on the veteran, and Mickie matches up with her own pin attempt post takedown, getting a one count too.

The Two lock up again, this time with Sasha taking over with an arm wringer into a hammerlock. She performs an irish whip to send Mickie to the ropes, only for Mickie to run forward and smack her with a running shoulder block to send her to the mat. Mickie follows this with a show of athleticism complete with a dropkick before she ends up staring out Banks again and vice versa. Mickie goes for a clothesline, missed as Sasha ducks from it, and Sasha overturns the momentum with a hurricanrana. However this momentum is short lived as Sasha eats an elbow from Mickie on her way to the corner, giving Mickie enough time to haul herself to the top rope to perform her own hurricanrana from the corner. Mickie nails a DDT to follow up but as she tries to pin Sasha, shes dragged from the ring by Nia. Nia seizes Mickie but before she can do much else, Sasha crashes onto both of them, courtesy of a dive above the middle rope. Sasha seems to again have the momentum while her fellow women are currently reeling heading into the commercial break.

When we return, Alexa has slipped back into the match, attempting to pin her former comrade Mickie James back in the ring to only get a two count instead. Alexa plants Mickie with her standing STO to follow up from any earlier offense delivered to the veteran, again getting a near fall. Alexa does not notice Nia awaiting behind and runs the ropes, soon running into Nia’s clutches as the dominant athlete slams her to the mat with ease. Speaking of clutches, its not long before Nia has another target in her hands as she catches Sasha mid crossbody, sending her tumbling onto Alexa also, then lastly sending Mickie onto Bliss. Nia covers Mickie and gets a near fall, ragdolling her in a follow up hold while Sasha and Alexa appear to be recovering. Mickie tries to retaliate with elbows but gets tossed to a corner by Nia. Nia splashes Mickie against the corner and soon has the Small but fierce Alexa attempting to take her down with a double leg takedown, but it barely works and instead Alexa soon ends up in Nia’s hands. Nia also ragdolls Alexa across the ring, even managing to cut off the newly found momentum of Sasha Banks with an elbow strike. Nia sends Sasha to the ropes and scoops her up on her way back, latching her in a bearhug submission. Sasha shows signs of fading but not completely as she soon finds it in her to reverse into a guillotine. Unfortunately it does little as Nia powers through and sends down Banks with a vertical suplex. Nia goes for the hopeful winning pin there but not so fast as Mickie James interferes, breaking up her pin at two.

Mickie gets scrappy with Nia, launching one fiery forearm after the other at the more powerful opponent, but power is indeed the great factor for Nia as she manages to scoop Mickie into a chokehold. Mickie is innovative however and soon has Nia in a rare position, bringing her to the mat with an armbar counter. Nia’s power again comes into play as she brings herself up and lifts Mickie off the mat, dropping her onto Sasha in the corner. Nia fixes her attention on tonight’s home favorite Alexa Bliss who has just made her way to the top turnbuckle, but once caught in Nia’s gaze, its a replay of their hilarious NXT interaction as Alexa immediately rethinks strategy, wants nothing out of Nia and retreats. Nia turns back her attention to Mickie and Sasha, attempting to splash them in the opposite corner only for both to move, leading to her meeting the ring post shoulder first. Nia tumbles outside and back in the ring goes Bliss, chucking Sasha from the ring and attempting to roll Mickie over right after. Mickie rolls through and delivers a clothesline and kick to Alexa, and after a high kick she plants Alexa with seemingly a running crossbody. Mickie slaps Alexa in the face and sets up for her finisher only to be driven to the mat by Sasha Banks. Sasha then takes out Alexa and Mickie and the attention is solely on herself and Bliss as she blocks a retaliating kick from the “Small But Fierce” one and retaliates with her own offense, courtesy of a high knee. She blocks a corner kick from Bliss and swivels her into position for double knees, also managing to bring a once intervening Mickie into Alexa before connecting with double knees to Alexa. Sasha covers Alexa, only managing to get a near fall as again Nia finds it in herself to drag another of her fellow contenders from the ring, that being Sasha this time.

Mickie takes herself outside as Nia begins to climb back to the ring, hooking Nia by her feet and sending her to the floor. Mickie is about to head back to the ring herself when shes sent off by Alexa’s forearm, crashing onto Nia on her way down. After observing the fallen competitors, Alexa is face to face with Sasha, and the two go at it. Sasha tries to end things quick by seemingly setting up for the Backstabber but Alexa throws a forearm to break away, only temporarily as Alexa seizes Sasha, sending her a warning that RAW is now her division, but as she looks for offense, Sasha swivels into the Backstabber then rolls into the Bank Statement set up that has submitted Bliss many times before on NXT. However in this case, Sasha’s dreams of possible victory are taken as Mickie runs into the ring and breaks her hold. Alexa rolls out, leading to back and forth physical interaction between Mickie and Sasha. Mickie drops Sasha face first via a Flapjack after the forearm exchange, kipping up and scaling the turnbuckles in preparation for her seated senton. However Sasha gets back on her feet and reaches Mickie, throwing forearms at the veteran before joining her on the ropes. A Suplex may be ready for set up for Sasha but in runs Nia Jax, clubbing Sasha in the lower back. Nia uses Sasha’s own body to knock Mickie right off the turnbuckles and she delivers her lethal finishing Samoan Drop to Sasha. Alexa returns to the match suddenly and dropkicks Nia from the ring and proceeds to cover her new rival to get the shocking three count. Alexa wins the match and furthermore, will meet Bayley at WWE Payback to battle for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Meanwhile Alicia Fox is in the back with Dana Brooke, viewing her last interaction with Noam on last weeks 205 Live that left her powdered in the face. While Dana seems to share sympathy, Emma steps in, assuring Fox that instead Dana was making a mockery of Alicia all the way around the locker room. Dana insists that she never did such a cruel thing but Foxy is stunned and makes it clear to Dana that she is no longer her friend. Once the veteran clears off, Dana is furious at Emma’s lies, but Emma just finds fun in it, furthermore testing Dana by reminding her that she wanted to stand on her own two feet.

(Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks vs Mickie James vs Alexa Bliss; Number One Contenders Fatal Four Way Match)

(Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke and Emma Backstage Segment)

(Alexa Bliss on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
4 Way Match: I Liked the timing of this match as it really gave the anticipation of what the next title feud was going to be, featuring fresh talents. I Was Adamant based on current booking and the fact that she had the last entrance that Nia was sure to win, but Alexa has quite some backing around her, having come up from NXT with no title reigns to her name to rise on Smackdown Live by eventually becoming the first 2x Smackdown Women’s Champion, to be one of two women to compete in a steel cage match on Smackdown Live to now have the glory on RAW. When Alexa was first drafted (sorry Vince im going to say that word) i was worried that they were going to misuse her and her character, but things are looking promising. As Much as im gutted that Nia didn’t win, im glad she was protected not only by not being pinned in this match, but by the fact she was overly strong in this match and now wont be pinned at Payback. Payback may have a legit surprise for us, and even if it does, expect Bayley to regain in time for Summerslam. Either way with her ascension on the main roster, i wouldn’t mind the era of Bliss heading to Monday Night RAW.

Alicia/Dana/Emma: Well i guess we know what was meant when Alicia said she was going to “fix things” on 205 Live (as the partnership of her and Noam have split). These segments between Dana and Emma are intriguing for me because they may do a good job of building Dana as a babyface but something needs to be done in the ring for Dana to get her backing like she did the night she turned on Charlotte, because with Sasha sure to turn heel and the division lacking babyfaces, if anything happens to Bayley, they need legit babyfaces to help the division and that just cant rest on Mickie’s shoulders. Dana and Emma’s Match (hopefully with decent build and decent use of the backstory with a video package) is coming, and hopefully the one match doesn’t end Dana’s momentum to the point where she joins Fox as continual enhancement. Let Emma and Dana interact in the ring with promos or something, let their be reason to back a second women’s feud in the division because right now it is strong.

– Catherine


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