WWE NXT RESULTS: One Friendship Conquers Another (April, 19th 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks NXT Report as the evolution of NXT post Takeover Orlando continues. This week delivers us the aftermath of last weeks catty backstage mishap as Liv Morgan and Aliyah take on Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, seven days after Liv fired back against Billie over her bullying by pushing her into a bathtub. That plus the NXT Women’s Division has plenty to say about a dominant but recently cocky Asuka but lets get to the in ring physicality first…

Entering first is Liv Morgan then Aliyah for this tag team showdown, followed by the union of Peyton and Billie. The Match starts appropriately with Liv and Billie squaring off courtesy of last weeks incident. Billie is looking far from happy which is completely understandable, and once she locks up with the opposer, she aggressively switches to a side headlock. Billie sends Liv to the mat moments later and makes her way to the ropes, utilizing her athleticism as she bounces back and forwards to avoid Liv before clutching the ropes upon returning to the other side to avoid charging into any offense. Liv runs the ropes but is arm dragged by Billie who shows much happiness in being the matches current front-runner. After a little celebration with Peyton, she turns back to Liv, looking to send her down with a clothesline but Liv bends to avoid. Liv rolls up Billie for a potential pin attempt, but switches up strategy as she instead rolls Billie around the ring, and a last roll over just manages to get Liv a two count on Billie.

Liv rolls Billie around for a second time, and once near her own corner, proceeds with the closure pin attempt, resulting again in a near fall. Aliyah manages to reach over to Liv to tag in, delivering one single leg drop to Billie off the middle rope following Liv’s snapmare to the Aussie. Aliyahs opening move gets her a near fall on Billie, and she maintains momentum despite having an Irish whip reversed, sliding underneath Billie mid clothesline attempt but as she makes her way upward to try unleash offense, a fist from Billie drives her down very quickly. Billie instantly goes to cover Aliyah, getting a near fall.

Billie clutches Liv’s hair with one hand, allowing fellow Aussie Peyton to tag with the other outstretched. Peyton steps in to assist with a double knee drop to Aliyah, and the assisted maneuver only gets Peyton a one count on Aliyah. Peyton tries to follow with a slam but Aliyah breaks free from the clutches of Peyton, and after a headscissor does little to move Peyton, Aliyah switches up to a roll up, but to her dismay, she gets a near fall on the heel. Peyton immediately delivers a roundhouse to Aliyah but is left stunned when Aliyah raises a shoulder in time, leading to a near fall result. A Furious Peyton takes Aliyah to a corner but eats an elbow as she steps forward. Aliyah tries to dive to Liv but is caught by Peyton. Aliyah rolls herself over, but struggles to force Peyton downward as she clings to Billie. Liv soon ends this little assist with a running dropkick delivered to Billie to take her off the apron and Peyton is rolled onto the mat by Aliyah following this assist. Aliyah pins Peyton for the surprise pin, leading to Billie and Peyton having a high school like meltdown. Aliyah and Liv win the match.

As Mentioned before there’s also a promo package that highlights Asuka again retaining the women’s title against Ember Moon via dirty shenanigans. Ember, Ruby Riot, Peyton, Billie, Liv and Daria get to comment on Asuka’s deadly offense that has been a factor in many of her showdowns, with the latter also taking notice of the change in the title wielding Asuka’s attitude. Each Woman proclaims that despite Asuka’s domination, they very much look towards becoming the next NXT Women’s Champion.

(Billie Kay and Peyton Royce vs Aliyah and Liv Morgan)

(Liv Morgan, Daria, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Ruby Riot and Ember Moon Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Quick affair and despite the spoilers, Aliyah pinning Peyton seems a surprising ending considering Peyton’s work ethic and showcase heading into, at and post Takeover San Antonio. But on the positive side, putting momentum on an unexpected competitors side could mean they are enhancing others in the division as various characters need it. It seems they are heading in a different direction with Peyton right now with the Mean Girls vs the Victims angle and whether it heads somewhere remains to be seen, but Peyton and Billie deserve better than to be enhancement and if Ember captures the title, they may take the spot of being the Female Tye and Andrade by putting over others jumping into the contention spot rather than getting their own full fledged title run(s). While Alexa has proven that you don’t need a championship in developmental to ascend, that opportunity for Alexa still remains a missed one and will be with Peyton and/or Billie if never given. Lets see what goes on Post Chicago shall we?

– Catherine


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