IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: The Age of Shadows Is Very Much Far From Over (April, 20th 2017)

Last week IMPACT Wrestling began a new round of tapings as the road to Slammiversary continues to narrow. With it comes an anticipated Knockouts Title Showdown as Rosemary defends the Knockouts Championship against recently returned veteran ODB. That plus the roster may be getting a sudden expansion, including womens wise per some news from a very ecstatic Karen Jarrett…

But first the crew of LAX took to the ring to dominate and of course retain their recently won IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles. Following this sure win, Konnan puts over his LAX comrades, including Diamante, before they are pursued by Decay, lead by Rosemary. An All Out Brawl ensues, leading to the booking of a street fight for next week.

And to follow comes the news from Karen Jarrett. As the Campaign to “Make IMPACT Great” continues, Karen believes that the way to bring this forward is to expand the rosters by merging with Her and Jeff’s Global Force Wrestling Company. This Means the likes of Magnus, Chris Adonis and Christina Von Eerie amongst other names will be a part of IMPACT Wrestling Television.

Sometime later comes the defense of the Knockouts Championship, the 2nd of three titles to be defended as it was campaigned by Sonjay Dutt for the X Division to Main Event. Entering first accordingly is the challenger ODB then the Very Dominant Knockouts Champion Rosemary. Its worth noting Rosemary has had the title since December, but is still a fair way from surpassing the top two title reigns of Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. Regardless, its back to present day and once Rosemary’s entrance is complete, ODB goes right to work with forearms to the champ. ODB runs the ropes quickly after and delivers a discus clothesline to continue her opening round of momentum, and after landing a corner splash, ODB brings Rosemary onto both shoulders. Rosemary sees whats coming and bails, taking a little timeout at ringside. ODB has none of it, heading outside to pursue Rosemary, who hits the ring before she can do much. However she ends up taking herself to ringside this time to evade an elbow drop near the ropes by Rosemary. ODB takes advantage of a collapsed Rosemary and seizes her by the feet, dropping her on the ringside floor.

ODB isn’t looking to make it back to the ring yet, trying to suplex Rosemary on the ramp but she keeps balanced and eventually breaks from ODB with a kick. ODB is driven to the ramp by a big clothesline from the champ, who brings her back to the ring before any of them can be counted out. She doesn’t pin ODB yet however as she instead pounds her with forearms in the center. Rosemary connects with a single forearm in the corner followed with a running forearm after dashing out of the opposite corner. Rosemary draws ODB towards her and connects with an exploder suplex, though she ends up missing a missile dropkick when ODB moves to safety. ODB tries to reverse momentum here by evading a running clothesline from Rosemary, then hooking her in both arms and executing a fallaway slam. ODB hits shoulder blocks then has an irish whip reversed, but ODBs momentum hasn’t simmered and she throws a back elbow at the Knockouts Champion to block the oncoming corner attack. ODB brings herself to the top turnbuckle, also planting Rosemary head first against it. ODB connects with a top rope Thesz Press, only enough to get a near fall on the Demon Assassin.

ODB brings Rosemary onto both shoulders but Rosemary slips free again. Rosemary shoves ODB to a nearby corner, attempting to attack her in that same corner but missing. This opens a chance for ODB to perform her corner bronco buster but Rosemary soon has her outsmarted, raising both feet and kicking her away midway. As ODB feels the impact of the counter, Rosemary takes herself over to ODB, sets up and connects with the Red Wedding. Rosemary pins ODB, retaining the Knockouts Championship.

From One Championship to another, a former champion aka Sienna takes time to confront Karen Jarrett as issues haven’t simmered between the two women. Sienna has been made aware that Global Force Wrestling Talent are hanging around the locker room, but one notable one is missing, the Global Force Wrestling Inaugural Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie (Toxxin). She accuses Karen of hiding the Competitor from her, but Karen denies this, also stating to Sienna that the Women’s Champion will be there, and when she shows, Sienna will have to be ready.

Speaking of Sienna, she joins her cousin KM and Laurel Van Ness in watching Kongo Kongs first singles match in IMPACT Wrestling History, against Chris Silvio. Unfortunately for Silvio, he is the target of a rampaging Kong indeed, and the one to succumb to his brutality. Safe to Say Sienna envisions this same crushing for Allie and Braxton in the near future.

And Lastly, we have something else to look forward to next week outside of the possible appearance of Von Eerie, as Moose is ambushed by a relentless Davey Richards backstage, who fills in for an apparently hurt Chris Adonis. Angelina very much enjoys this short term beat-down, noting to Moose that he likes making enemies and just made another one. Davey will step up against the Grand Champion next week.

(LAX Post Match Promo feat Diamante)

(Karen Jarrett Segment)

(ODB vs Rosemary; Knockouts Championship Match)

(Sienna and Karen Jarrett Backstage Segment)

(Kongo Kong w/ Laurel Van Ness, KM and Sienna vs Chris Silvio)

(Moose, Chris Adonis, Davey Richards and Angelina Love Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Karen IMPACT/GFW Announcement: To Be Honest it was sure to happen at some point. GFW never took off as a televised product despite the efforts the talent put in at those tapings, and the only way to gain exposure for the company was to merge them with IMPACT. Now this does mean the possibility of Two Women’s Titles being on IMPACT in the near future, but the cons are the GFW Talent taking the spots of some IMPACT Talent. With LeiD Tapa sure to go to WWE, is Christina the only allocated women’s performer on the GFW Roster with Mickie James at WWE? Amber O Neal is still doing WOW I Believe, but regardless do expect the GFW Women’s Title to emerge at some point, and for it to be the reason Sienna gets further exposure, because lets be honest, shes been doing great as of late.

ODB/Rosemary: Its been a while since Rosemary defended the title, but they didn’t really add any extra layers to the feud between her and ODB, with ODB simply a contender due to her veteran status and ability to put on a good match. The Match was surprisingly short and everyone knows the Knockouts are hyped as some of the best workers out there so they needed a lot more time than this to be fair to live up to the statement, but we also cant deny Rosemary needed this win and it couldn’t have gone any other way.

– Catherine


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