WWE RAW RESULTS: Bliss Meets The Former Rival Of Florida Days (April, 24th 2017)

WWEs first Pay Per View since the dramatic 33rd WrestleMania is looming, WWE Payback, and with that said, RAW would have to give us one more offering of build up and of course physical action before various rivals meet inside the squared circle this Sunday. Speaking of this Sunday, an NXT rival is renewed, but now over a different title, as Alexa Bliss battles Bayley for the RAW Women’s Championship. However with Bayleys presence comes an additional hurdle for the contender. Lets see what exactly…

But not just yet as we first get a quick follow up in the issues (if we can even call it that this week) between Dana Brooke and Emma. Dana battles Alicia Fox after last week Emma made lies to convince Alicia that Dana was making a mockery of her backstage, and with Dana recently proclaiming that she is looking to stand on her own two feet from now on, Emma will surely be out to see if that holds true right? In Ring Veteran Fox is already perched in the ring for this set up singles match while Dana is halfway through her entrance, and once complete, the two women go at it.

Fox and Dana lock up, leading to Fox arm dragging Dana before pummeling her with a running knee in the corner. Alicia follows this up with her usual northern lights suplex, going for the early pin right after per the bridging position, but Dana kicks out at two. Alicia strikes the back quickly then tries to pin Dana again, but Dana stays resilient and kicks out, thus its another near fall. Alicia has Dana struggle for a little while and coming to the ring to see that ensue is Emma. Just as Emma gets over to ringside, Dana attempts her rebound by driving Alicia back first into the nearby corner post. However as Dana charges to that corner, Alicia counters but again Dana is resilient and ducks under her attempted clothesline, firing back with her own. After quickly slamming Alicia to the mat, Dana springboards but ends up connecting with Alicia’s knees. Fox tries to take advantage with the axe scissor kick finishing move but Dana moves away in time, managing to scoop her up as she runs towards her and she connects with her Michinoku Driver. Dana pins Alicia and wins the match, receiving a confusing and clearly sarcastic embrace from Emma after.

From that we can now jump to the main title picture, and Alexa Bliss hits the ring with something she would like to address. Like back in NXT, she mocks Bayley for being a bright eyed champion who speaks on her dreams. She shuts down the crowds WHAT Chants and proclaims that she isn’t here to further talk, but to win thus shes assured she will overthrow Bayley to become the new RAW Women’s Champion. This receives Bayleys attention, as the title holder enters the ring. Bayley is one to not deny how good Alexa is, but she sat in the back and she heard her talk about dreams and she sees right through all that Alexa is doing, shes making fun of her. Furthermore she doesn’t find Alexa’s actions surprising, adding that shes known the NXT Alumni long enough to know she talks behind peoples backs rather than say it to their face. She reminds her future challenger that she works her butt off for everyone and that as the champion, shes also aware that every RAW Women’s Superstar, including Bliss, is trying to take away the title from her. Despite Alexa’s proclamation, Bayley makes it clear she will fight with every ounce of energy (in front of her hometown) to assure she remains the RAW Women’s Champion.

Alexa finds Bayleys confident words laughable, finding it more laughable that Payback will take place in the hometown of the title holder. With this in mind, she now finds excitement in humiliating Bayley at Payback in San Jose in front of her own family to end her “Cinderella Story” but it appears those words have sparked the anger of another competitor as well as Bayley, as out comes Sasha Banks. This doesn’t impress Alexa that Sasha has joined the fray, labeling it “Part 3000 of the Sasha/Bayley sideshow” before proceeding to mock Sasha who wastes no time verbally firing back. She accuses the said “Troll Doll Wannabe” of acting like she owns the place just because she became the number one contender to the title, then reminding her that only the woman who owns the gold calls the shots (but not every women’s champion gets to book their own match?). Sasha is wholly on the side of Bayley, believing she will show Alexa Up as well as Shut Her Up. While Payback is looming, Sasha has a chance to do the shutting up herself by challenging Bliss to a match. Despite Sasha taking in the crowds reaction to a match between her and Bliss, the number one contender looks to walk away from such a bout, focusing on her match instead. She tries walking away from the ring, adding that she’d feel unsafe to be in a ring with Sasha (a potential shot at their NXT showdowns) and for that, she takes a wicked forearm off Banks. The Match is officially on.

We Return from a commercial break to see Bayley has made her way to the commentary table atop the stage for the match, and Alexa and Sasha are indeed in the ring. Of Course Heel Alexa would try to avoid Sasha right off the bat as she charges at her on the opening bell, sticking herself between the ropes to demand restraint. Once free of the ropes, Alexa nails a kick to the midsection of Sasha, then taking her by her hair and throwing her backward to the mat. After sending her knee into Sasha’s back, Alexa proceeds with her foot choke on the mat on top of Sasha, then bringing her a certain few feet away from the ropes for the first pin attempt, one that Sasha kicks out of to her dismay. Sasha tries to fight back with fists and forearms but is taken down by a big clothesline from Alexa. Alexa proceeds to shout at Sasha while stood on her, getting a one count in this also attempted pin, and she switches right to executing double knees, though it misses. Alexa looks to make up for that with a clothesline attempt, but not so fast as Sasha manages to dodge, responding with her own with a dropkick in addition. Sasha executes a hard high knee right to the face of Alexa followed with double knees. Still in the corner, Alexa tries to block a secondary corner strike with her feet, but Sasha swivels her over, forearms her in the face again and double knees connects once more. Sasha gets a near fall on Alexa.

Alexa looks to make a comeback as she dirtily trips Sasha into the turnbuckle. She kicks Sasha into the bottom one, takes her from the corner and goes for the next move only to be taken to the mat by Sasha, who moves into position and locks the Bank Statement. Within seconds, Alexa brings her boot to the ropes to force Sasha to break, and the number one contender wants no more of this match, heading up the ramp and getting counted out. Sasha wins the match by Count Out. However Alexa hasn’t escaped the friendship duo just yet as Bayley grabs her as she tries to make her way to the back. Alexa manages to dart away but as Bayley turns her back to eye the WWE Universe, Alexa sneaks back onto the stage and levels Bayley from behind, sneaking back off before Banks can do anything.

And Lastly, Miz and Maryse were to enlist a partner to battle Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose in the main event of Monday Night RAW. Unfortunately whoever accepted approval to work with the A Lister was clearly fibbing as Miz went through the match working on his lonesome, and as the match ended up going to the stage and then to the commentary table, Bray Wyatt showed up, ambushing the babyfaces in sight, and then even laying out Miz as he tried to celebrate his moment of glory in the ring. Weird….

(Alicia Fox vs Dana Brooke feat Emma)

(Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alexa Bliss Segment)

(Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks; Bayley on Commentary)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose; 2 on 1 Handicap Match feat Bray Wyatt)

Thoughts On:
Dana/Alicia: This Match is a clear set up due to Dana working with Alicia time after time on Main Event to enhance her own experience, only this time on a much more minor level. The Match wasn’t long and Dana is needing work on the finisher, unless its how Alicia sold it, but everyone takes leaps and bounds eventually, and Dana is adamant on improving if Instagram doesn’t hint it enough. As for Emma’s presence, for One it was needed to continue the angle, and two it was a clear sarcastic moment of celebration for her, along the lines of celebrating that Dana has proven she can stand on her own two feet, which will lead to Emma either snapping on Dana later and proving shes the one challenge she will struggle to stand up to physically, or she will try and help her win matches to increase the heat. Either way im down for this feud, just hoping that they don’t just have one match then erase the whole thing from existence because Dana can benefit so much from a feud with Emma, building her into a underdog and gaining extra experience in turn.

Alexa/Sasha: Gosh have these two come a long way since NXT. Looking at them now its strange but pretty thrilling to see them in the same ring together, because this is a match a lot of people want to see and a feud that happened in NXT over the title that was pretty heated for reasons, that never made a Takeover event and was pretty much the start of Alexa’s rise as a babyface at the time. Now roles are reversed and Alexa is the Trish Stratus-esque heel (did you see how she executed her lines?) and Sasha is the babyface (for now). Seeing them fight in the ring now also is intriguing because the shots Sasha seems to give Alexa seem legit, plus while Alexa is Catty, Cocky and shouty in the ring, maybe its just me but there seems to be some legit heat there and this could really build into something (just not an injury hopefully). Also liked the ending because because Sasha didn’t get pinned, protecting her from losing more momentum and the Contender never really succumb and faced a loss pre Pay Per View, so the count out finish doesn’t hurt either of them.

– Catherine


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