IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: The Force Is Strong For All But The Deadly Sienna (April, 27th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks IMPACT Wrestling report, and this week sees many things go down, whether its continual dominance, surprises or more exposure for Global Force Wrestling. While Sienna and her faction indeed dominate the scene, there may be a woman from Karen’s selective roster looking to stand in the former Knockouts Champions way, and we get to see what that potential threat is made of this week.

Sienna, however, for a second week running, struggles to find Christina in the back and instead ends up face to face with Karen Jarrett. Sienna acknowledges that she hasn’t been met with the presence of the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion, but Karen makes it clear shes nearby, considering her match is tonight. Sienna’s potential threat, Christina Von Eerie, has a warm up match tonight, because next week she gets to face Sienna one on one with her title on the line, considering she makes it to next week if her opponent doesn’t overthrow her…

The very first and inaugural Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie is back in the IMPACT ring for the first time in nearly six years, additionally defending her gold for the first time on IMPACT Television. Beforehand a video package airs to highlight the recent addition to the Knockouts, and while she is proud to be the first ever Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion, Her Main Goal is to unify that very title with the Storied IMPACT Knockouts Championship. She even goes on to say she will attempt this even if she has to step through the likes of Sienna or Rosemary, or even Gail Kim, as she envisions wanting to beat a Hall of Famer. With this message stated, out comes Christina some time later with the championship in hand and her opponent is IMPACT Regular Brandi Lauren, who recently had undergone a name change to become Ava Storie, and with that change comes a new heel persona.

Ava avoids a lock up with Christina to begin the match, running the ropes instead but instead of attempting offense to try overthrow the champion early, as the title is on the line, she backs off. Ava gets temporarily distracted by a fan supporting Christina and ends up on the end of a snapmare. Christina follows with kicks to the back, adding one to the front before a corner clothesline. She hits this same offense in the opposite corner, before connecting with a lethal running boot as Ava hangs on the ropes. Ava then tries to overturn momentum with a rake to the eyes as she slips free of a possible Samoan Drop attempt.

Ava’s mean streak starts to show here, sweeping a temporarily blinded Christina to the mat by her hair. Ava throws forearms in the face of Christina to follow, but Christina finds herself back on her feet moments later, fighting back with her own forearm but as she takes herself from the ropes and charges to Ava, Ava scoops up Christina and connects with a Sidewalk Slam. Ava tries to capitalize right there but gets a near fall. Ava is furious at the referee, but the few second debacle is used to the champs advantage as Christina swivels Ava around and fires a chop at her, snapmaring her back to the mat and hitting kicks before taking a knee to the gut. Ava hits an uppercut but is taken down by one running clothesline by Christina, followed with a number of headbutts. Ava reverses a whip to send Christina to a corner, only for Christina to block the follow up corner offense with a boot. As Ava is groggy, Christina takes herself to the top turnbuckle and connects with an elevated backstabber. Christina gets the three count on Ava and wins the match, retaining the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship.

We Also hear from ODB in a pre taped segment that followed her unsuccessful attempt to take the Knockouts Title last week. ODB, after warning the interviewer that she doesn’t have long as shes in need of a drink refill, makes it clear her journey to the Knockouts title isn’t over, accepting that sometimes you win and lose matches and that she may have been out of the game for sometime. ODB says she got a shot but shes coming back for another chance.

After a rather well done package to highlight Davey’s cold transformation at the hands of Angelina Love, the Most Vicious Couple currently in IMPACT show themselves to the IMPACT Zone as Angelina escorts Davey to his Grand Championship Match with 2x Champion Moose. This comes after Davey ambushed Moose in the back just last week to replace an injured Chris Adonis. Unlucky for the very brutal duo, they were less in numbers as Moose had the NFLs Gary Barnidge (Once on Total Divas) and DeAngelo Williams as accompaniment, and after Eddie Edwards showed up to try demand a fight, Davey would end up being slammed to the mat by Barnidge and ultimately lost his chance to take the Grand Championship.

While not exactly a chance at a title, Kongo Kong gets a chance to display his brute strength for a second week in another squash with KM, Laurel Van Ness and Sienna at his side. Kong again expectedly gets the quick win and heads to the back with the trio. Question is is it a preview of what Sienna plans to bring to the GFW Womens Title Holder next week? Time will soon tell.

(Sienna and Karen Jarrett Backstage Segment)

(Ava Storie vs Christina Von Eerie; Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship Match)

(ODB Backstage Segment)

(Angelina Love, Davey Richards, Alisha and Eddie Edwards Vignette)

(Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love vs Moose w/ Gary Barnidge and DeAngelo Williams; Grand Championship Match feat Eddie Edwards)

(Kongo Kong w/ Laurel Van Ness, KM and Sienna vs Matt Sigmon)

(Christina Von Eerie IMPACT Digital Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
As Much as im glad to see Sienna get exposure, and while one can appreciate the effort IMPACT made to build Von Eerie via vignettes and via the one match, the one way they could have made Christina look like a threat is if she went several minutes against an established Knockout because Ava isn’t really an established Knockout nor a member of the roster (at least not from what i believe right now) and it just feels like a squash for Christina doesn’t do much to establish herself as a threat in comparison to an actual monster where brute strength and complete destruction is used as a form of establishment, though her finisher is great but hard to execute. Maybe they could have waited a few weeks to make the actual title match so there can be actual interactions between the two sides but if there’s one thing i can agree on its that Ava does well as a heel and could be a good contracted addition to the roster. I’m not sure if the name change and official titantron hints anything but lets wait until the next tapings to see i guess.

– Catherine


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