WWE PAYBACK PREDICTIONS: Alexa Bliss vs Bayley for the RAW Womens Championship (April, 30th 2017)

So with Sunday now here, its the last day to post my wrestling content for the week, and its indeed the day of a new Pay Per View, as the RAW Brand delivers its first Pay Per View since the 33rd WrestleMania Extravaganza, in the form of WWE Payback. While Former Contenders to the RAW Women’s Champion Bayley miss the card, a new one emerges looking to rise up the ranks of the RAW Women’s Division very quickly as Former Smackdown Competitor and 2x Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss faces Bayley for the RAW Women’s Championship.

With that being said, i deliver my winners prediction here and to be fair the Superstar Shake Up has made me less excited for some of the matches, KO vs Jericho in particular as their chance at pre Pay Per View interactions was wrecked through Kevin Owens sudden move to the Smackdown Brand. With a lot of matches feeling predictable due to the recent drafting of certain superstars to different rosters, WWE Payback needs to deliver a surprise for me, and the one match to do it for me would be the Women’s Championship Match. I’m Split on who the victor could be here, as WWE have appeared to be massively behind Alexa as to give her two title reigns upon title promotion, as well as shooting her up into the title picture upon her transfer to RAW, but at the same time Bayley has to win as Sasha vs Bayley clearly will not go without a title, and anyone who wins the title in between now and Summerslam is expected to lose it a short time later in order for the sure women’s feud to excel. So with that in mind, as much as i heavily back Alexa Bliss and wish for her to obtain the championship, I’m Going with Bayley to retain and for all of the champs future challengers to sadly fall on the long road to Bayleys impending feud with Sasha Banks.

WWE Payback comes to you Live Tonight on the WWE Network and on Sky Sports Box Office at 1am UK Time, featuring the said RAW Women’s Championship Match plus Bray Wyatt facing Randy Orton in a Non Title House of Horrors Match, plus Seth Rollins battles Samoa Joe and more.

– Catherine


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