Your Monday Post #159: Alexa Bliss and Carmella Make Their Post WWE Draft Main Roster Debuts (July, 26th 2016)

Welcome all to a new week and the week has started off with a breath of fresh air with a new champion atop the recently changed RAW Women’s Division, as Alexa Bliss, who had asserted previous dominance over the Smackdown Women’s Division as a 2x Champion, beat Bayley this past Sunday to obtain her 1st RAW Women’s Championship. But before Bliss was even rocketed into either title picture, she had to come to the main roster to carry out that work, and that took place following up from the returning WWE draft last year…

The WWE draft of last year saw main roster call ups from the NXT Women’s Division as RAW obtained the dominant Nia Jax while Smackdown snatched up Carmella and Alexa Bliss. All three had fallen short of having NXT Women’s Title reigns, and Carmella in particular had tried to branch out as a solo star with Enzo and Cass called up without her. Carmella would do exactly that with her call up as a singles competitor on the post draft Smackdown Live episode, appearing right after a returning Naomi confronted her future rival Alexa Bliss over trying to lay claim to the Smackdown Women’s Division by boldly confronting the first female draft pick Becky Lynch. Carmella’s switched up promo would then be interrupted by the Elegant Miss All Red Everything Herself Eva Marie, who was reportedly set to be atop the division before her suspension. With that said, the Smackdown Women’s Division had a championship created for them, obtained first by Lynch to begin Alexa’s ascension in the division, while Carmella seemed to duplicate this also with an unexpected heel turn and personal feud with Nikki Bella. Naomi also reverted to a face persona with a fastly popular new gimmick, eventually ending Alexa’s main roster ascension only weeks ago at WrestleMania, allowing for Alexa to duplicate success elsewhere while Carmella continues to run around the women’s division on Smackdown as the heel that she is, with new cohorts in Natalya and Tamina.

– Catherine


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