WWE RAW RESULTS: Long Live Alexa Bliss (May, 1st 2017)

Disappointment for Bayley, but Elation for Alexa Bliss. These Very Words Spoken by WWEs Weekly RAW Commentator Michael Cole couldnt sum up enough the ending of the particular Womens Championship Match at Payback, as Alexa Bliss brought her skills and dirty tactics to RAW in order to create an era outside of Smackdown, capturing her first RAW Womens Championship. Now Little Miss Bliss is atop the RAW Womens Division and gets the chance to soak it all in to the chagrin of the once challenger and now former champion Bayley as all women are on hand for a satisfying RAW Opener, the coronation of the “Goddess” Alexa Bliss’s Reign.

And Soak it all in (as well as rub it in) is all that Alexa Bliss does from the moment she steps into the ring. Flanked by fellow members of the RAW Womens Division Sasha Banks, Emma, Mickie James, Dana Brooke, Bayley and Alicia Fox, Alexa cant express enough the appreciation she has for each attending, though many had to attend at the orders of RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. Shes aware a tag match is on the horizon so she wishes to make her speech quick, beginning with taking a shot at the Four Horsewomen era by proclaiming “The Queen is Dead” referring to her own rise to the throne while Charlotte has slipped out of sight now not on the RAW Roster. She Declares “Long Live Alexa Bliss” while also introducing a new moniker as the “Goddess of WWE” glancing directly at Bayley as she says this. Alexa is aware her victory means she has accomplished the accolade of becoming the first woman to hold both the Smackdown and RAW Womens Titles, but since the referee raising her hand like shes some other champion was so meager, she believes a coronation would be the better way to celebrate. She thanks the “friends” in the RAW Womens Division again for their attendance (with clear sarcasm) but theres some women in particular she has to thank personally, stepping round to Mickie James first.

Alexa credits Mickie for being great, for being the woman she watched growing up, but the disingenouous remarks begin there as she mocks Mickie’s age by comparing it to the likes of the late Mae and Moolah. She then steps over to the NXT Rival, a far from delighted Sasha Banks. She will give Sasha credit for being a 3x RAW Women’s Champion in total, but shes overheard her Kickoff show remarks and how she doesnt know who Bliss is apparently, so she says she can easily address her as RAW Womens Champion if not the person who pinned her to get to where she is now. Before Sasha can try to fight the boastful champion, she steps back, but bumps into Nia Jax as she does so. A Staredown ensues between Alexa and the much bigger sure to be later contender but Alexa, warding off any attempt at physicality, declares they are good and backs off. The One Last person she has to address is a Sulky Bayley, who she credits for making her championship win possible. She questions who she would have beaten for the gold if not Bayley, therefore pits the blame on Bayley for Bayley being in her own position now while Alexa is on top. She found that Bayleys entire family were in attendance rather than only her father on the night of Payback, and she remembers their down expressions at Alexa’s hand being raised in the end. She says she thought like Bayley during that celebration, thinking positive rather than think about the hurt expressions of Bayleys Nephews, and that made her think that now Bayleys family have a real role model to look up to. With that being said, Bayley has heard enough of Alexa’s verbal mockery, legit knocking her from her pedestal and a fight breaks out involving the other women. This sets up for Alexa to team with Nia, Alicia and Emma against Bayley, Sasha, Dana and Mickie rather than the pre announced Bayley and Sasha vs Nia and Alexa match.

We return from a commercial break to see some decorum has been ordered, as rather than a messy brawl continuing, each woman has taken to their respective sides of the ring to work for their appropriate teams, and its Alexa starting off for the villainess team against the babyface crews Bayley, Alexa’s opponent the night before of course. But, to no surprise, Alexa avoids any kind of altercation with the former champion, and tags in another former NXT Opponent of Bayleys, Emma. Bayley eyes the champ for a few seconds before Emma gets her attention, and the two ladies lock up. Emma elbows the back of Bayleys right shoulder and furthermore attacks the back before being arm dragged by Bayley who gets to seize the left arm after a second. While she has Emma still caught, Bayley manages to get Mickie to tag, and in comes Mickie to axe handle that very arm of Emma’s. Mickie continues to exploit the left arm and shoulder of Emma while also kipping up right after each of Emma’s catty takedowns. Emma goes for a forearm and misses, receiving a kick from Mickie instead. A Second kick follows by Mickie before she takes Emma to the mat. Mickie brings Emma back up and hooks her in a front facelock, also extending a free arm to tag in Emma’s once partner, Dana Brooke. Unlucky for Brooke, Emma has slipped free of Mickie’s grip and wants nothing of the former protege, tagging in Fox whose had her own clear issues with Brooke as last weeks match indicated.

Alicia has the upper hand early, striking Dana’s midsection with her knee, following with a forearm before having an irish whip reversed, leading to Dana taking the veteran into a corner. Dana connects with a handspring elbow to level Alicia in the corner, following up with a snapmare to bring her close to the center, and afterward Dana connects with her own Twisted Bliss variation that leads to her attempting the first pin attempt for her team, though only getting a near fall on Fox instead of the desired result. Dana applies a front facelock, reversing it herself into an arm wringer as Sasha tags in. Sasha axe handles the selected arm of Alicia, targeting the same arm for a little time before quickly bringing in Bayley to do the rest of the work, right after the twos double arm drag of course. Bayley goes to cover Alicia and like Dana before, she gets a near fall. Bayley whips Alicia into a corner then tags in Mickie, who connects with a clothesline in the corner to Alicia. Mickie snapmares Alicia, executing a basement dropkick to follow up but the pin attempt by Mickie concludes at two as Alicia remains in the match. Mickie leads Alicia to the babyface corner and tags Sasha into the match, who rolls up Alicia on the instant. Again Alicia stays in the match as she kicks out again at two.

Sasha continues to work on Alicia up until she takes a stomp to the foot complete with fists to the midsection. Alicia sends Sasha to the ropes, failing to arm drag on the way back as Sasha blocks and fires back with her own. Sasha connects with double knees after running the ropes, but again its a near fall result on Alicia. Sasha continues to keep Alicia isolated from the heels until she is brought to the ringside floor. With the babyface on the outside, Mickie, Dana and Bayley run to check on Sasha and are joined by the invading heels. A Verbal standoff ensues between each side at ringside as we go to the next commercial break.

When we return, momentum is very much overturned as its Alicia working on Sasha in the center of the ring. Its found out that this is due to Sasha being splashed by Nia during the commercial break, and the crash landing has allowed for Alicia to take over. Alicia connects with a Northern Lights suplex to continue her momentum, though its only enough to get a near fall on the 3x RAW Womens Champion. Alicia locks an armbar to cement control further, but only for a limited time as Nia tags in. Nia splashes Sasha against the corner before tossing her out of it with ease. Nia connects with a swift elbow drop and she tries to capitalize on a second one, though Sasha escapes the pin attempt at the count of one. Nia traps Sasha in a side headlock much to the enjoyment of the heels. Nia takes a few knees to the side of the head but it barely moves her as she manages to drive Sasha back first into the corner. After managing to down Sasha with the move into the corner, Nia tags in Alexa to go head to head with her opponent from last week, and Alexa wastes no time showcasing physicality as she chokes Sasha with her boot in that very corner.

Alexa smacks the head of Sasha against the canvas before reverting to her standing choke by the ropes. Alexa brings Sasha somewhat away from the ropes for her own pin attempt, but unlucky for her Sasha kicks out. Sasha tries to make a comeback by forearming the champion as well as Emma and Alicia, but as soon as she charges back to the champion, shes taken down by a clothesline. Alexa tries to capitalize there but its to no shock that Sasha is resilient, kicking out at two. When Insult to Injury misses the target, Sasha gets the chance to tag Bayley and she does. A Fired Up Bayley charges in and takes Alexa down on many occasions before leading her head first into a corners top turnbuckle. Bayley then hangs Alexa against the middle rope and connects with a Stunner, following with a running shoulder block once Alexa makes it back in. Bayley yanks Alexa over to her and connects with the finishing Belly to Belly Suplex, but just as she looks to pin the champ to possibly cement her position as the next contender also awaiting her rematch, Nia intervenes, breaking up her pin on Alexa.

Dana steps in, face to face with Nia as the clear out begins. She avoids an altercation with Nia, instead pulling at the ropes, leading to Nia heading to the floor. While Nia manages to be upright, its not for long as Mickie joins in the heel v face medley by diving off the top rope onto Nia. As Dana watches her team rampantly deal with the heels, shes turned away from Emma, who runs in and chucks Dana out and onto the floor. Sasha dropkicks Emma out, with a nasty landing possible on the side of Emma. Alicia and Sasha then get in a heated scrap that Bayley tries to separate. Sasha takes the fight outside with some help by Bayley but it proves an eventually sucky situation, as Bayley has herself turned away from the champ. Bayley does turn her attention to Alexa however as she sets up for a suplex but Alexa slips free, rakes the eye and hits her vicious DDT that brought her victory the night before and does so here. Alexa pins Bayley for the three count. Alexa, Emma, Nia and Alicia Fox win the match.

In other news, Maryse got to watch one of the best matches on RAW this year, as Miz got to face Finn Balor and Seth Rollins in an action packed triple threat to decide the number one contender to Dean Ambrose’s Intercontinental Championship. While the odds may have been in the former Universal Champion Finn Balor and his rival Seth Rollins favor, interferences from both Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt allowed for Miz to pin Balor, and in turn the A Lister heads to Extreme Rules for another showdown with the former SHIELD member.

(Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Emma, Dana Brooke, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Mickie James Segment)

(Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax and Emma vs Dana Brooke, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Mickie James)

(Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Dean Ambrose, The Miz and Maryse Segment)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor; Triple Threat Number One Contenders Match)

(The Miz and Maryse on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
Its amazing to see the women open RAW, even though its sad to see some women not get acknowledged at all during the coronation segment. Again Alexa was full on Trish Heel mode with her promo, her best yet and im still hanging onto hope that this isnt a transitional reign, because even if Alexa’s move-set is arguably repetitive, she is a certified star who has come far from the days of putting others over on NXT at the expense of not getting a title reign in developmental. Looking at the match itself, its expected that Alicia took up a large proportion of the match as the most experienced in a WWE ring out of her team and not to mention her and Sasha’s scrap toward the end was full on heated and done so well, and instead of the expected former contender getting revenge with the post PPV pin, we got Alexa pinning Bayley again. Maybe this proves how high WWE is on Alexa, maybe anyway, but with this done, either WWE are expectedly building up Bayley as a proper underdog by finally taking multiple losses or shes actually out of the title picture in the place of someone else. I Wouldn’t be surprised if its the reverse and the build up of Bayley as a underdog recovering from the major loss leads to her instantly being thrown back into the title picture and winning, but in my opinion it would be the wrong move as Alexa deserves a long reign, after all its been a long time since RAW has had a non-horsewoman champion. But maybe Sasha is the next contender and Bayleys rage at being thwarted and embarrassed by Alexa leads to her costing Sasha accidentally?

– Catherine


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