WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Another Good Week for the Queen of Harts (May, 2nd 2017)

Its the aftermath of the chaos that concluded last weeks Smackdown Women’s Championship Match this week as a booked match sees still Women’s Champion Naomi join her then contender Charlotte against their aligned enemies Natalya and Carmella. The Villains took the momentum last week with a brutalizing assault with Tamina as their additional sidekick, and this week the victims are in need of some serious comebacks, and with Becky Lynch an additional target for the “Welcoming Committee” how long will it be before the odds are evened, if even at all?

Well Natalya and co already have a (short term) answer for that as they take out Charlotte amid a backstage interview prior to the booked tag. On Top, the duo also tried to turn Becky over to their side in an additional segment and suspense was left as Becky possibly took Nattie’s idea into consideration. Naomi has little knowledge of this, as well as the assault to Charlotte, and its only when Mella and Nattie enter with Tamina (as well as James) that the situation with her partner on the night is figured out, and poor Naomi is left to deal with a handicap match. Nonetheless she accepts this, and first has to deal with Carmella on the opening bell.

Carmella swings a clothesline at Naomi on the opening bell, though Naomi is swift and dodges, executing an atomic drop. Carmella tries to retaliate with kicks, though Naomi no sells, barely moved by the offense. Naomi’s own retaliating kicks are fired Carmella’s way, and much harder, and the screeching Princess of Staten Island is free to take another hard kick from Naomi after having another from herself blocked, in fact a series complete with a concluding roundhouse. Carmella, however, avoids any attempt from Naomi to pin and bounds over to Nattie, who is tagged in. Once the two lock up, the factions leader takes over with a takedown, only temporary per the headscissor reversal from Naomi. Natalya kips up and after a short verbal exchange, Naomi goes from a waistlock to a side headlock. Naomi utilizes the ropes to roll over Natalya, getting a near fall on the former Divas Champion. Naomi doesn’t walk into any comeback offense however, as she arm drags Natalya to a corner right after the failed pin attempt. She avoids crashing into a corner after Nattie slips out of harms way, but soon becomes the target of Nattie’s slingshot maneuver. Natalya doesn’t get to complete that round of offense with her usual basement dropkick, as Naomi finds herself up again, sending Nattie for a whirl with a hurricanrana. A Furious Nattie heads out for a timeout, but Naomi isn’t waiting, going for a baseball slide dropkick that is blocked by the foreseeing Nattie, who manages to smack Naomi’s head against the nearby steel steps.

Nattie heads back to the ring, smacking the targeted face of Naomi against the mat and after a stomp to the back, she retrieves Naomi and brings her to the heels corner, allowing for Carmella to tag. The Two work together to sweep Naomi to the mat, though the double team doesn’t take Naomi out fully, as she kicks out of the Princess of Staten Islands opening pin attempt. Carmella locks in a side headlock before Naomi’s fists meet her midsection as her way to possibly separate herself from the heel. Before Naomi can follow up the offense, shes brought back first to the mat by Carmella. Carmella gets in some vicious shots before choking Naomi against the second rope, and as Carmella brings attention from the ref to herself, Tamina even gets a cheap-shot on the former ally. Carmella looks to capitalize with her next pin attempt, though its a near fall result.

An Angry Carmella hoists up Naomi after tagging in Nattie, leaving her exposed to Nattie’s opening assault, including a forearm to the face. Nattie leads her to an opposite corner, stomping on her in that corner. This Particular clash between the two ends with a double crossbody and as both regroup, a familiar entrance theme hits and out comes a limping Charlotte, clearly exposing wounds from Nattie and Co’s backstage assault. Charlotte heads to the apron regardless, arm outstretched for Naomi, though Nattie has recovered from the earlier collision and hooks the foot of Naomi, trying to prevent her from reaching over to her partner. Naomi uses both feet to temporarily knock back Natalya and she makes a leap over to Charlotte, officially tagging her into the match.

Charlotte fires in, knocking Carmella to the floor then unleashing her fathers famous chops on Natalya. Charlotte adds the standing neckbreaker to her arsenal complete with her huge big boot. Despite the pain felt, Charlotte looks to put away Nattie, signalling for the figure four but not even managing to do so as Carmella runs back to the ring only to take a famous flair chop also. Charlotte switches attention back to Nattie, going for the next attack in the corner but instead being elevated onto the apron by the veteran. Charlotte smacks the head of Nattie against the closest corners top turnbuckle numerous times, and after trying to clear off the intervening Carmella again, Charlotte turns back to Nattie, only this time to be pummeled by a sudden discus clothesline that brings her to the apron.

We return from a commercial break to see Carmella trying to take advantage of Charlottes hurt state with a bodyscissor applied to Charlotte in the rings center. Charlotte uses her strength to bring Carmella right off the mat, and after being unable to reach Naomi, she instead tries to bring Carmella off her completely by ramming her into an opposite corner back first. While she does manage to bring Carmella off her back, Carmella gets a short amount of revenge as she grabs Charlotte by her hair, bringing her to the mat back first. Carmella stomps at the right shoulder before trying to pin the former NXT Women’s Champion, getting a near fall. Carmella tries to pick up where she left off, though falling short when a corner bronco buster misses, and Charlotte finally reaches to Naomi and tags in the Smackdown Women’s Champion, who (literally) flies in as she nails a crossbody from over the top rope onto Carmella. She also gets a measure of revenge on Nattie by sending her off the apron before delivering a lethal side kick to Carmella. Naomi fires up following a big sit out jawbreaker, but right after a rear view Naomi goes to pin only to find that the referee is distracted by Natalya. While Naomi manages to send Nattie off the apron again, a second interference emerges courtesy of Ellsworth. Naomi tries to swing at Ellsworth, misses and gets caught in his ladies roll up. Carmella gets the three count, awarding herself and Nattie the victory. Natalya and Carmella win the match.

Naomi isn’t taking the loss lightly though as she goes right at Carmella amid celebrations. Tamina and Nattie run in, beating down on both Naomi and Charlotte before warding themselves off slightly at the arrival of Becky Lynch. Becky has to answer to Nattie’s proposal of joining her side considering all the fallouts in the past between the Lasskicker and the 4x RAW Women’s Champion. Becky seems to be adamant on joining the faction as well as Ellsworth at first, shaking hands with each member as the crowd takes it in, but Becky’s true ideals are really revealed when she launches Ellsworth directly into Tamina. Another brawl ensues overturned not in Becky’s favor as she joins Naomi and Charlotte down on the mat at the hands of the Welcoming Committee.

Putting that drama aside, we get another vignette of Lana emblazoned in turquoise as another choreographed vignette hypes her singles re-debut. Its still unknown when exactly Lana will arrive on the Smackdown Roster.

(Tamina, Becky Lynch, Carmella, James Ellsworth and Natalya Backstage Segment)

(Natalya, Tamina, Carmella and Charlotte Backstage Segment; Naomi vs Natalya and Carmella w/ James Ellsworth; 2 on 1 Handicap Match feat Becky Lynch)

(Lana Vignette)

Thoughts On This Match:
While Charlotte could have sold the backstage attack more, the match was great and both Naomi and Charlotte played the role of babyfaces attempting to overcome the heels greatly. Natalya is coming across as the definite defined leader and Carmella pinning Naomi was one of the biggest surprises coming out of this particular angle. Whether this is just each member looking to define their place in the division by pinning the bigger names or whether its leading to Carmella getting a title shot, im not sure, its probably Option A and the only way to overthrow the crews momentum is with a definite tag match at this rate. The other surprise coming out of this is Becky’s faked heel turn which i was almost sold on. Anyone who knows me knows im a huge Becky fan and she DEFINITELY needs to turn heel eventually, but right now there’s a lackluster amount of experienced babyfaces, and can WWE truly put Lana in as a babyface and rely on her in ring wise if another heel is added to the roster? Either way, i feel Naomi vs Carmella could happen (with Ellsworth as a mass factor through much of the match) but its leaning towards a tag match then Naomi vs Charlotte once the heels are overthrown, or if they want to draw out Naomi’s reign like they should, then they begin a build to Naomi vs Carmella. A Part of me hopes Naomi vs Natalya happens at Backlash due to their immense chemistry but a title defense is 50/50, as a tag match or Naomi/Carmella seems to be the path being taken, though again i wouldn’t be surprised if it goes in the direction of a tag match then Naomi dropping the title to Charlotte rather than facing Carmella at the follow up PPV.

– Catherine


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