WWE NXT RESULTS: Asuka Meets Her Makers in Chi-Town (May, 3rd 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks NXT Report, and after weeks of wondering who exactly would be positioned in the title picture in time for NXT Takeover Chicago, we found out which lucky lady takes the contendership. As found out last week, William Regal, NXTs General Manager, has organized a multi woman battle royal to crown the next contender to the NXT Womens Championship.

The Said Match is taking place as the main event, featuring the entrances of Lacey Evans (the woman formerly known as Macey Estrella or Macey Evans), Liv Morgan, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, Ruby Riot, Nikki Cross and Ember Moon. Other entries in this battle royal are Aliyah, Sara “Crazy Mary” Dobson Bianca Blair, Sonya Deville (once known as Daria), Kimber Lee, Rachael Ellering, Victoria Gonzalez and Candice LeRae.

Once the bell rings the new signee of Victoria Gonzalez is first to show her capabilities as she manages to take down Aliyah and Rachael Ellering. She switches her focus to Peyton and Billie, targeting the professed “Iconic” duo while a brawl spills out featuring the other competitors. Victoria tries to eliminate Billie, easily lifting her over the top rope but Peyton pulls at Billies feet with all her might to try and keep her in. Billie ends up back in the match and the two try to team up on Victoria while Nikki targets Ruby Riot in an opposite corner. Also in another corner is Kimber Lee striking the back of Sara Dobson, Rachael tries to lift Candice LeRae over the ropes and Bianca also attempts to try eliminate Liv by trying to lift her over the top turnbuckle, though some shots to the shoulder bring Bianca down. Daria also delivers hard kicks to Ember while Aliyah goes after Lacey. Aliyah tries to lift Lacey over the top rope but a hard slap to the lower body allows for Lacey to free herself from the fellow competitor. Candice also narrowly escapes elimination as she climbs under the bottom rope to avoid being thrown out by Sara. Peyton has switched from targeting Victoria to trying to eliminate Kimber but Kimber also manages to hold on and doesn’t get eliminated.

When we return from a commercial break, one elimination has been made as Victoria Gonzalez was kicked off the apron by Peyton, and per Victoria’s feet touching the floor, the seven footer was eliminated. Per some teamwork from Billie, within seconds of that recap, Peyton has also managed to eliminate Bianca Blair. Ember and Liv target Rachael, but she manages to kick away both and remain in the ring. Aliyah almost sends Peyton over, except she narrowly misses touching the floor and remains on the apron, eventually climbing back to the ring as Aliyah clashes with Rachael. Rachael whips Aliyah to a corner, attempting to splash her against it but ends up being elevated over and onto the apron. Rachael hangs on up until Aliyah connects with a running shoulder block, sending Rachael directly to the floor. Rachael is the second competitor eliminated, to a chorus of boo’s from the audience. Sonya and Lacey execute teamwork to send Sara Dobson to the apron, and though Sara hangs on, a running dropkick from Liv sends her out. Sara is the third eliminated. Billie and Peyton then sneak over and send both Sonya and Lacey over the top rope, eliminating both of them. However Sonya seems to take this out on Lacey and they have a mini altercation at ringside. Liv tries to eliminate Peyton, but is saved by Billie, and Ember joins Liv in assisting on a beat-down on the Aussies. While Ember and Liv struggle to rid of the heels, Ruby sends up sending Kimber to the floor, thus Kimber is now eliminated. Candice, the major favorite to the audience, joins Kimber on the outside as a fellow eliminated competitor per being sent out of the ring by Billie Kay.

Nikki swings Aliyah by the foot over the top rope but Aliyah manages to stay put on the apron. However this is temporary as a rabid running shoulder block from Nikki leads to Aliyah hitting the floor. Aliyah has been eliminated, leaving Liv with her fellow faces Ruby and Ember against Peyton, Billie and Nikki. Peyton attacks Ruby in a corner while Liv attempts to lift Nikki over the ropes. Nikki hangs on and their altercation is taken to the middle of the ring while Ruby Riot dangles just over the floor to avoid being eliminated by Peyton and Billie. While Ruby tries to find her way back in, Nikki has rid of Liv, eliminating the Jersey Lady from the match. Billie and Peyton then team up on Ember while Nikki scrambles over to Ruby, renewing their rivalry. Ember tries to launch Billie over the top rope but the Aussie hangs on, up until she takes a superkick from Ember. Billie has been eliminated, leaving Peyton all on her lonesome. Peyton misses a clothesline to Ember, but manages to catch a charging Ember and launch her over the top rope. Ember hangs on the apron and tackles Peyton between the ropes. Ember lifts Peyton and manages to bring her to the floor. Peyton has been eliminated, leaving it down to Ember, Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot.

Ember and Ruby tease locking up but instead the vicious Nikki Cross puts a stop to any kind of meeting, taking down Ruby with a huge running crossbody. Once Nikki frees herself of Ruby, she takes a running dropkick from the awaiting Ember, and the two end up battling in the corner. Nikki tries to send Ember to the floor but Ember ends up making it to the apron and instead Nikki is driven into the corner turnbuckle by the knees of Ruby Riot. Ember elbows Ruby off the ropes, then heading to the top rope, indicating shes readying for her finishing move, the Eclipse. Ember connects with the move successfully to Nikki, then trying to drag her nearer to the ropes to try lift her over for a possible elimination. Ruby, who was recovering in the corner, dashes over and tries to send Ember over the top rope, but Ember hangs on and nails a back kick to Ruby in the midsection. Ember follows up with high kicks and a handspring elbow but as she goes to the top turnbuckle again, appearing is none other than NXT Women’s Champion Asuka.

Asuka runs over to the apron, pushing Ember down to the mat and targeting her further with a full throttle throw that takes Ember right past the ring post and towards the barricade, crashing with a nasty landing. Asuka sarcastically waves over to the Hurt Ember then proceeds to KO Ruby with a roundhouse, lastly targeting Nikki Cross with a shining wizard to the back of the head. While refs are left to check on the fallen three, Asuka, confident shes done much work to overthrow the said women, heads to the back. Regal steps out after overseeing the damage, announcing that due to this heinous attack, Asuka has been made to defend the title at Chicago against Ruby Riot, Ember and Nikki Cross.

(NXT Women’s Championship Number One Contenders Battle Royal)

Thoughts On This Match:
I’m Mixed on this overall. First of all after basically being enhancement, Lacey is getting a TV Entrance for the Battle Royal. Thats got to mean she has some prime position in the future right? Second why didn’t Daria (Sonya Deville) get an entrance because shes a sure star for the near future and sure to be built soon anyway? Even Aliyah didn’t get one but i guess there’s only so much TV Time. The Stars in this match for me were Liv, Peyton, Billie, Ember, Nikki and Ruby for me, though i find it completely careless that an imposing 7 foot figure like Victoria was not only first eliminated, but during a commercial break? Someone with an imposing figure should be considered one to run through most of the girls before being ganged up on and thrown out to be fair. I Can see why Full Sail backed Rachael and Candice because of their impressive accolades but there was no reason to boo when there’s no way they would have won anyway because they weren’t signed to contracts. Have a feeling Full Sail aren’t getting over that for next time Aliyah is on TV sadly while Billie generating heel heat is only right because that is her character anyway. The attack from Asuka nicely set up the title picture for Chicago, as i couldn’t predict who it would be beforehand minus just Ember but now there lies a new problem. Ember is injured and a picture is floating around the net where she is officially removed from the Takeover Graphic. Does Takeover remain a triple threat with Asukas reign of dominance continuing only because of this last minute change, or does Nikki Cross pull out the surprise win, holding it until Ember returns? Personally id add Liv and the Iconic Duo to the Takeover Match to make a Six Pack Challenge, and as much as id like to add Sonya, shes only just being (re)built. Billie has even campaigned for herself and Peyton to be a part of Takeover, if that signals enough that Ember wont be ready in time. Its sad that Ember is out as she is my top pick to win and deserves it more than any other contender in the match right now, and if the injury keeps her out long enough, does this mean her return either is on the main roster, leaving her with no title run in NXT or does a new champion keep it warm for Ember while she rehabs? Either way i don’t see her back in July if the injury is legit and this has me thinking Asuka retains, Nikki Wins or Peyton wins if the duo are added to Takeover or even Peyton vs Aliyah for the Kickoff show to determine a later spot in the match.

– Catherine


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