IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: LAX’s Fearless One vs The Sacred Seductress and Broken Bride vs Former “Knocked Up” Champ (April, 8th 2017)

Welcome All to a New Xplosion write up, and i believe this is the first time im pulling double duty since on this particular episode to be reviewed, we are treated to not one but TWO Knockouts Matches. What a rarity for a side show! Newest Knockout Diamante gets a showdown with Knockouts Veteran Angelina Love and ODB deals with someone who is really on the liquor, Laurel Van Ness.

First we have Diamante entering to LAX’s music, as shes the official female member of the reinvented famous IMPACT Wrestling stable, only not donning a titantron in the early going. Unfortunately she doesn’t have her fearless back up crew and that may present a problem as joining Knockouts Veteran Angelina Love at ringside is the equally villainous and cunning Davey Richards. Even Josh notes this but maybe it truly isn’t a problem, after all Diamante has shown to have no fear, having squared up to Rosemary on occasions.

Diamante, receiving Angel chants in reference to her prior in ring name, wastes no time squaring up to the 6x Knockouts Champion sometime following the opening bell, trying to roll her up as she tries to get a quick smooch from Davey at ringside, turning her back from the opponent completely. Diamante gets a near fall but goes right back on the attempt with roll up number two, only it ends the same way. Diamante continues the quick finish strategy with a backslide but Angelina escapes again at the count of two, trying to swing at Diamante with a clothesline once at her feet but missing. Diamante responds with a double arm drag, adding a dropkick to the arsenal. Angelina reverses Diamante’s follow up irish whip before being caught in a headscissor from Diamante that the new Knockout releases herself, overturning into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Angelina rolls over to the ropes, but only so close enough as Diamante darts over in time to cover. Lucky Davey can reach thus he sneaks Angelina’s foot onto the nearby rope to cancel the pin attempt of Diamante. Diamante and Davey end up face to face, and the minor interaction between Diamante and the heel allows Angelina to blindside and boot her from behind. Diamante ends up tumbling to the outside, and when she eventually recovers, she takes to the apron only to be kicked back down to the floor. Its a waiting game for Diamante to regroup as we go to the commercial break.

When we return, Diamante is still down on the ringside floor and Angelina has even joined her outside, only to revel in the chaos caused as she gets to make out with Davey while noticing Diamante in a heap. With their sweet moment over, Angelina rolls Diamante to the ring and proceeds with her pin attempt this time, resulting in a near fall. Angelina bashes the back of Diamantes head against the mat and Diamante responds with fists once back on her feet. But as Diamante takes to the ropes, she is met with a big clothesline from Angelina on the way back that takes her down. After that bit of work, Angelina proceeds with her second pin attempt, again ending with a near fall result. Angelina has taken momentum for now as she smacks Diamantes head against the nearby corners top turnbuckle, but after taking her out of the corner, shes met with retaliation offense in the form of chops and forearms. Diamante runs the ropes again, this time ducking under another clothesline attempt and managing to connect with a Northern Lights Suplex. Diamante gets another near fall on Angelina.

Diamante sends Angelina to the ropes, only to be hoisted by Angelina as she ducks to avoid any oncoming offense. Angelina resorts to biting before cruelly tossing Diamante over to a corner. Angelina tears at Diamante as Davey looks on, watching as she additionally claws at the eyes amid a chokehold. Angelina readies to suplex Diamante, but eventually sees no use and tosses her off in favor of interacting again with her husband. Once Angelina turns back to Diamante after her passionate smooch, Diamante has recovered and avoids her corner assault. Diamante is speedy enough to miss any dirty tactics near executed by Davey to begin her round of comeback elbows, with kicks to follow. Diamante nails a stunner in the rings center, followed with a low dropkick to a groggy Angelina in the corner. Diamante goes to cover but despite the big maneuver, shades of a certain Stone Cold Steve Austin, Angelina has stunningly (no pun intended) kicked out and Diamante is shocked, in so much disbelief she has to try and pin the fellow Knockout again, but she cant take her out as Angelina is out once again at two.

Diamante rallies the crowd behind her then begins to head up the turnbuckles. Just as she does, Davey Richards takes himself to the apron and Diamante releases herself from the turnbuckle, eye to eye with the Black Clad Member of the Natural Born Killers. Davey’s assist proves effective as once Diamante turns away from him, Angelina executes a huge forearm smash. Angelina throws her own body over Diamante in the last pin attempt of the match and pins the newest Knockouts addition. Angelina wins the match.

From Knockouts Match One to Knockouts Match Two as the “Broken Bride” Laurel Van Ness, clearly not in appropriate gear for the six sided ring, heads to that very ring to also battle a Knockouts Veteran, the recently returned ODB. Regardless of being in a gown rather than in ring gear, Laurel manages to run the ropes, though missing offense on ODB along the way and instead taking a clothesline from the multi time Knockouts Champion. ODB clotheslines Laurel once more before slamming her to the mat, but before she can go for the corner bronco buster, Laurel has seen it coming and bolts from the ring to regroup, or in all honesty, to down her liquid beverage/champagne/her own version of Liquid Courage. After that she clearly sees no sense in getting back in the ring and strides off, but its not long before ODB is running after her, as there’s a match to be won. She hilariously pokes Laurel from behind, who tries to clothesline her and the heartbroken former bride is scooped over ODBs shoulder and carried back to the ring.

Laurel tries to attack ODB once in the ring but is taken down by a singular shoulder block. Begging for mercy even doesn’t work as ODB scoops Laurel over her shoulder again, only whatever move she possibly wishes to use falls flat as Laurel sneakily rakes her eye. After slipping free of ODB, Laurel takes her down to the mat, snapping as she slams the back of ODBs head against the canvas before hammering her with forearms. Just some of Laurels rage is clearly on display as we go to the commercial break for this match.

When we return, nothing much has changed regarding momentum, as ODB clambers to a corner, feeling effects of offense unleashed by Laurel, and only more comes as Laurel forearms her against the corner. Laurel misses a corner splash, allowing for ODB to capitalize with a roll up though only getting a near fall. ODB brings Laurel over her shoulder again but again any attempted offense doesn’t connect as Laurel slips free and pushes ODB to the nearest corner. Laurel smacks the face of ODB against the same corners middle turnbuckle before ramming her head into the mat. Laurel screeches at the IMPACT zone in response to some “He Said No” chants referring to the culmination of the Braxton/Laurel wedding, delivering some stomps to ODB just before this goes down. The adulation over the wedding ending from the IMPACT Zone only seems to motivate Laurel to bring more offense to ODB, including attacking her in an opposite corner. Laurel has another sip of the beverage before attempting a high kick in the corner, though ODB moves out of harms way, leading to Laurel getting her foot stuck atop the top turnbuckle. As Laurel gets loose ODB has a taste of her own liquor, and this fires her up as she barely sells Laurels shoves and offense and takes her down.

ODB splashes Laurel against the very same corner she got stuck in before delivering a signature corner bronco buster. ODB brings Laurel from the corner to the rings center for a pin attempt and gets a near fall. Laurel tries to respond with kicks, then attempting a crossbody but getting caught in the arms of ODB. ODB delivers a fallaway slam to Laurel with ease, though missing a second rope splash and seemingly hurting her knee along the way. Laurel tries to spit champagne in the face of ODB, though it misses and ODB responds with her recent round of Liquor. ODB nails the TKO finishing move to lay out Laurel and gets the three count. ODB wins the match.

(Diamante vs Angelina Love w/ Davey Richards)

(Laurel Van Ness vs ODB)

Thoughts On:
Diamante/Angelina: With some new Knockouts about (Alisha/MJ/Diamante) we are going to get some fresh matches on Xplosion, and Angelina is the relied veteran to work on further developing these talents, as shown here. Diamante is already very intriguing and very unique to me, shes speedy, agile, comes across as fearless, seems to have backing regardless of heel or face status. She works well with Angelina and the audience really seemed into it from the start for me as they thoroughly backed Diamante, seemingly recognizing her pre IMPACT work and the reaction to the pin attempt post Stunner was great. Obviously the ending victory wasn’t going to the newbie here, not only because Diamante is new but because Diamante was without her cohorts, which proved effective for Davey Richards, who may i add i find to be a good heel manager. Matched with Angelina, he seems to have a very scary presence (not like Decay where its pure craziness but rather dark, evil and ruthless) and turning him heel is working wonders. Want to see Davey manage Angelina more and get involved but the Natural Born Killers Gimmick is really intriguing to me and one i hope IMPACT don’t lose sight or control of.

ODB/Laurel: This was the fun match for me, because while Angelina was all about brutalization and dominance over Diamante, ODB is at most times a comical character while an in ring performer, and while a talent like Laurel utilizing liquor for victories can be questionable, it made their gimmicks similar here. They tried to match up here with the use of it, but it instead “powers” ODB while Laurels Liquor is all for ridding of the Post Braxton sorrows. Dont know how much longer Laurels gimmick will last but shes proved she can wrestle in a wedding dress for sure.

– Catherine


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