IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Sienna and Alisha Give Mrs Jarrett Some Business to Handle (May, 4th 2017)

Welcome IMPACT Fans to this weeks review, and if you haven’t seen it yet, well im about to fill you in on all that happened (Knockouts wise anyway). So we have a load of things to go through, whether its a possible switcheroo with the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship or the up in violence between the feuding couples of Alisha and Eddie and the Natural Born Killers (Davey and Angelina). So without further adieu…

Opening the show is an anticipated match between Eddie and recent hyped signee Matt Sydal, the man formerly known as Evan Bourne. Alisha is at ringside as the kind supporting wife for Eddie and the two engage in a mega match which concludes with the high flying Sydal getting the victory. Eddie doesn’t even get chance to recover from the in ring onslaught as he and Alisha are ambushed on their way to the stage by Davey and Angelina. Davey proceeds to utilize a steel chair to attack Eddie’s leg with, and while Alisha manages to dive onto the heels, she doesn’t prevent this onslaught from happening. Alisha and Angelina scrap once Alisha frees herself from the heap and security has to separate both of the Knockouts.

We get a minor segment from ODB to hype the ongoing changes in IMPACT Wrestling. ODB references how shes been a longtime veteran, a part of the first ever Knockouts Gauntlet match to crown the first ever champion, and while shes been gone for a while its great to be back. She believes the Knockouts Division needs a little shake up and can guarantee new faces coming in as well as old faces coming back, and the whole thing excites her. She adds that IMPACT Wrestling has given people chances, and every talent that she has stepped into the IMPACT ring has busted their ass to get to that point. While calling IMPACT fun, she can only promise greatness to come from herself.

Now from that segment to actual in ring physicality as we get the match for the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship. Defending Champion Christina Von Eerie made her first defense in the IMPACT Wrestling ring last week against Ava Storie in a quick showdown, and since then, found her next opponent would be the fearless Sienna. Entering first per the tradition of a title match is the challenger Sienna, joined by Kevin Matthews (KM) then the champion entering second, Christina Von Eerie, makes her entrance. Once the entrance of the champion is complete, the bell is rung and the two ladies lock up on the instant.

Christina captures Sienna fairly quickly in a side headlock, brought to the ropes by Sienna who attempts a clothesline only to miss as Christina ducks, and Christina takes herself off the second rope for a crossbody attempt, caught by Sienna who nails a back suplex counter. Sienna tries to pin her moments later and gets a near fall, unleashing kicks on the champion as she remains on the mat after. After some stomps, she takes Christina to a corner, splashing her against it. After that quick assault, Sienna tries to pin Christina again, getting another near fall. Sienna is clearly displeased at the champions resilience as she aims forearms at her seconds later, whipping her to the ropes. Christina doesnt run back however, clenching the ropes and diverting Sienna’s oncoming attack with a drop toe hold. Christina boots Sienna and tries to take her away from the opposite ropes, to no avail. Sienna responds with a boot of her own, but again the champion stays fighting as she kicks out at two.

Sienna reverts to a chin-lock but Christina eventually frees herself, retaliating with chops and the additional headbutt as extra offense. Christina goes for a spinning back fist but Sienna blocks this, bringing Christina to her shoulders, maneuvering herself to the ropes and sending Christina right off her shoulders to the ringside floor. Sienna doesn’t even wait for Christina to return to the ring to bring the fight, as she battles with her the moment she heads to ringside. An exchange of chops is overtaken by Sienna by the barricade, but just as she proceeds to take Christina back to the ring for a further softening, Christina manages to boot Sienna into the supporting KM. Managing to separate KM from Sienna for a short time, Christina regroups and leaps onto Sienna. Christina smacks Sienna head first against the apron and takes her onto the apron with her, teasing a possible pedigree there. Sienna counters with a back drop and this sends Christina back to the floor. Sienna tries to take advantage of the big move by taking Christina back to the ring for one more pin attempt, but to her dismay, the champion keeps her title just a little longer as she kicks out once again at two.

A Stunned Sienna looks to regroup and go for the finish, setting up the AK47. Christina slips free to her dismay and she clambers onto the back of the former Knockouts Champion, locking her in a sleeper hold. While Sienna tries to use the turnbuckles to loosen Christina, that appeared to be the plan anyway as Christina takes herself off Sienna’s back and sets herself on the turnbuckle. Christina readies her elevated backstabber finisher, but Sienna counters into an arm drag. As Christina gets up, Sienna charges at her and connects with the Brutal Silencer signature finish for the three count. Sienna pins Christina and becomes the new and second overall Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion.

Its not too long later that we see Sienna’s recent enemy Karen Jarrett in the backstage area. Karen has an exciting announcement for McKenzie Mitchell, because after all the chaos that spilled out after the match between Matt Sydal and Eddie Edwards, Karen has gone ahead and booked for Alisha to make her in ring debut against Angelina Love. While we can await that encounter in the near future, Karen is going to be displeased at encountering the gloating new Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion Sienna. She greets Karen by her lonesome, glancing at her title as she shows that she was ready after all for Von Eerie. She asks Karen how she must feel over her victory, and Karen just offers her congratulations, before warning her shes got a load of girls waiting for a chance at the newly introduced championship. Sienna appears un phased and suggests Karen lines them up so she can knock them down.

Moving from that to the last Knockouts related moment of the night. Laurel Van Ness perches herself for Kongo Kongs Match with local enhancement William Weaks. When William turns down the chance to flatter Laurel, only complete devastation follows as she orders. Kong ends up squashing William, unleashing various offense on repetitive occasions at Laurels command. After Kong’s victory, Laurel very much celebrates, before having to notice the arrival of her thought “husband” Braxton Sutter, who hits the ring and battles with Kong. Kong clears off, held back by Laurel who forces him up the stage as Allie and Braxton stare them down.

(Eddie Edwards, Alisha, Davey Richards and Angelina Love Segment)

(ODB Segment)

(Sienna w/ Kevin Matthews vs Christina Von Eerie; Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship Match)

(Sienna and Karen Jarrett Backstage Segment)

(William Weaks vs Kongo Kong w/ Laurel Van Ness feat Allie and Braxton Sutter)

(Sienna and Kevin Matthews IMPACT #LastWord Backstage Exclusive)

(Alisha and Eddie Edwards IMPACT #LastWord Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Eddie/Alisha/Davey/Angelina: Again this proves to be one of the most heated feuds in IMPACT Wrestling, and when Josh was going to cut to backstage i thought at first that they had cut the angle. The idea of Alisha vs Angelina for next week is well thought out considering they’ve had multiple altercations to build to it now and im honestly so excited for that match. Question is will the pain Eddie feels or his need to destroy Davey no matter how wounded he is play into the match result at all? Guess we’ll know soon enough but the Sydal/Edwards match and the post match brawl served as a definite crowd warmer/perfect opener.

Christina/Sienna: This was definitely a more physical match than Christina’s first televised title defense against Ava, because not only was the champions resilience more on display here, but big spots were busted out on various occasions. There should have been more build up to this match interactions wise between these two though we can credit last weeks vignette on Christina for serving as a way to give the audience an understanding of her character. Christina could have kept her title to be introduced as a new threat to the KOs Division and to back herself up as a definitive challenge to have come from the GFW Roster, but Sienna couldn’t have needed a title more than right now. Her KOs title reign was a transitional as was Jades because of the crazily long Maria vs Gail Kim angle and both suffered in a way and with Sienna getting her breakout moment as a solo performer and getting her spotlight in the Knockouts Division, i couldn’t clap to the move of her becoming champion more because she deserves it. Now the questions are Will Sienna be on the Slammiversary card? Who will she defend against? Is this all a warm up to the titles being unified? Guess we have the rest of this and next month to find that out.

– Catherine


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