WWE RAW RESULTS: Pure Blissful Victory to Come with Pure Destructive Backup (May, 8th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks RAW Report, with a slight difference this time around as it was pre taped in my home country’s capital of London (and i have to contain resentment at my friends being there in person). Anyways with any WWE tour comes the chance to see its women’s division, and definitely not Nia’s first time being on RAW while in front of a rowdy or outspoken British crowd. But it is Alexa Bliss’s first time gracing the London audience now as a part of the RAW brand, and the “Goddess” of the WWE has an old foe to deal with this week with no way of overturning it per Kurt Angle being away and Co GMs of the night Miz and Dean Ambrose seemingly not getting involved anyway. So Yeah its Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James, with some unexpected appearances as backup for these two athletic performers…

But first the “It Couple” are back in the UK, Miz and Maryse, and they just so happen to interrupt Dean Ambrose in the opening segment as its revealed the Miz will work alongside Ambrose as Co GM for the evening with Angle away. Ambrose looks to accept this but a handshake is interrupted by a angry Braun Strowman, who is made to compete by Ambrose despite injury, against Kalisto. Then Ambrose decides to throw one at his Co-Operating GM Miz by putting him in action against the man he was expected to feud with, Finn Balor.

Moving forwards and its time to see whats going on with the RAW Women’s Division. Alexa Bliss is about to head out to the ring as she has a match with Mickie James, when Nia Jax approaches her in the locker room. The Much taller and more imposing competitor wants answers on whether Alexa was being realistic with her remarks amid her coronation last week, and of course Alexa is going to butter things up and be nice to protect herself from a gigantic beat-down. Believing what she has to say, Nia says she has every right to be given a women’s title shot once Alexa is through with Bayley, but for now shes found a “new best friend”. Team Rude has hit the TV Folks!!

The Twos partnership is affirmed when Nia is side by side with Alexa as she heads to the ring for the non title match with Mickie James. But Bliss is not the only wrestler with a fellow wrestler in her corner, as James non verbally introduces Bayley as her support. The Two lock up amid a sea of vocals from the audience who sing in support of Bayley, and Alexa gets the opening physical advantage by bringing Mickie into a nearby corner. Alexa releases a short time later and they meet again in the near center, this time with Mickie taking down Alexa to get a one count. Both remain gripped to each other until Alexa sweeps Mickie to the mat backward, but as the champ turns her back to taunt the London audience, shes turned her back from the displeased veteran that is Mickie James, and once Alexa has eyes back on the opposition, shes met with a Lou Thesz Press which is followed with a number of forearms. Alexa frees herself from Mickie, hiding behind the referee for a little amount of time before trying to boot Mickie, to no avail. Mickie swings Alexa over, snapmares her to the mat and kicks her in the rings center. Mickie gets a near fall on Alexa.

Alexa leaves the safety of the ropes to try and retaliate against Mickie’s momentous offense, but again Mickie is quick in countering, this time with a neckbreaker. Mickie goes for another cover, only scoring a near fall as again Alexa slips free from her pin attempt at two. Alexa heads outside to rest and regroup, but as she wails to the London audience, she doesn’t see Mickie coming and is sent right to the floor courtesy of the veterans baseball slide dropkick. Mickie cheers on the outside over a fallen Alexa Bliss who is in need of a comeback as we go to a commercial break.

And once we return from that commercial break, it appears the idea of that comeback has been met, as Alexa is on the attack against Mickie in the ring, her offense however only enough to get a near fall. Alexa switches to a new strategy as Mickie takes herself to the corner post, stretching her arm against the ropes. She does this on two occasions before taking Mickie into the center to continue to inflict damage to the arm. Regardless of damage dealt, Mickie brings herself to her feet and fires fists and forearms at the champ, though Alexa responds with her own attack that brings Mickie back down in seconds. Alexa irish whips Mickie into the corner, only for her oncoming corner splash to be blocked by the veterans elbow. Mickie elevates herself to the top rope, hooking Alexa with her legs and she successfully nails her hurricanrana out of the corner. Mickie tries to whip Alexa into the same corner she was sent to moments ago, but the damage to the arm can be felt, and Alexa exploits this by driving the same left arm into the canvas. Mickie manages to raise the left shoulder regardless to break from the champions following pin attempt at two. Alexa drives her knee into the hurt arm but it still doesn’t take Mickie out, getting another near fall in the next quick pin attempt.

Alexa goes for the same knee drop again, only this time it misses Mickie. Mickie hits Alexa with a forearm, then with clotheslines and kicks. Mickie connects with another clothesline after running the ropes and proceeds to cover Alexa, but like the last few occasions, its again a near fall for Mickie on the RAW Women’s Champion. Mickie knees Alexa as she makes it to her feet, then setting up for the finishing move, only for Alexa to try to counter into her Standing STO. Mickie reverses that and sends Alexa to the mat face first via a Flapjack. Mickie hones the momentum and readies to head up the turnbuckles, but has her foot seized on the outside by Jax. Mickie temporarily knocks away Nia, and Bayley brings herself to the steps and drives Nia onto the floor with a crossbody. While that altercation is going on, Alexa takes advantage and throws a fist at Mickie to knock her completely off the turnbuckles. Alexa takes advantage of Mickie’s tumble to try and pin Mickie, which she does successfully. Alexa wins the match.

If things cant be anymore worse for the babyfaces, Poor Mickie James is battered enough when she faces a post match assault from Nia while Bayley chases Alexa to the backstage area. Nia watches Mickie cunningly as she tries to bring herself to her feet, then clobbers her with her splash in the corner. But thats not all Nia has to deliver, as she leaves Mickie laying after a huge elbow drop. Looks like Alexa is in good hands until the tumultuous day…

We have a second women’s match as well on this weeks RAW from London as Sasha gets a booked match with Alicia Fox. Sasha gets a full entrance while Alicia is shown already in the ring, and the match comes after the two’s vicious brawl in the last few seconds of last weeks multi woman tag match. The Two feisty women trade verbal blows and shoves to start, before a slap from Alicia truly sets off Sasha. Sasha hits back harder with a slap of her own to the former divas champion, and the two are separated after a battle of forearms and fists. Alicia gets the first shot post separation with a kick to Sasha followed with her sweeping the 3x RAW Women’s Champion to the mat. She doesn’t let up after that either as she connects with a Northern Lights Suplex for a one count. Alicia isn’t taking that result lightly however as she goes right into another pin attempt, only to score the same result.

Alicia drives her knee into the back of Sasha and follows with a rear chokehold. Sasha breaks free, fires forearms then nearly becomes the target of the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Fox up until she counters by crashing down on Fox herself. The counter from Sasha is enough to get her her first near fall. Alicia tries to lunge at Sasha right after only to be caught in Sasha’s hurricanrana, which sends Alicia into the far corner. Sasha nails double knees, but a possible second attempt is diverted when shes kicked away by Alicia. Alicia goes for her axe scissor kick but it doesn’t get the target, and Sasha’s counter concludes with her being taken to the corner back first by Alicia. Alicia slaps Sasha after setting her up on the top turnbuckle, positioning herself on two middle ropes as she goes for a possible superplex. Sasha knocks Alicia off the ropes and to the mat before this can happen, and after double knees off the turnbuckle, Sasha proceeds to pin Alicia (though its notable Alicia had her shoulder up). Sasha wins the match.

Dean Ambrose found himself in this weeks main event, clashing with the man who attacked him weeks ago, Bray Wyatt. The It Couple found themselves getting involved, Miz and Maryse, and they ultimately ended up costing Ambrose the match against the Eater of Worlds. Miz then declares himself a sure Intercontinental Champion by the end of next weeks RAW, as hes set to face Ambrose for the title there.

(Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Maryse, Braun Strowman and Kalisto Segment)

(Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax Backstage Segment)

(Alexa Bliss w/ Nia Jax vs Mickie James w/ Bayley)

(Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox)

(Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt; The Miz and Maryse on Commentary)

Thoughts On:
Alexa/Mickie: Overall i wasn’t surprised this match was booked, and it was good though the crowd seemed to have lost energy once holds were brought into use. Also if that song used for Bayley wasn’t invented, would the London audience still be cheering Bayley? Another thing, the thing that most intrigues me is the Nia/Alexa pairing. I Think it will work due to their real life chemistry as best friends and that its something both are genuinely looking forward to, and someone as small as Alexa being accompanied by an imposing beast like Nia also works wonders, as she will do a lot of work in laying waste to whoever her rivals will be over time, a definite factor in a sure to be booked Payback rematch at Extreme Rules (though Bayley being contender is questionable to me after taking 2 losses in 48 hours though the rematch clause that AJ Styles never got does play into this i guess). I Just hope this does lead to Alexa giving Nia a title shot though with both being heels, its surely not going to work that way, and if so does that mean Alexa is losing the title? Or that Bayley will be in the title picture for as long as possible? What worries me about the partnership is that they might end at the wrong time or might end on the terms of Nia miscuing and costing Alexa matches or Alexa just blaming her for losses anyway, and the feud that could be left for them isn’t presented as Alexa instead loses the title without Nia’s assistance and Bayley vs Sasha takes the spotlight. I Hope WWE know what they are doing with Nia and Alexa as a team and further because looking at creatives track record of lack of continuity and making potential top feuds wither out or just never happen is worrying.

Sasha/Fox: This was definitely the fast paced match for me, based on pure kayfabe hatred coming out of last weeks tag team match where the two brawled in the closing moments, reflecting that in this very match itself. The Brawler like maneuvers between the two as well as the fast paced counters and teased high spots made the match for me, which is why i found the botched double knee finish at the end so abrupt, though possibly done deliberately to extend the feud. Alicia is more or less in Mickie’s spot as enhancement like Dana is possibly soon to be with Emma finding out the extent of her new injury this week, so will this feud allow Alicia to (re)break out? Or will she suffer a new loss and return to being enhancement? Either way Psycho Fox has to come out at some point. And where will Noam Dar be in all this? After all they did reunite suddenly last week on 205 Live?

– Catherine


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