WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Do The Welcoming Committee have the Roaming Faces of Smackdown Divided? (May, 9th 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks Smackdown Report, which concludes WWEs visit to London, at least until they come back to the UK Later this year (I Believe London will be a part of that??). Anyway the ongoing issues the “Welcoming Committee” of Tamina, Carmella and Natalya continue this week, at the expense again of their victims. With Becky Lynch looking to one up Natalya after being attacked by her last week, can she do that alone or does she need just as many numbers in her corner?

Before we get those answers, Carmella, along with Ellsworth and Tamina, is already in the ring to speak to the London crowd. After Ellsworth attempts to simmer the crowds disrespect towards Carmella, the Princess of Staten Island shuts them down herself then proceeds to introduce the woman who leads their squad, Natalya. Once the Veteran appears before them, out comes Naomi, and though the Smackdown Women’s Champion isnt competing on this very show, shes decided to try one up Carmella’s intro by introducing the UK Capitals Audience to Becky Lynch. The Lasskicker indeed has Naomi in her corner to try equalize numbers, and is about to get another acquisition, someone who knows herself that she needs no introduction, and out comes Charlotte.

We return from a commercial break to find the bell has been rung, and Becky and Natalya, once tag partners in the past turned enemies turned enemies again, lock up. Becky seems to be setting up the signature submission, the Disarmer early, but Natalya is crafty and makes it over to the ropes in seconds. Natalya is already rolling to the outside for a time out, and rather than think over strategy, shes overcome by Supportive Chants for Becky. Natalya attempts to go back to the ring but is knocked back to the floor by Becky, and before Becky can follow up with an attack off the apron, shes swept onto the apron by Natalya. Becky is driven into the apron by Natalya afterward, and the vicious Queen of Harts proceeds to suplex her onto the floor, right in the view of her villainous comrades. Nattie has a brief moment of showboating before heading back to the ring, having launched Becky inside prior, and the veteran snapmares Becky away from the middle rope once in. Natalya executes a basement dropkick into the back of Becky, then proceeding to drag her away from the opposite ropes to bring her to the center, where she clubs at the back.

Nattie reverts to an abdominal stretch as the domination of the veteran continues. Becky gets some backing from the London crowd and starts elbowing Natalya, finally breaking away from her by arm dragging her to the mat. Fists, forearms and clotheslines follow from the fired up Lasskicker and after an additional dropkick, Becky readies for her corner flying firearm, only hitting it near the middle of the ring when Nattie makes her way forward. Becky nails an uppercut and exploder suplex and while an attempt to pin doesn’t work out well, Becky reverts to a temporary front face-lock instead, though an elbow from Natalya breaks her grip. Becky takes a hammering courtesy of forearms from Nattie in the corner, only managing to knock her away with a back elbow. Becky kicks her while hanging to the ropes, but just as she scales the turnbuckles, Tamina leaps to the apron. She yells away at Becky and gets shoved by her own former comrade, Naomi. Charlotte tries to separate Naomi from the villainesses before a fight can break out, but Charlotte’s attempt to make peace helps Becky in no way. The Lasskicker has herself distracted and is launched right off the turnbuckles by Nattie, who takes advantage of the NXT Alum’s fall to try and pin her, to which she does. Natalya wins the match.

The whole ending doesn’t go down well backstage with Becky, as she steps over to confront an already arguing Charlotte and Naomi. Becky, despite having taken the loss earlier, recognizes the manipulative tactics of Natalya and Co to divide them, reminding her fellow babyfaces that they cannot work as a full unit while they are at each others throats. To Add, Becky recognizes how they have been one upped week after week by the Welcoming Committee and she looks to “out bond” them. She proceeds to draw in Charlotte and Naomi to unite with her against Tamina, Natalya and Carmella at the upcoming Backlash Pay Per View. Naomi quickly agrees, while Charlotte takes some time before eventually deciding to reunite with her fellow former PCB Member.

And Lastly, we were served another vignette leading to Lana’s singles re-debut. Its still unknown as to when Lana will show up on the Smackdown Brand, though its made clear that Rusev will start his solo run from next week onwards.

(Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte and Naomi vs Natalya w/ Tamina, James Ellsworth and Carmella)

(Charlotte, Naomi and Becky Lynch Backstage Segment)

(Lana Vignette)

Thoughts On This Match:
Too Short to be fair and the ending was abrupt for me as to how Becky was defeated, via falling on her back to the mat courtesy of Nattie. Maybe a rake to the eyes and roll up maybe into the Sharpshooter would be more believable but regardless the tag match booking doesn’t surprise me. The momentum of the heels is making the match result far too obvious but the intrigue from some fans may be towards who may reverse the result and walk away from the match, Charlotte or Becky? This match also feels as a way to extend Naomi’s reign to lead to the ultimate dethroning courtesy of Charlotte, and to be honest i hope that isn’t the case, because while its not too shocking that WWE wants Charlotte on every Pay Per View possible, why not serve her a side angle with Nattie and let Carmella get her one on one shot soon considering she pinned Naomi last week? I Mean….its the land of opportunity right?

– Catherine


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