IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Viciousness and Cruel Tactics Undeniable in the IMPACT Zone (May, 11th 2017)

An action packed IMPACT episode it was this past week, whether you watched on POP, Spike TV or Fight Network. Why could that be the case? Well there were Two Knockouts Matches to witness as a still unhinged Laurel Van Ness battled IMPACTs possible newest signing Ava Storie, and Alisha finally gets the one on one match shes surely been wanting with Angelina Love. Less Talking with anticipation, lets get these matches wound down.

And that was in chronological order as the first Knockouts Match served to us is Ava taking on Laurel. Ava enters first (weirdly back as a babyface despite working her last match as a heel) then Laurel (who has Kongo Kong to back her at ringside). Once the Still Broken Bride Laurel Van Ness stumbles her way into the ring, this one on one contest is underway and Laurel doesn’t even get an opening exchange as instead shes rolled up by Ava in seconds, and the possible new recruit gets the first near fall of the match on Laurel. Laurel attempts to slap once back on her feet, but misses and takes one from Ava instead. Laurel misses the second lot of offense but makes up for it as she spears Ava down to the mat. After smacking the back of Ava’s head against the mat, Laurel proceeds with a running bulldog, which successfully connects. Ava shoves away Laurel before she can do much more, but this seems to infuriate the heel opposition, who knees her in the jaw. Ava tries to get to her feet but takes Laurels oncoming curbstomp, finishing her off. Laurel covers Ava and gets the three count, winning the match.

Laurel proceeds with a post match mauling of Ava, having to be restrained by senior ref Earl Hebner. Hebner bails once Kong steps into the ring and stands tall with a cackling Laurel, who soaks in the victory with an odd victory lap around her muscle.

Before we can get to the next Knockouts match, Diamante joins her LAX comrades in mourning the loss of long tenured IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Decay, having put them away in a Street Fight not too long ago (which officially played into getting Crazy Steve off TV due to his sudden departure from the company). As Diamante stands by in decay-esque face paint with her fellow faction members, HBIC Konnan addresses the Gloomy Atmosphere and looks to pay respect to Decay as Rosemary is seen looking down in absolute fury from higher up in the IMPACT Zone. Konnan reveals ultimate sarcasm as instead he and the crew laugh off Decays final moments, before unleashing pure disrespect by spreading the ashes of the fallen team in the ring. Konnan then gets annoyed at a fan flashing a flag of the USA in front of the IMPACT Zone and this is followed with the entrances of Crimson (Mayweather) and Wilcox, as the possible upcoming contenders to the tag titles clear LAX from the ring.

And now to the final Knockouts match of the night, right before the main event in fact. Entering for the match announced just last week by Karen Jarrett is Angelina Love, with Davey at her side. Alisha enters also with her man Eddie for support, only Eddie may be an advantageous target, having to head to ringside via crutches. Alisha is needing to unleash her fury as she rushes down the ramp and takes it out fully on the rival wifey, taking Angelina to the mat and brawling with her around the ring. This spills to the outside, with Alisha getting the upper hand per smacking the face of Angelina against the apron. She leads Angelina to the opposite side of ringside, driving her into the steps face first. She plants the face and mouth of Angelina against the apron one more time before taking their heat to the ring. Alisha goes for her corner assault but it doesn’t end up so as shes sent to the mat via the big counter clothesline from Angelina. Angelina unleashes some punches then tries to choke Alisha aggressively against the mat. Angelina continues the pure domination with stomps right to the chest of Alisha as Poor Eddie is forced to look on.

Angelina goes for the Botox Injection, only for Alisha to luckily duck under and dodge the signature move. Alisha knees Angelina and reverses momentum quickly with a future shock DDT. Before Alisha can even capitalize on this, Davey leaps to the apron, venting at Alisha and Stiffler as he intervenes. Alisha deals with Davey herself, kicking him in the knee but as she screams out at her husbands rival, shes turned away from Angelina, who has a chain wrapped around her knuckles. Once Alisha turns, Love pounces and the chain knocks Alisha out. Stiffler, having noticed Angelina’s usage of an illegal weapon, disqualifies her but Angelina is unphased and beats down on her. Stiffler is even brought to the mat by Angelina as he tries to separate her from the fellow female, and Eddie faces an assault from Davey via his own crutches when he tries to protect his wife. Poor Eddie is left covering his fallen wife as the heels walk away with more devastation left behind.

(Ava Storie vs Laurel Van Ness w/ Kongo Kong)

(LAX Segment feat Rosemary)

(Angelina Love w/ Davey Richards vs Alisha Edwards w/ Eddie Edwards 14.59 – 21.34)

Thoughts On:
Laurel/Ava: Short enhancement match as Laurel continues to bridge out as her own solo character, while we also learn of her and Kong’s influences on each other and how they trade motivational moments. It seems Ava has no defined character and just is enhancement at this moment in time, as to being a face this week while being a heel beforehand. Hopefully they find an official character for her because switches in character don’t get you over as we’ve seen with others before.

Angelina/Alisha: The more heated and more physical match for definite, and the result hurt no one in my opinion, as it gives Alisha momentum for a revenge match/attack etc after taking such a beat-down post disqualification. Plus, with Davey and Angelina’s characters, losses truly do not matter here as its the savagery and brutalization that they unleash that defines who they are as the violent duo. Hopefully Eddie’s recently revealed injury doesn’t sideline him from Slammiversary as all four need involvement in the Pay Per View in some form, as a PPV should be the culmination of their feud, one of the most heated in IMPACT right now, rather than a regular episode of IMPACT.

– Catherine


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